China again reeling

In China, loudly celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party. The very historical event the formation of the Communist Party of China took place in Shanghai illegally c 23 July to 5 August 1921. As usual, the authorities have dated this date output picture "beginning of a new renaissance."

Tape, filmed state film company China Film Group, for 2-hours audience knows how the first Chinese Communists have made a big batch, then a huge country, which currently lives in peace and harmony. In the picture weighed 178 Chinese movie stars, namely, the Hollywood star Chow

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White Ravens watch online

Snow-white ravens — the fate of the upcoming movie, visited the Chechen war. When Russian soldiers went to war in Chechnya, they were young, healthy and do not have any idea about it. They returned back the unhealthy, disabled, exhausted, without illusions. War, in which there are no heroes, only some losers, which in the current Russian Federation has no place. Peter and Cyril were both eighteen, when they filed a voluntary statement on the passage of life in Chechnya. Kate worked as a nurse in a field hospital. None of them did not return back so I left.

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Before and after the Plaza


First to the square

A friend of a woman psychologist in all seriousness, I argued that a large part of our population — adult children. Even without children, and babies: they are important to warm, safe, and were fed. I had a doubt in this respect, until I began to participate in the electoral battles, and communicate with people from other walks of life. When I was handing out leaflets in the tractor factory, came up to me and my grandmother began to campaign for the original actor. Since you just said, for 16 years, nothing bad has happened,

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A. Dmitriev I do not know why I was released

Society Today, of the KGB remand prison on parole was released campaign manager Vladimir Neklyaeva Andrey Dmitriev. One of the first interview he gave to the freedom of Radio Liberty. He's talked to Yuri Drakakhrust.

DrakakhrustAndrew, on what conditions you were released?

Dmitriev: The conditions are the same. I am a defendant in a criminal case on the participation and organization of mass disorder. I just replaced a preventive measure, and now I'm not in jail, but I can not leave Belarus.

Drakakhrust: And you wrote some letters, gave any explanation?

DmitrievNo, no appeals and explanations, I did not

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China prepares carrier fleet

In late July, the Ministry of National Defense of China officially announced that the recent start of the first test of its own aircraft carrier. This 300-meter ship, who is at present in the port of Dalian, was created on the basis of the empty body aircraft carrier "Varyag" Project 1143.6 purchased from Ukraine in 1998. At the time of the transaction China announced that it will use the hull as a floating casino, but in 2005 work began on its restoration. First own aircraft carrier, the Chinese military will use for research and training purposes.

Own programm to

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Kirov Plant received the state defense order of 4 billion rubles

Factory "Universalmash" (a subsidiary of "Kirov Plant " ) Was the co-executor of the municipal defense order (SDO) to equip the Russian air defense systems upgraded with new anti-aircraft missile systems (ADMS) C-300V4, reports Kirov plant.

As part of a consortium of companies, lured to the implementation of the SDO and the members of the JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "," Universalmash "received order to supply 40 units of unified tracked chassis on which to base the combat elements AAMS.

"The total order for the Kirov plant — 4.053 billion rubles, more than 1 billion of which the plant has

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Dagger against a tank

Antitank grenade (RPG) enjoys the highest reputation in the middle of the rebels, providing them with a cheap anti-tank gun, which does not require a huge time for learning. A new version of this tool is the RPG-30.

The fact is that against shaped charge warheads has long been thought out fully effective "antidote" — dynamic protection. More information on it (as well as other qualities of a modern tank building) can be found in our article "Weapons of the conflict: the T-72." In short, this "reactive armor"Consists of exploding plates, with the impact of the shell plate is

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Cyber War — the war of the future

Cyberwar — is likely the coming of the coming war, bloodless, but at the same time deadly. In its own way a revolution in the art of war. The world's population has reached such degree of development, and that the ordinary laptop is in the hands of experts the real instrument. In today's world of computers depends almost everything: the pressure in the pipelines, the operation of the power system, the movement of aircraft, the work of hospitals and critical services. These systems work with the implementation of the software and thus vulnerable to malware — viruses that can lead

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Katyusha against Vanya

After 10 days, after the time when the war began majestic Russian from Moscow to the western borders was oriented column of military trucks, commanded by Captain Ivan Fleury. seven triaxial ZIS-6 and about forty cars with ammunition with unusual closed tarpaulin structures behind the cab drove along the road to Orsha-railway hub in Belarus.

There's also the first in the confusion of war some 10 months stuck s Russian military trains with weapons, ammunition and fuel. Already on July 14 Orsha was captured by the Germans. To train this unit is not got them sent to battle the

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The tragedy of the Crimean Front 1942

26 December 1941 has begun in the history of naikrupneyshaya majestically Russian war Kerch-Feodosiya landing operation of Russian troops. As a result of its Russian troops liberated Kerch and Kerch Peninsula. Fight on the peninsula unfolding since December 26, 1941 to May 20, 1942, and without looking at the initial success, ended with the defeat in the Crimean Front 3 Russian armies. The defeat of the Russian army in the Crimea, put an end to the upcoming defense of Sevastopol and allowed the Germans to liberate significant strength for the coming year in the Caucasus.

January 2, 1942 from

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