German tank destroyer of the war (part 4) — Hetzer

Following the development of a number of improvised and not always successful light tank destroyers German designers in 1943, managed to create a very successful car, which connected inside a small silhouette and low weight, relatively strong and efficient booking service. The new tank destroyer, named Hetzer (German: Eger), was created by "Henschel". The machine was developed on the basis of a light tank Czech TNNR known as Pz.Kpfw.38 (t) or the "Prague".

Battle practice dictated the need for a unified Germans anti-machine instead of the backlog of various ACS with an endless number of modifications. The abundance of

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Anti-satellite weapon — gallakticheskie killer

In the modern era of satellite orbital groupings are related not only elements of the civilian infrastructure of the more advanced countries, and a significant part of the military infrastructure. Moreover, while many possible conflicts satellites can be used for military, because often have a double purpose. Communications satellites, global positioning satellites, meteorological services are dual-purpose. It is no coincidence with the passage of time in some countries have decided to direct attention to the development of anti-satellite weapon systems. Because disabling orbital groupings possible opponent can cause great harm to the military potential of the current EU.


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Inconsistent Nazarbayev

After the presentation of the permanent nedavneshnego Kazakhstan favorite with the message of "Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050 "in many people who are interested in the processes of the former Soviet Union, there was food for thought. In this case, this time Nursultan Nazarbayev decided to go on this path announcement of plans for the future, which had to organize his followers and his enemies. With all this, it seemed that his speech was designed to illuminate the entire strategy for the coming years, as many as 38 people were prepared from different political camps. In the end, came out a little bit

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Grenade launchers and anti-

In 1913, the General Staff of the Russian Federation drew attention to the fact that the German military manuals often found indications of the need for a rifle pomegranate. There are also reports that the British invented M.Hel rifle grenades. So Makarov, Russian military by the beginning of the First World War, it became clear that the development of this type of tool is needed.

In March 1916 at the rifle range shooting officer school captain Catherine arrived Regiment, Captain M.Dyakonov to demonstrate their own development. He invented the rifle grenades, mortars launched from rifled barrel. Mortars was attached

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Shark Eden / Shark Eden watch online

Led by Enric Salom team of scientists engaged in research of the ocean near the coast of Tahiti and the search for methods of protection of coral reefs, which have become shark paradise. Scientists are trying to find areas of the ocean that have been preserved in the former, before the intervention of the world's population form.

Animals of the underwater world

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Russian passion watch online

"He works before his death, to a pulp drink", — said Nikolai Nekrasov, a Russian man. Russian passion — unlike the Spanish, it all seriously. Lose — so the spouse. Duel — with 6 steps to destruction. Carried away by a lady — to kill fate. If the feast, the feast. Russian passion amazing strangers to their fervor. Deadly interests of the Russian people in the documentary encyclopedia "Russian passion."

series 1 — Duels

Petersburg, 1817. The Volkov field — four duelists. "Party quads" — four- duel — history even for the capital town where

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Ivashkevich: If it was foreign funding, the CEC would take the candidate

Society Another publication of the newspaper of the presidential administration "Sovetskaya Belarus — Belarus Today" dedicated to the document "Strategy for Victory." This document allegedly made to foreign investors presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and his wife Irina Khalip.

According to the "Security" Sannikov asked the company to just over $ 19 million. Of this amount directly to the campaign, according to the newspaper, it was planned nearly $ 10 million.

We were asked to comment on the publication of a trustee of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov Ivashkevich:

"Leave them to anything. Could figures do 5-10 times

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Strait for two. Resolved longstanding border dispute between Russia and Ukraine

Our homeland and Ukraine have gained "a breakthrough" in the dilemma of the Kerch Strait. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, which promised that the last time the sides officially announce the agreement. It is possible that Moscow and Kiev have agreed on the idea of equal access to the strait without prejudice to the interests of each other.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said to have achieved "a breakthrough" between Moscow and Kiev on the dilemma of the Kerch Strait. "Breakthrough achieved on the Kerch Strait problems is not" — Lavrov said in

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Bell tower and prison Vladimir Neklyaeva


Michas Scoble

Michas Scoble: "Gentlemen, let's begin our discussion with a brief excursion into history. If we look back, we can see that the Belarusian literature and prison vveschasna intersect. For example, Yakub Kolas sat in the royal prison, Larisa Heniyush — a Soviet prison, Slawomir Adamowicz — in prison under Lukashenko. What zvyaznenne Vladimir Neklyaeva zvyaznennyav different from other writers? "

Valentin Akudovich

Krone: "If we do not take into account Slavomir Adamovich, the difference from all previous ones is that Nekljaev zvyazneny have their own, independent state. Moreover, zvyazneny poet who not only is in hiding

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Prosecutors: corruption leaked military government of the Russian Federation

In 2010-2011 in Russia were convicted for corruption in 1060 war, among which more than 500 senior officers and generals, 19, told the deputy military prosecutor Alexander Harutyunyan.

According to him, most of the military receive sentences for fraud, misappropriation and embezzlement of property, forgery, misuse and abuse of official capacity, and receiving and giving bribes and commercial bribery.Harutyunyan acknowledged that "corruption leaks and to higher military authorities, and even in the central office of the Defense Ministry, officials of which must themselves be engaged in the suppression of this evil. "Defense Ministry to collect from convicted over 153 million

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