The successor to Satan will receive 15 nuclear warheads

KB Makeyev proceeded to create the newest heaviest ICBM.

According disk imaging "Izvestia", the Ministry of Defence before the end of this year is in order for the latest liquid ballistic missile, which would change the eminent RS-20 "Governor" (or "Satan," as they are called in the West).

New project exists in the state program of armaments under the working title "The Breakthrough" or "imminent." At the moment, the Defense Ministry is finalizing the terms of reference for a future car, on the basis of which KB Makeyev prepare the final draft.

In KB "News" told that the

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The prime minister spoke to the deputies and listened to their views

10 minutes of intercourse was going on behind closed doors, then it's time to hour and a half of the report and the responses to the questions factions. And specifically in the process of dialogue with the factions voiced the main sensation: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is ready to discuss the deletion of the word "in a row" in the state constitution to limit presidential possibilities with 2 terms. However, even if this amendment is adopted, it will not prevent him from running in 2018 as head of the country. "On the order to" give a "two-time", I think

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Happy holiday in the army

Army — Is not only a drill, shtudirovanie statutes and combat duty. Army — Is a public reservoir, which has the typical cultural features and traditions. Virtually every element of the public exposed to specific interpretation here, which is not always clear to those who have never encountered a military life.

A special unit of army life — it prazdnichkom. The soldiers expect prazdnichkom quite expected because of their "in the civilian world." Army prazdnichek has its own characteristics. Almost always pre expectations associated with the dining room. Many hunt to behold gala table to be "laden with" such dishes

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Prague Autumn

Apparently, the pendulum of Eastern European politics is now ready to swing in the other direction. This became clear after the announcement of the results of the different steps of elections in the Czech Republic and Lithuania. After counting the votes of people who came to the Czech polls has been a trend that has 8-10 years back would have seemed simply indescribable. Czech people at this time decided to give voice to representatives of the Communist Party, and the Socialists. After the first round of the elections to the Senate of the Communist party Bohemia and Moravia gained 17.4%,

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Everglades: River Manatees Crystal watch online

State Park Everglades located in the United States in the southern part of the state of Florida. Its unique landscapes covered emerald carpet subtropical forests, freshwater ponds with an abundance of different inhabitants forms the unique ecosystem where the naikrupneyshee freshwater swamp in the world. In the mirrored waters of the Everglades occurs more than 150 species of fish. Lives in shallow waters of Florida manatee, which is also called sea beast. These beautiful, surprisingly friendly and unhurried animals that are listed in the reddish-book once a year lured hundreds of thousands of tourists from all parts of the

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Pirates of the Third Reich

Only in 1944 the Allies managed to reduce the loss inflicted by their German Navy submariners

German submarines second world was a real horror for British and American sailors. They turned the Atlantic in a real hell, where the midst of the wreckage and burning fuel desperately cried for rescue victims torpedo attacks …

Purpose — Britain

To illumine 1939, Germany had a very modest in size, although at a technical level, the perfect navy. Against 22 British and French battleships and cruisers, she was able to put only two vsepolnotsennyh battleship "Scharnhorst» («Scharnhorst») and "Gneisenau» («Gneisenau») and

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Company Irkut: products considered squadrons

Company "Irkut" Execute the current defense procurement. This year the company has put in 15 Russian Air Force training aircraft of the latest generation of Yak-130 and two Su-30. In the coming three years, the Ministry of Defence will receive from the Irkutsk aircraft factory has 85 new machines.

Typing speed in a matter of seconds, plane off the ground and goes almost vertically into the sky. Although the runway Irkutsk Aviation Plant is happening almost every day, but it is — the first batch of vehicles for the Army Air Forces. There is increasingly airplanes rise up into the

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On Christmas Day — to Uliana Zakharenko

Society Today Gomel democracy activists visited the village Vasilevichi Rechitskoye district Uliana Zakharenko, the mother of a missing ex-Minister of Interior General Zakharenka.

Member of the Central Council of the movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora on behalf of the movement and the Committee of "Solidarity" and personally congratulated Ulyana Grigorevnu Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, handed her a white-red-white roses and Christmas gifts.

Roses Ulyana Zaharantsy hands Vladimir Katsora.

Ulyana Zaharantsy will soon turn 87 years old. Almost twelve of them, she waits for her son — Yuri Zakharenko. He was kidnapped in Minsk on May 7, 1999, when

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Nikola Tesla. The vision of the modern world watch online

Nikola Tesla You can call the person, which invented the XX century. Tesla wanted to tame the energy of the universe and make them accessible to all. He experimented with a fourth state of matter-energy radiation, now known as plasma. This gallakticheskie rays or energy, which we see as the aurora borealis.

Science, scientific merit of opening

Russian Navy ships came to embody the power of the U.S. Navy at the Congress of Democrats

The organizers of the Congress of the U.S. Democratic Party has shown the power of the U.S. Navy, having removed a patriotic movie with warships USSR during the "Cold War" and the Russian Navy, wrote in a Wednesday south american internet news portal Navy Times.

The incident occurred the other day when the Congress Party Democrats celebrated their own end-of-veterans. During the speech, the retired admiral John Netmana (John Nathman) on the stage showed a patriotic music video in which a developing South American flag appeared warships Russian production.

The mistake immediately saw one of the veterans of

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