The struggle for survival — Soaring antelope watch online

There is a huge number of antelope species — from the dwarf, which fits in the palm to two meters, the weight of which is seeking tons. Now numbering 72 species. In Africa, an antelope found everywhere there is open spaces — in the foothills and plains, to a large extent due to the fact that their cloven hooves. Owners of these hooves is easy to skip over the rocks. Why Antelope wigs of marijuana? As they mask the newborn babies who have not yet stand on their feet, but they are swarming around

Fight for

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Father of space exploration watch online

The documentary film "Father gallakticheskoy intelligence "- the name of Paul Tsibin it is not clear to the general public. His whole life was wrapped up a special stamp of secrecy. This person is engaged in development Russian astronautics and aviation, we are proud to date. Specifically Paul Tsibin was at the forefront of gliding and made the first languid transport gliders. His design office twice destroyed envious, Tupolev and Yakovlev aircraft makers feared Tsybina. Specifically, he is in the 50s made the draft of the first Russian gallakticheskogo ship which became the prototype of the "Buran". In addition,

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Complex Redoubt — the pride of Russian designers

"Redoubt" is an anti-aircraft missile complex, having a vertical launch missile launchers. For the first time information about the SAM appeared in 1997. Then there was an assumption that "Redoubt" is a lightweight option SAM "Rif Fort." At that moment there was no samples that could be presented to the general public — although SAM "Redoubt" and was approved in 1994, at the time the development was only at the stage of conceptual design. All developments were carried out only design bureau Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". Fighting ability, as part of the "Redoubt" is very close to the SAM defense "Knight".

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Lockheed Martin Company for the price increase is justified by the F-35

As the largest and most expensive programm Pentagon, F-35 and is the subject of constant attention and not just by the military, and who ordered the creation of the aircraft, and the South American Congress. Now with the introduction of hard budget constraints including spending in the area of arms for the makers of the F-35 in principle, so as soon as possible plane passed all the necessary tests and prove that it is not only the highest technical ability, and the need to take it on board.

Over the past 18 months programm, according to which works are

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Belarus — not Syngapur and later absolutism

Society January 31, Alexander Lukashenko signed a directive number 4 "On the development of entrepreneurship and stimulating business activity in the Republic of "Belarus". Lee met the expectations of experts that document if he could bring to this liberalization of the Belarusian economy? How to change the laws to perform all the tasks of the Directive and whether the government is going to do it? On these and other issues in the transmission of "Examination of Freedom" responsible businessman and lawyer Sergei Balykin and economic expert Sergei Chaly. The program is hosted Vitali Tsigankov

Tsigankov: As you know, talk about

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Room Air Purifier removes from depression

Do you feel that every day or a day to live for you is getting heavier? Challenges await you at every turn, all life ceases in the most gloomy colors? — Perhaps you are standing on the threshold of depression. And almost hunt for you to fall into its very deep To wallow in this state for several months. The earlier you take action to overcome the disease state, the easier it will be for you to get out of it. So, put your bad thoughts away, begin healing.

If you would like to raise as much as

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The command On the rise: presentation of Ukrainian upgraded Mi-24P

In Crimea, the presentation of the new Mi-24P. If we are for sure, it is certainly not entirely new — a modernized combat vehicle, which is already 40 years old. The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, so Makarov, tries to give the latest life to several Ukrainian combat helicopters, so that later, maybe sell them abroad.

Outside the modernized Mi-24 is actually no different from its predecessor. Only brand new "filling". According to the views of manufacturers, Ukrainian army will receive helicopter, which a number of technical features leaves far behind the modern Russian and NATO standards.


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Wheeled armored cars «Iveco» and «Oto Melara»

On the not so long-gone Paris exhibition «Eurosatory» Italian company «Iveco Defence Vehicles» and «Oto Melara» presented their new technological achievements and showed more Innovative design within their branded range of wheeled armored vehicles. This is covered in the resource

«Centauro VBM Freccia Explorer» is a ton wheeled armored 8×8, combining the proven and reliable family of the box "Centaur" to the body, which specifically designed to provide maximum crew survivability. Tower "Oto Melara HITFIST Plus» is equipped with 25-mm or 30-mm gun that provides the crew enough firepower and protection, and a powerful engine «Iveco» with automatic transmission

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Leather, a similar steel, which is impossible to break bullet

This is the latest invention of modern biotechnology, artificial skin smogshih connect to the network. For this purpose, withdrew special genetically modified codes. Continue from their milk, which is in gene Spider was obtained narrow thread of which was woven piece of cloth. At the moment, scientists are willing to go even further and to implant the material to volunteers.

So Makar, now man-Spider ended being an invention of science fiction, because the combination of human skin and spider's thread is now completely real. Obtained as a result of such combination material able to give people real superpowers. In

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Something to remember

Sasha engineer wrote that the records Leschi Muller published in a small edition books. Alex served as an officer, "jacket" in a mortar battery of the 1st battalion of the 693rd Motorized Rifle Regiment (Vladikavkaz) in 2006-2008. Resigned, to curry favor with laid two years. He died in 2010 while rafting on the river.

At the moment it became stylish to talk to retired generals, that, say, before the reform of the Caucasus have been prepared perfectly, just great, so Georgians can fight. But for now, he says, all poherili.

Some excerpts from the blog Leschi:

2007:Yesterday was a

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