Journey to the magical land — Thailand

When you buy tickets to Thailand is the first step to zaniyu exciting and inimitable country in Southeast Asia, which is due to mature and strong tourism infrastructure comes into the top 10 most of favorite tourist destinations. Thailand is decorated with white beaches, seas and green unspoilt forests that do not leave flegmantichnymi even the most demanding nature lovers. One of the most beautiful parts of the world has a wide choice resorts for a pleasant stay and a high-quality recovery. Gates chic hotels and small huts doors are always open for the adoption of a country and provide

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Bullet — still a fool, and poison — all well-done

And in truth, if Vladimir Mayakovsky in one of his own poems sought to equate the bayonet pen, the poison even more so fits into his maxim. Clearly, in this case, so it is assumed the pen, as it states "creative labor of the worker." Although the bandits completely different "feathers". What's all the same for the poison, it is not only a snake, spider or vegetable. In some fish contain such venom that dine this gift of nature to save it is very hard. Yet Prof. poisoners of nature has long been not put their trust. In hidden labs

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Bullets Kacheeva — future rounds

According to the generally recognized VIEW manual firearm has long been deadlocked, and he has nowhere to grow. Indeed, all possible variants of the automation schemes have already been enumerated by designers at the end of XIX beginning of the twentieth century, and come up with something fundamentally new is difficult, it is even more difficult to implement and massively perfectly at an affordable cost, on another gun just does not get spread as not once was. So Makarov, is the need to wait until someone makes a small-sized versions of lasers, blasters, guns Gause and the rest of the

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The machine gun L86

1970 The year of the XX century has become very critical in the history of the re-forces of the North Atlantic bloc. Affiliate contract to move to other ammunition for small weapons (from 7.62 mm to 5.45 mm) has caused not only a fundamental change in the properties of weapons, and the substitution of the lineup guns in general.Adopted at the armament new shot gave the opportunity to significantly reduce the weight and strength of the recoil species of small arms ammunition in the portable version to do more to increment mobility units, and coupled with the changed strategy and

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Psychological tool and psychological warfare

The population of the earth for a thousand years 5.5 14 thousand survived the war, in which killed 4 billion. Exclusively in the 2-global wars of the 20th century killed 50-million. In the period 1945-2000 more than 100 military conflict claimed the lives of 20 million people. Considered to be the most bloody Korean War, which brought 3.68 million victims. As we see, peace-loving population of the earth is gone, and the instinct of anger continues to prevail in human behavior.General.

Military Psychology — more hidden and limited part of general psychology. Any country addresses issues of national defense and

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The recovery of Russian statehood in the Russian Federation in 1920

Evenly in the process of fighting "internationalists-Trotskyists" and to strengthen their own positions IVStalin occurred configuration in the internal and external politics of the country, which led to a reconstruction of "autocracy" (ie, government) of. In 1924 year, during the struggle with Trotsky was removed from his post as director of "Roskombank" his protege Olaf Aschberg. And not for the looting of, and for the "abuse" — he stole some currency amounts allocated for the payment of foreign products. This bank is one of the main channels of leakage of Russian values abroad, coupled with the People's Commissariat of

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Model of the French main battle tank — Batignolles-Chatillon Char 25 t

50 years of the last century. Achieved and the principles of the construction of ammunition with the introduction of a cumulative jet. New types of ammunition own increasingly massive broneprobivaemym action. Because changes in tank building begins. Languid tanks began to take their positions — the average tank with good mobility and low silhouette become the latest trend in the development tank equipment in the world. An example of such transition becomes a "confrontation" languid and IS-7 medium tank T-54.

The result of this transition is brand new concept, which is now accepted in the world — "main battle

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German tank destroyer of the war (Part 8) — Jagdpanther

"Yagdpantera» (Jagdpanther) was, of course, the best option of conversion of a medium tank Pz.Kpfw V Panther. According to experts, it became one of the best self-propelled anti-tank second world war. In many ways it exceeded the ACS allies. Despite this stunning German tank destroyer did not leave a significant trace in the military campaigns of the past war. In part, this explains the small outlet (about 390 units), and the overcoming of all manufacturing defects only closer to the end of production for 30-40% of the latter machines.

Having a good in its own arsenal of 88-mm long

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German tank destroyer of the war (Part 7) — Nashorn

Amid war Wehrmacht in dire need of as many as possible of tank destroyers, forcing the German designers go on improvisation. Some improvisations were successful, some not. One of the hasty creation of attempts tank destroyer was the adaptation of a self-propelled gun carriage, which was initially developed for the installation of its strong 150-mm field howitzer sFH 18. This was called the self-propelled gun carriage — Geschtitzwagen III / IV, because the car was based on the chassis of a medium tank Pz IV with the introduction of a huge number of nodes of the tank Pz III. As

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German tank destroyer of the war (Part 5) — Jagdpanzer IV

The success of StuG III assault guns gave a new impetus to the German self-propelled guns of future development. The Wehrmacht felt a need for well-protected tank destroyers, owning a low silhouette. The steady increase in the number and properties of the tanks used by the Allies sought all the great efforts and more effective means to deal with them. In fact, specifically JagdPanzer IV was not the first to be called an assault gun, going to the class of tank destroyers.

Initially JagdPz IV on his own arms was similar to the last modification of the main tank Wehrmacht

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