The project will end in Ukraine Yanukovych disaster risk and contains all of Eurasia

Ukraine may be in the third time in its history to enter the ruins of the script — in other words, to become a failed state. The collapse of the country — it is always a failure. And at first the collapse of the ruling elite: the wrong choice of values, goals and ways of development of the country.

Maybe it is the historical fate of Ukraine. The past — the role of the imperial margin, which ran "free people" from the imperial order forced — until now pulling the country to a historic bottom. The story in the form

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Tor Project

To be honest, I was always amazed that power over the minds of the Germans, who had Hitler and his clique. Clearly, when Hitler took the absolute peak of popularity in the self of success. Completely natural that while Germany is victorious Germans gratifying to bless their own leader. But that has forced them to endure it in 40 3rd, after Stalingrad? Rally around him in 40 the fourth, when the Western allies bombers equated with the land German town, and on the Eastern Front were killed and taken prisoner hundreds of thousands of fighter? Fanatically fight in 40

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Project submarine Chernovsky

One of the unique projects of Russian submarines beginning of the XIX century was a project of the prisoner Schliesselburg Casimir Chernovsky.

6 May 1829 landed gentry of the Minsk province K. Chernovsky arrested and imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress. After 5 months, he was transferred to the fortress Schlusselburg kept by the Third Department of His Majesty of his office. Until now, the conclusion of the incident remain unclear Chernovsky. But you can not fluctuate that Chernovsky was a "political criminal," which Nicholas I punished with all his characteristic ruthlessness.

Casimir Chernovsky while in custody was the

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The E-3

Formation of the Russian plans for lunar exploration began with a letter that January 28, 1958 Sergei Pavlovich Queens and Mstislav Keldysh sent to the Central Committee of the CPSU. It was formulated two main programs from the lunar Fri: in-1's, from entering into the visible surface The moon, and, secondly 2, circled the moon and photographing her back side. The program was approved by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Nikita Khrushchev, who becomes interested in more political nuance gallakticheskih research, then began its implementation in real development.

First proposals came from

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Apartments for sale in the town of Saint-Petersburg

Now city St. Petersburg is one of the busiest cities in the developing countries. Not for nothing it is called the Northern capital of Russia, because the focus here is not only the control clusters, and numerous manufacturing enterprises, institutions, culture, medicine and education. The town is constantly hosts prestigious economic forums that gather professionals from different countries of the world.

Such activity in St. Petersburg proved its territorial lucrative position as the presence of a huge number of jobs, the filling of which asks a reasonable policy solutions to the problems of labor migration.

Many of the

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Programmers are self-taught against manufacturers of printers: the fight without rules

Now there are a lot of options majestic color printing. Some people are accustomed to using laser printers for their own use, others use laser printer options, and others — sublimation. From Sublimation Printer information can be printed not only on paper. Sublimation photo on cups, plates, T-shirts — is the element of sublimation Printer from a range of contemporary producers.

But not all prospective purchasers are aware of the tricks producers Printer. And these tricks more than enough. Forever gone era in the history of the production of printers that can be refilled infinite number of times,

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The failure of the project St. Petersburg — 2 inevitable

The political class since the time of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin to this period is trying to re-create the "best" tradition of Russian empire.

Strategically, trying to become an old ally of Europe — Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Speaking of the single European space from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

Signs of building "EURORUSS"

Domestic policy

— In cultural terms, the consciousness of the Russian people is constantly clogged music, film production, transmissions, Russian literature, not the content. Destruction of the Russian Language, replacing it with "Inglish". Creating mass degenerate pop culture, full idiotizatsiya population.

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The tasks of the Polish Army

The armed forces of Poland, perhaps, are more vulnerable in the middle of all European armies. And the circumstances that enough.

Thus, one of the main causes was lower currency allowances, leading to bolshennomu number of layoffs from the ranks of the Polish Army. Perhaps fortunately, this problem is solved gradually begins. According to Thomas Semonyaka, Minister of National Defence, with the July 1, 2012 salary of Polish soldiers increased by 90 U.S. dollars or 300 PLN. According to him, on the one hand, this allowance shall not only provide good financial support for the military, and to stop

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Problem appliances, or why Ukraine can not meet the deadline for the supply?

Ukraine is quite substantial (11th) place in the global supply of weapons and military equipment. But for some reason always accompanied by contracts for delivery neuvvyazkami and scandals. What are the prerequisites such state of affairs? And how to get rid of them?

A striking example of the fact that Ukraine can do without problems, began deliveries of the Ukrainian-Polish armored BRT-80UP to Iraq. The agreement between the Ukrainian-Polish side and the Ministry of Defense of Iraq was signed in July 2005. Then Iraq ordered 115 modernized and new armored vehicles for a total of about 30 million dollars.

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The problem of choice: upgrade or brand new appliances

Adopted by the state armaments program for 2011-2020 does the basic rate for the purchase of modern equipment and weapons. But whether the rate is justified by new standards of AME? Not logical to buy large quantities at once the latest technology and modernize an old.

In most states specifically do just that: upgrading the existing fleet of weapons, the party purchasing new weapons along the front where there is a severe "gaps" in the country's defense.

The problem of technological barrier

Last technological barrier has overcome the world's population "due to" the second world war — air force

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