The history of certain inventions

I do not think in the 1st question I get such a plan: why the whole world believes the inventor of radio Guglielmo Marconi or Nikola Tesla, and we Alexander Popov?

Or why the inventor of the incandescent lamp by Thomas Edison said, not Lodygina Alexander, who patented filament lamp with a refractory metal?

But if a Lodygina Popov and the world will remember that some of the people whose contribution to military affairs, no doubt, was outstanding, hardly remember. About such people and inventions, and I wanted to tell.


Nobel family has lived in St. Petersburg

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Historical heresy

"The monstrous heresy, the faster it believes the public" — adored, read the Third Reich propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Nazi Germany had succeeded in rewriting history, but we clearly remember how it ended. Or all the same there?

At the current time there is a bad tendency to a fundamental revision of past events that is not only long, and actually nedavneshnih that occurred in the twentieth century. It's no secret that in the past history being corrected, but so unceremoniously, as at the moment, it is not treated. The latter-day chroniclers almost misinterpret facts, despite the fact that the

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Historians to this day struggling with the question: which remained a victory in the battle of Borodino in 1812?

The logic provides a clue what kind of French — our then retreated. The strategy states that the French then so tired that their defeat was only a matter of time, and means victory for us. Experience has shown that they are wrong and others. Usually the winner is the one in whose possession left the battlefield. At the moment it goes to the people for whom history — an empty phrase. In fact, on the eve of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino on the site of bloody battles, build … Cottages and recreational facilities.


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Stories stolen guns

"Oruzheynostroitelnye" technology stolen and copied nelitsenzinno relatively recent, but very good. Here is a more expressive and mentoring stories from the field.


Who stole from us: China, Bulgaria, Israel, North Korea. South Africa, Egypt, and many who do.

Yes, yes! "Our all" — the most reliable in the world of AK was repeatedly and brazenly stolen half of the planet and replicated in millions of copies, but neither country nor the famous designer did not get a penny. Many zabugornye "trunks" and named differently, and look on the outside a little differently, but looking for them just to

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The origins of the confrontation: Our homeland — West

Russia, Russian civilization has always been the only harmonizer world's population, which has stabilized its development and helped the evolutionary ascent of people.

This is confirmed by recent events in the world: a weakening of the role of in the world dramatically worsened the political atmosphere, broke out a huge number of conflicts. There was a tendency to merge them into a single "world on fire."

That was peace on the planet, our home has to be powerful, and this time "to start collecting stones" — to begin the process of reunification of Russian land to the Unified Russia.


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These organizers February 1917 — our allies in the war

One of the main reasons for failure of the Russian Empire in the First World War was the degradation of the "elite" of the empire. This can find a lot of information, but seldom mention another important reason — the behavior of our "allies" in the Entente in the war. In the textbooks indicated that they were allies and our homeland a couple of times to support them, not allowing Germany to do them serious damage. About how the Russian Empire constantly "throwing" and were against her subversive work, not said.

The Russian Imperial Army, all the shortcomings of their

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Research Vessel FLIP: half a century, flip-flops

At the junction of the 50s and 60s of the last century — in the midst of the Cool War — the scientists of both superpowers were working on the creation of new weapons and improved features of an old. In the field of new technologies and tools for the Navy researchers beheld some promise in the development of sonar systems. So Makarov could facilitate the detection of submarines and sea mines opponent, increase the efficiency of weapons. Only a number of features research parameters of water caused a few problems for which solutions had to find a very unusual

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Testers hypersonic missiles faced with the unknown

United States tested a hypersonic missile X-51A Waverider, which in the course of the first flight was able to accelerate to a speed exceeding 5 times the speed of sound. Almost a month before the U.S. Air Force tested the hypersonic FHTV-2, the speed of which the flight exceeded the speed of sound 20 times. Despite the dissimilarity of external 2-systems, their still a lot to do. Tests and one or the other have been successful only in part, with all this in both cases, operators are faced with a phenomenon that is not explained.

Communication failure

Initially, the first

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Lavon Volsky: Observer — a rather extreme experience

Society Znatkevich: Lavon, this is for you will be the first experience of watching the election?

Volsky: Never in my life have I had such an experience, so for me it's quite an exciting moment in my life. Such extreme even. Today we Oleg Khomenko checked into the hostel on Slyasarnay and Linguistic University, quite successfully without any perashkdav. Tomorrow's go to Lingvictychny's see how it goes early voting. Today there was a lot of girls who were standing in line before going home to their Rogacheva Zhabinka, eager galasvannya. And our question is why ahead of time, so shyly

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Islam will be the subject of mandatory in German public schools

The structure of mandatory subjects in the study of German schools added training course on Islam. The federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony were the first of the states in Germany, where he was introduced.

In the middle of this innovation is to find the politicians as supporters and foes alike. Against him were members of the Christian Democratic Union, it has supported the Home Secretary Gus-Peter Friedrich.

Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia was signed a decree, which states that "Islam"Now of mandatory subject together with the "German" or "mathematics". Will begin teaching a new school course in the

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