Gripen Sweden Swinger

AFM’s Alan Warnes describes the Saab JAS 39 Gripen, the only fourth-generation fighter currently in operational service.

BACK IN the late 1970s, at the height of the Cold War, non-aligned Sweden was looking to procure a future fighter, which would be multi-role and affordable. Unlike many European governments at the time, Sweden did not have a huge defence budget, so cost was an important issue. By June 1982, the Swedish Government had decided that instead of opting for a foreign acquisition, it would push ahead with its own aircraft, the Gripen. While this continued Saab’s tradition of building fighter aircraft,

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Portrait of the 18th century.

If the XVII century was predominantly religious, the XVIII — mostly not religious.

Divine Providence takes place is now omniscient human mind. This was the era of the internal courage: if there is no God, but there is only empty sky, which can not be afraid, you lose the value of many of the moral criteria and restrictions. We live only once, after death we did not expect, so we will enjoy every moment, and «after us — the deluge.» It was a time, a premonition, to prepare the catastrophe of the French Revolution.

The main lifestyle for a

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Polygraphy on-Afghan

What is the «Afghan polygraph?» — Ask passed through hot spots. Perhaps this is when your questions are answered under the threat that the emissions from a helicopter — meet veterans. No, «the Afghan polygraph» — is not violence, and perhaps, the wisdom of the ages, leading descended from the Sufi mystical teachings, to which, if it was not a clever hoax or fraudulent trick, had a little touch.

In the late 90-ies of the last century after the Soviet withdrawal, the overthrow of the Najibullah government first, and then the government of the Mujahideen, the occurrence and success

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Travel to the old car

Script writer — director Emil Braginsky — Pyotr Fomenko operator — Simakov Vsevolod artist — IRINA Schroeter composer — Sergey Nikitin verses sound engineer Dmitry Sukharev — Marco Bronstein

Roles performed:

Zoya Pavlovna — Lyudmila Maksakova

Herman S. — ANDREW Boltnev «

Natalia S. — Tatyana Nikitina

Lomov — Sergey Nikitin

Dasha — LENA Karadzhovo club director — Lyudmila Arinin

Lily — LARISSA Udovichenko

Mikhalev — LEO Perfil’ev

«Mosfilm», 1985

Color. 9 parts, in 2355 m. R /

Number 1100386

22.1 8.2

Race cars, buses strive door slam in the face, but no matter what, we must always have

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Estate near Moscow

These cozy nest noble … How many of them roamed the alleys of the old and inhale the scent of coming spring? Meanwhile, not far from the capital remained almost forgotten manor house, a trip which can be unforgettable.

In the near and far suburbs are numerous remarkable monuments of landscape architecture in the creation of which have invested a lot of effort, talent, inspiration master of landscape design. Most of these works are now, unfortunately, is only slightly reminiscent of past greatness and beauty of their heyday at the time. However, some gardens and parks. to keep the

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Ghost hercs

The reaction that greeted XV211 on it’s return to lyneham on September 11 from Major Servicing was mixed, to say the least. «It’s a Yank Here? • Can’t be, it’s got a probe, • Well it certainly isn’t one of ours!»

Over the next few days rumour control went into overdrive with «Stealth Hercules» variations being the most popular (and printable!). The only Stealth properties of ‘211 were it’s invisibility to identification. The size of its markings and their positions on the rear fuselage, make it difficult to identify except at close quarters.

Painted at Marshalls of Cambridge during it’s

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Getting started in woodcarving

As active woodworkers and readers of this magazine, you already know how satisfying it is to make something in wood; whether it’s a chest, chair, mirror frame, or a host of other projects that have been described in past issues. The beauty of many of these objects can be greatly enhanced by decorating them with carving, which will give them an even greater variation of texture and add to their grace and beauty. You can combine your manual skill with an artistic feeling, and make your project a distinctly individual piece.

In recent issues of Popular Woodworking I have been

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Getting into hot water

Domestic solar energy comes in two forms: electricity from collected light and heat from collected light. One excites electrons until they warm up, die other pops them down a wire. You use those electrons arriving at the other end of your wire to excite others until they warm up. Bodi methods will heat a hot water cylinder.

Whichever way you collect solar energy, you need to store it until it’s wanted. In a passive-solar house the store is the thermal-mass which holds the excited electrons in an insulated floor or interior walls. With solar-electric panels — which I’ll hereafter refer

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Fuzz Effect Box For Guitarists

The ‘Fuzz’ sound is derived by clipping the input waveform, there by enriching the signal with odd harmonics which provide The harsh sound. This circuit produces a fuzz which gradually decays into a ‘clean signal’.

The circuit uses the standard op-amp 741 in non-inverting configuration. The gain of this amplifier is com rolled by the feedback network comprising VR1, R2 and R3.

Input signal from the guitar passes to the op-amp through DC blocking capacitor C1. Resistor Rl sets the input impedance at 100k, which suits most guitars, Resulting signals from the op-jimp are reduced in amplitude by the potential

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fuelled by speed

Jessica Bracey speaks to the go-to man for car photography, JUSTIN LEIGHTON, to find out how he captures speed.

Pedal to the metal, eye on the prize and camera ready to capture speeds of up to 189mph, this adrenaline-fuelled genre is not a slow paced feat as car photographer Justin Leighton can testify. «The fascination with cars started when I was about four years old and my friend’s dad had a hot rod in the garage. I remember going in there and he started up this massive V8 dragster engine. As a small child the noise was totally all-encompassing and

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