Frankly, we did not originally intend to write about the Enclave. The idea of ​​this game was the presentation is elegant and simple: print more carefully selected screenshots, accompanied by intriguing caption: "Guess what it is: Blade of Darkness Rune 2 or 2?". Winning this kind of competition is quite could get a six-month subscription to the magazine. Alas, it did not work — dear editors considered the issue unrealistically complicated.

Indeed, confused Enclave one of these games easy. Familiar prospect of a third person, native "medieval" environment, great piercing-cutting tools in the hands of the protagonists and this, sorry,

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Force Report: The RAF at 90

A NUMBER of reasons lay behind the creation of the RAF. First, the Arm/s Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) overlapped and competed when it came to procuring engines and aircraft, and their separate supply organisations failed to meet critical needs during World War One. Then, in June 1917, German Gothas dropped 72 tons of bombs within a one-mile radius of London’s Liverpool Street Station in broad daylight — and RFC and RNAS aircraft assigned to defend the capital were barely able to get within striking distance of the intruders. The clamour for reprisals was

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Forca Aerea Brasileira

Robbie Shaw, assisted by Alec Molton, reports on the Brazilian Air Force and its efforts to defend one of the world’s largest countries.

THE TASK — to defend a country which has an area of 328,210 square miles (8,500,000km2) and a population of over 153 million. A country which is larger than the Continental United States or the whole of Europe, yet has a budget which is but a fraction of those mentioned.

That is the role of the Forca Aerea Brasileira. To execute this task it has a complement of some 800 aircraft and over 50,000 personnel, some 25%

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US Army Aviation Aggressor Training

THE SOVIET-MADE armour made contact with the American forces along the base of the mountains on the desert valley floor. A pair of AH-1 gunship helicopters popped up over a ridge nicknamed the «whale» and skimmed across the ground at 50ft. Using the dry river beds as cover, they approached the enemy positions.

Emerging onto the flat desert, the pilots began calling the targets, quickly firing at vehicles and troop concentrations. The enemy was dug in well and difficult to spot among the wreckage of the previous battles. Suddenly, the instrument panel lit up with

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Sustained funding uncertainty has French, U.K. defense industry on edge

Ask defense industrialists in France and the U.K. what they want most in the absence of larger military budgets, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction. Ask what has been missing in the past two years, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction.

There are certainly ample signs in both countries that questions about long-term spending priorities will persist. French parliamentary elections first have to be resolved this month, and then the new government plans to launch a major strategic review of

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Fit to Fly

Philip Belsham, FRCS, Consultant in Accident and Emergency Medicine to a leading London hospital, looks at the hostile environment in which the modern military pilot operates, in the first of a series about aviation medicine.

THE HUMAN ANIMAL, Homo sapiens, has, over the millennia of his evolution, become superbly adapted to his environment. Although his leas are not as fast as the Cheetah, his strength not that of the bear, his eyesight not as sharp as the cat, and his sense of smell not that of the dog, he has still become monster of the whole land surface of the

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First Oman Lynn Deliveries

AGUSTA WESTLAND has now completed five of the 16 Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) Super Lynx 300 Mk 120s that were ordered under a contract signed on January 19, 2002. The first RAFO Super Lynx, 757/ZJ971, made its first flight at Yeovil on October 25, 2003, and together with the second and third examples, it was loaded onto an An-124 at RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset, on June 23. They arrived in Oman the following day. Details of equipment fit have not been revealed, although the helicopters are believed to have an Avitronics electronic warfare suite.

In addition, CAE announced on

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IF you want to know and, more importantly, to understand, kitchen SOUTHEAST ASIA, BETTER reservation table in the restaurant, A cabin on the ship.

Every self-respecting foodie obliged at least once in their lives to be in Southeast Asia. Pho soup, sandwiches of the ban, fish amok in cups of banana leaves — not all, for what it is worth to visit. And there is no better way to learn this region than to go on a cruise on the Mekong River, the largest in Indochina, such as Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam Cambodian Phnom Penh. In seven days’

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He may look cuddly but we wouldn’t recommend giving CRAIG FLEMING a hug this month. Or ever…

And so the summer has arrived, and in the style of a true Brit I’ve celebrated this once-every-four-years event by getting sunburnt and catching flu, along with a chest and an ear infection. I spent three hours in A&E with a suspected perforated eardrum sitting alongside various ‘salt of the earth’ types. One of them was swigging on a can of Strongbow and shouting at his own shoe whilst another was trying to dance with the vending machine. To be honest I know

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Farnborough 96

RUNNING FROM Monday September 2 to Sunday September 8, with trade-only days Monday to Friday and public days on Saturday/Sunday, the 1996 Society of British Aerospace Contractors’ show at Farnborough has been considerably improved since the last event in 1994.

The old familiar blue and white striped halls and chalets, built by the same contractor to the same style since the show moved to Farnborough in 1948, have finally been replaced by light, bright and modern clear-span structures. The weekend public days have also been enhanced to attract more families to the show, resulting in the introduction of in-flight simulators,

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