Monitoring bracelets made of polyester

The security market not so long ago there were bracelets made of polyester, which are simple to do with the application of marketing disk imaging. In the main, such control mesh bracelets on hand to control the paid entrance to the different pay, public events. Lightness of the material (about 1 gram per cubic centimeter) can produce quite large items that can be used not only to control the input, and as a container for socks keys.

Such polyester, vinyl wristbands are widely used in various sports centers, where there is a little problem "hide" from the

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The smuggling of weapons from Iraq to Syria has reached a new level

After the Iraqi-Syrian border is illegal supply of guns, which receives the Syrian opposition, and run across the militants for their support. This was said Adnan Al-Assadi, acting head of the Interior Ministry of Iraq.

"Our intelligence services received information according to which Syria is a country on a certain number of Iraqi insurgents. Besides, in this country is the smuggling of weapons," — he said.

According to the and. about. Minister of Interior, at the present time the Syrian extremists who were in Iraq the last 10 years, vorachivayutsya home. "The Syrians are not so long ago came to

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Constantine Sivkov: NATO missile defense system — only against Russia

This week in Brussels will host a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, which will open a discussion nedavneshnee statement of the President RF Dmitry Medvedev on missile defense. His position on this dilemma, especially for the "Kommersant" expressed NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Noting that "from the first day or your own tenure as Secretary General of NATO," he "made it clear that cooperation with Russia is of strategic importance," Rasmussen said that the expansion of NATO missile defense system is connected only to a "serious and growing threat of missile attack." "More than 30 countries are developing

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Constantine Kazenin: Why grows the impact of Georgia in the North Caucasus?

The idea of this post came to me while I was studying the documents of various public organizations in Dagestan, both registered and privately available, who spent the last years rally in Makhachkala. In contrast, for example, from Moscow, Dagestan rallies are held almost exclusively on two occasions: in connection with the disappearances in which their relatives blame the security forces, and in connection with illegal, according to the views of local residents, confiscation of lands. I have, in this case in the main rallies to motivate the second kind, and that's what I read, for example, in an open

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The end of liberalism: what next?

It is a pity that the rather weak control of the USSR at the time did not go to the reform of public and state system. If it has done, it does not rule out the possibility that experiencing a rare peacetime disaster in Greece, Spain, Portugal and several other countries have joined the ranks of the socialist community. Only the global financial and economic crisis has fully exposed the number of other problems of global importance.

Fake seers

South American political scientist, philosopher, writer Francis Fukuyama in 1989, when it began the erosion of real socialism in the journal

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Tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) Bell V-22 Osprey

Some of the more exciting aircraft, which have no analogues in other countries, comes to South American tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) V-22 "Osprey". Its development izderzhali 25 years, and the catastrophe that occurred in the course of flight tests, claimed the lives of 30 people. U.S. Department of Defense on the program from izderzhalo 20 billion dollars and is expected to spend beyond another 35 billion dollars (in some sources are the sum of almost 50 billion dollars). Price of the 1st batch tiltrotor is estimated at 110-120 million dollars.

The program a couple of times was under the danger of closing.

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Comfort in every season of the year

Probably every one of us noticed the winter when the door is opened to us rushes cool rush of air, there is a draft and leaves a gentle heat. And that read, if it is shop, bank, office or agency, where constantly there is a large flow of people simply do not have time to heat stored inside the premises, and drafts bring a lot of inconvenience to the staff and the cost of heating has considerably strengthened.

In order to get rid of all of these reasons have been developed special thermal curtains that are managed in such

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Who bring winning sports betting?

Sports lured hundreds of millions of fans around the world. The record for the number of spectators are Olympic Games and, of course, the world soccer championship. But if some people just attracts performance athletes and lovers reason to celebrate winning his beloved team, the others are ready to use sport as the ability to earn. This opportunity gives bookmaker Here, everyone can try your luck by putting on that or any other team. As in at least some bookmakers, win then distributed according to the principle of conformity factor rates for one or the other sports team.


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Who profitable-independent Palestine?

— Nicholas, a few months back in an interview about the events in North Africa and the Middle East, you have predicted many of the processes that take place in the region at the moment. Including — worsening situation around Israel. All the more curious to hear your opinion about the situation in that region.

— That which we read as in the pages of "KP" and on radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a few months back, becoming more and more tangible and visible. What happened is this. The financial model of the world's population, imposed on the world by brute

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Who profitable war in Syria?

As the U.S. State Department has rightly understood that his operation to seize Libyan oil and killing Gaddafi hands of European satellites, dishonorably failed, the U.S. economy took a brand new victim. This victim decided not to find long-term, was again chosen an Arab country, but not now in Africa and the Middle East.

Now Syria has become the latest victim of American "democracy"

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has openly declared that "the United States, according to current President Bashar al-Assad as illegitimate."It is interesting that the statement was made only after the U.S. embassy in Damascus

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