As the nomenclature of the country threw

Why is the top tier of managers did not rise to the defense of the USSR-feeding

The closer the elections on March 4, the higher the degree of political activity of. The air smells of almost periodic revolution, which nobody expected. General outlook expressed Gleb Pavlovsky, when he said, "never thought I'd see it live again …" The suddenness of the political thaw really leads to recall the last years of the USSR. Then, too, has not meant a tremendous empire will disappear from the map of the world in a matter of days are.

But it looks like

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As our in Korea, Sabres stealing

Getting the 50 years of the twentieth century was marked by the largest and bloodiest conflict since the second World War, the Korean War, between the communist North and the pro-American South, in what have been hurt the interests of 2-superpowers USA and the USSR. In this war, long considered a local conflict, participated as a South American troops under the auspices of the UN, as Russian troops were operating in severe conditions of secrecy. In fighting against the army of the United States, represented by all branches of the military, active role in the main take our anti-aircraft

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As the war began in Korea, continues to this day

Korea expert Konstantin Asmolov: "In the minds of several generations of post-war stay mentally installation on the opposition."

Naikrupneyshy over the past half a century military incident between the DPRK and the Republic of Korea, said that war on the Korean peninsula to this day is not over. An armistice was signed in 1953, suspended the armed struggle only virtually. Without a peace treaty, the two Koreas, until now are in a state of war. "MK" has asked to tell about the causes and consequences of the Korean War, the 1st of the great Russian professionals Korea.

— The

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How can assist meeting friends davneshnih service intoxicated driver?

To the place where I left my car, it was necessary to pass just 100 meters away, when suddenly I heard a familiar voice. I turned around and saw Alexander, my old companion, with whom we have a very long time, no see. He stood and smiled broadly. We decided to go out to celebrate the meeting.

It was only necessary to decide something with my car — leave it for the night near the office I did not want to, well, tomorrow morning without a car would have to get up much earlier everyday. But what can you

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As a police officer from Kolyma Ukrainian overcame drug lords

What can you do against drug taken separately in the village"My war began when domestic goats were vorachivatsya stuck with needles", — reads Victor Kaminsky. But thanks to the Russian pensioner in one village Odessa managed to overcome evil drug.

… No one wants to take me to Korsuntsev, a suburb of Odessa. "What are these Korsuntsev?" But if I say "Palermo", as taxi drivers vying offer services. A small village in the early 90's was nicknamed in honor of the town of the Sicilian Mafia, and its age-old title in the long years Odessa forgotten. And there were

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How to prepare the destruction of Russian Union

The process of the collapse of the Russian Union of Socialist Republics was launched back in 1982, or rather, began its active phase, the same degradation processes have been launched under Khrushchev, only if they were able to "freeze". Died "gray cardinal" Suslov, and then Brezhnev. The Soviet Union, many quite suddenly, headed Andropov, former head of the KGB.

It took quite intensively for the strengthening of the country, decided to major reforms, but because it almost did not have time to do, it is difficult to judge them — they were the strengthening of the Union or not.

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How would look now the Polish-Russian war: three scenarios (Polska, Poland)

Our victory in the battle for Warsaw August 15, 1920 was proclaimed "Miracle on the Vistula". When it seemed that the coming of the Red Army in the West pause is unrealistic, a sudden maneuver Polish troops, wedged between the Western Front, Misha Tukhachevsky and south-west front of Alexander Yegorov, and Red Army soldiers who have come from the flank, has permitted discard them from the capital, and later squeezed out of Poland. Young's independence was saved, and Jozef Pilsudski consolidated style of the famous Polish military strategist of the XX century.

On the coming week, we will celebrate

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Following Areas: crossroads or a dead end?

Society Drakakhrust: In connection with the election and the manifestation of December 19 discussed a lot of subjects: what a brutal power in Belarus and whether it committed atrocities on what lessons does the opposition to the current campaign that Obama and Merkel decide how Moscow will take advantage of the situation. Some of the topics we will discuss today, they are very interesting, because the answers to these questions are unknown. But for some reason no one is discussing, or go to protest tractor factory or BSU, or slit workers MAZ will resign Mackay or Sidorsky, or raise his

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Treasury of Russian Empire

Before the Russian Revolution of 1917, Treasury had no small of supplies of gold, which totaled 1,337 tons. All countries of the world not only inferior to the Russian Federation for these indicators, but not even close to standing. But for kutsee time almost the entire treasury was looted. Some of those who managed to capture a little bit of a big Russian gold, were prisoners of war from the Czech Republic, which were going to send them to their native places through the city of Vladivostok. In Russia after the October Revolution was going on a complete mess and

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Cossack courage

Not so long ago, was surprised. Heard from the 1st sufficiently literate person judgment: "We have neither heroism that stupid. All — with checkers on the tanks. "

And then it came to the battle of Kuschevskaya, when in August 1942 the Cossack units stopped the fascist coming to the Caucasus, and a saber attacks hacked more than 4 thousand Nazis. About our losses disk imaging is not, apart from the fact that they were significant. And to conclude from this that some bestalantnye commanders who threw the Cossacks in a suicide attack. In this attack the stupid —

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