When the lower classes can, but do not want to

Once again, most overflowing in Moscow last month — December. Weather in this matter — is not important, but we must admit that December we now have a warm — its role as a catalyst, of course, has played.

2010 was a "nationalist" — a chain of catastrophic events, murders in which victims are Russian, and murderers — the Caucasus, to the end of the year resulted in a storm of protest on Manezh Square. Well, then, year today was much more "liberal" and brought in as a new sign of a snow-white ribbon.

At any scale barricade

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Christmas in prison

Society Christmas Eve, January 6, in the families of political prisoners held without orthodox religion festive kuti. The other day, relatives of prisoners "Americans" are making efforts to free his family. Legal and moral support to the victims organized human rights and social organizations and movements.

Eve of the Nativity of Christ in the Orthodox calendar for the volunteers of the public initiative in support of political prisoners, as well as the last holidays, went into operation. In these days help those who came out and who is still in jail, said volunteer Elena:

"In the estate of the BPF,

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When come back, Piranha?

In the late 80's. last century to "Admiralty Shipyards" for the Russian Navy has built two small submarines special purpose project 865 'Piranha' development SPMBM "Malachite". Refinement of these submarines in the country on the path of collapse, has proved to be troublesome. But in the end, these small ships full of water displacement 319 tons and a crew of 3 people were very nice. They had low levels of physical fields, good maneuverability and significant depth of immersion (200 m), are ordinary were in control. Boats were armed with 2 torpedoes and mines in containers, transported 6 frogmen.

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Kluge and Kluge

70 years ago, in the days of the Battle of Moscow, in Germany, started collecting warm clothes for the soldier of the Eastern Front

A couple of years back, I participated in the Leipzig Book Fair. Meeting with readers grew into the everyday mundane conversation, and then I heard this story. Told her old germanka, a relative mentioned in the text Kluge Martha (Martha itself was no longer alive). So do not ask me, for example, the number of parts, which served as a captain Kluge — the interlocutor did not know that. But the family legends do not appear

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The Chinese claimed to return 1.5 million square feet. km of the Russian land

According to "The Epoch Times," Russian embassy in China are popular with the local community website "Sina" was registered microblog. "Sin" is analogous to the South American Twitter.

In the first report, to show the first of December, the Russians greeted the Chinese users. Said the launch of the microblog of the Russian embassy and asked to express their opinions on the matter.

It turned out, most Chinese have found that the comments made by representatives of the embassy. Recall that the new blog — it is the first and only officially confirmed by the Russian consulate in China, where

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Chinese dragon claws

More than forty years of mutually beneficial alliance between the U.S. and China is associated with the name of Henry Kissinger — a unique diplomat, who is not only prepared in 1971, an effective President Nixon's visit to China, and not once talked to Mao and Zhou Enlai on finding compromises in difficult for states period.

This is the time of the war in Vietnam and Korea, the conflict in the Russian-Chinese relations. Exchange led to the views of understanding and awareness of the position of the warring parties and the development of proposals for the care of

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Chinese Type 74 light machine guns and Type 81

Chinese-Russian system was perceived unification of small tools based machines. On the basis of the Chinese Type 56 machine, which a copy of the Russian AK, made Type 74 light machine gun. Automatic machine gun works outside of the garment propellant gases and their impact on the gas piston that aggressively linked to the bolt. The barrel is closed by turning the valve, which has two lugs. Trigger trigger mechanism allows both continuous and single fire. Vapor unit have changed. The barrel is fixed conical flash suppressor. Power is supplied by a standard box-store sector capacity of 30 rounds or

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Chinese mnogokalibernye bolts

I do not know how the rest of the guests website, and I'm very curious tool, which is made in China, because soon they will not produce it under license or copy from other samples, and the use of their development, many of which are very exciting. Of particular interest standards of Chinese instruments and also cause because the Chinese are very well learned to separate flies from cutlets and understand what they need and what is not. Therefore, their recent developments became a kind of hybrid, which absorbed all the best from the other samples guns. But just to

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The struggle for survival — Black jackals watch online

Ancient Egyptians considered sacred to the jackal — incarnation of the god Anubis. Other nations of the despised agile predator and brash. The movie tells about the life of dragons, which are famous for their own ability to easily adapt to different environmental conditions, and their complex social and communication links inside a pack. Scientists are studying the specific features of these animals that make the dragons have become one of the best hunters in Africa.

Fight for survival — a series of programs

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China-made fighter fifth generation, threatening Russian T-50

China, according to some reports, without the help of others made a mock plane fifth generation using "stealth" technology — it can go up in the air right now. First image stealth aircraft appeared on the web in late December, but so far it is not clear where did the data and photos as they are authentic. The Chinese Ministry of Defence has left a sensational photo without comment, report "News".

Given that the Chinese government is in control of aggressive all media in the country, and photos up to now available to view online at some Chinese resources,

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