Infrared scopes Wehrmacht

In 1936, the German administration had ordered the company to create AEG infrared device night vision, and in the 39th year, was ready first working model, which worked together with the 37-mm anti-tank gun Pak 35/36 L/45. In autumn of '42 constructors companies have developed device, used with a 75-mm anti-tank gun PaK 40 L/46 and mounted on a self-propelled Sd.Kfz.131 (Marder II). In the middle of the 43rd year started tests of night vision devices (Nacht Jager) and telescopic range finder mounted on the Panther.

It was created and applied in the coming two options for installing devices on

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The whole cranberries on the Russian watch online

A film about the Russian brands, many of which — just stereotypes about Russia. As we try to damage them, but from time to time — voluntarily or involuntarily — is confirmed. Whole world tends become better. Unless become, or at least pretend to become. Many countries are changing their own bored image. This is — the certificate of change of real and mental. "We do not want to wear this more image!"- And everything gradually be reset of old clothes. And what about us? Us as previously perceived by the state in the boots, hats with earflaps, drinking,

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Information war and the struggle for the minds

NATO has agreed to provide a staging base in Ulyanovsk, Russian government came from the 2-judgments. In 1-x, sending NATO to discover, it was hoped that they would not stay at Manas — a former air base counterterrorist coalition, now — Transit Center at the U.S. Air Force. The object is placed on the area of international airport "Manas", 23 km north-west of Bishkek. Well, in-2, is more important than in-1's, the idea was to give that push for a breakthrough development of a real partnership with the West. These hopes have not justified, moreover, they made the situation

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Notable facts about the development of nuclear weapons in our country

It has been over 66 years since the moment when the South American aircraft for the first time in the history of mankind has used an atomic weapon. Let's try to analyze the situation with the manner in which was born the first atomic bomb in our country.

In the 1938-1939-th years, there was one of the greatest discoveries of the world's population — the possibility of spontaneous fission of uranium. Immediately after that was held in Kharkov, a special conference, which concerned the practical application of this discovery. The prominent Russian scientists have ideas about that on the basis

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Innovative pistol Kel-Tec PMR-30

One of the exhibits Arms Shot Show 2010, which deserves careful study, the gun is made in view of Innovative Technology from the company Kel-Tec, which received the name of PMR-30.

Advantages of PMR-30

This presented a copy of itself as such joins in complex outstanding characteristics: small weight, the applicable price, cost of production, leading technology and outstanding firepower. For example, the capacity of its cage 30 rounds 22 Magnum.

PMR-30 is an extremely unusual variant of the personal weapon in terms of design and layout of nodes and devices. Still, the designers left as a safety system

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Innovative ship to fight pirates

Warship with massive anti-submarine capabilities were not obliged to fight with modern submarines and conventional motor boats and motor boats, whose crews are armed with hand-held instrument. If we talk about the "Undaunted", his last commander NG Abraham, who took the ship in 1992, wrote of him: "If in the Baltic Sea were at least two ships of project 11540, we actually had a search-and-strike group (PUG), which could solve the puzzle of all unsafe areas of overlap that exist there "(see Almanac" Typhoon ", vyp.21, 2/2000). And the pirates "demand" by at least 2-10-s of such ships. It

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India. Which to buy fighter? Neuzh Our homeland is not destiny again?

The brutal battle for the contract to supply the Indian Air Force multi-role fighters erupted with the newest force. And in this battle, our homeland may retire from the game.

At the current time under the scrutiny of many international professionals to be an Indian competition Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA), is obliged to elect a plane that will replace the MiG-21 Indian Air Force. According to some reports, the car can already find in the middle of this year. India's Ministry of Defense allocates above 9 billion. bucks on the purchase of 126 aircraft.

Russian MiGs are planning

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India is increasing its military presence on the border with China

Divide is planning to izderzhat about 13 billion. dollars to modernize the armed forces. According to the plan, which is the main Fri significant strengthening of the Indian military forces on the border with China, was developed in the defense ministry of the country. Namely, there is information about the formation of four divisions that will be posted on the India-China border. Imply that the two of them will go into the special forces prepared for war in the criteria of the mountains.

It should be noted that the Indian military to develop their armed forces with the expectation

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India rushes into space

Gallakticheskoe confrontation, which took an active phase with the launch of Russian Union of the first artificial Earth satellite, continues to manifest itself. In this case, if you have a couple of 10-s of years ago it was possible to talk about the claim of the leading roles in the near-Earth space only 2-States (Our homeland and the United States), now the world's other global players try to enter a number gallakticheskih powers. One such country is India.

Indian gallakticheskih research organization (ISRO), which is a typical Indian equivalent of the American NASA, in recent years, trying to

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India will position the tanks on the border with China and Pakistan

India situated tanks T-72 Russian production in the Himalayas in the border areas with China and Pakistan, the Hindustan Times reported, citing a source in the Defense Ministry of the country.According to a source publication disk imaging, the issue of deploying tanks open a discussion with the head of the Northern Command of the Land Forces of India, Lieutenant General KT Parnaikom (KT Parnaik). According Parnaika, whose command is responsible for the control integrity of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, defense in the region need to be strengthened.

Earlier, on October 5, the Chief of Staff of the

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