India buys fighter, helping the weakening of the defense industry of the Russian Federation (Times of India, India)

The big deal for the sale of fighter jets in India will be the most severe for many years to help unhealthy Russian defense industry, much of it as if stuck in the Russian era, analysts say.

India announced on Wednesday that it plans to buy up to 300 fighters 5th generation, using the technology of "stealth", which are being developed with Russia. The total amount of the transaction can be up to 30 billion dollars.

The record of the past year overshadowed acquired Russian problem defense industry, that force at the moment the Russian army, trying to

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India plans to complete the development of a promising tank for 5-7 years

Chief Controller for Armaments and engineering systems of defense research and development (DRDO) of India S.Sundaresh Defense announced the details of the specification of a promising MBT, developed under the programs from FMBT (Future Main Battle Tank).

Tank FMBT intended to substitute T-72 MBT NE India after 2020. It is planned that an experienced model FMBT will be created in the next 5-7 years. Will be applied when developing a modular architecture that will allow prompt to upgrade the MBT when new technologies.

Weight FMBT will be about 50 tons (for comparison: in the developed "Arjun» Mk.2 weight is

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Indian Ocean — the zone of interests of the United States

Region Indian Ocean considered one of the more fundamental areas of the United States of America, namely, for its naval forces. This is due, first, to the constant build-up of the struggle for spheres of political and economic influence, the sources of raw materials. Now the area is building up naval force in the criteria of strengthening political differences of appearance and energy problems. Military build-up is a necessary condition for solving certain geopolitical problems associated with the interests of the United States in the Indian Ocean.

The role of the Indian Ocean in the world is determined primarily

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Agency of Special Investigations watch online

We offer a new draft fifth channel — "Agency Special Investigations. "Vyacheslav Razbegaev by professionals analyzes the untold discoveries, inconsistencies and turns in politics, business, science, and history. recognizable actor appears in a given project in a sudden vial: it is the same as you and I, he does not believe everything in a row ranges and almost all want to double-check …

1 issue: "Golden billion" — what really is it?

Gaps in Obama's biography — we do not know about the President of the United States? Comets and Meteors — neuzh something terrible

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India were unveiled details of FGFA

Indian aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Aeronautics on its website contained information about the technical properties of a promising fighter Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), which will be created on the basis of aircraft PAK FA (T-50), along with Russia. According to the description version aircraft for India would be network-centric and able to act in areas of "bad communication" in the group.

FGFA will be the length 22.6 meters in height — 5.9 meters, with the highest gross weight of 34 tons. Fighter will be able to cover a distance 3.88 million km at the speed developed by 2,3

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IL-476 will take off in 18 months

"As part of the latest programs from the arms of the State for the period 2011-2020 the Ministry of Defence is likely to confirm the decision to purchase 50 military transport aircraft Sludge-476 tankers and based on them, "- said vice-president of corporate management and development of the United Aircraft Company Vasily Prutkovsky.

He said that the real point is preparing equipment for the production of the aircraft, which runs until the end of 2010. 30% of the equipment is now ready. By the end of 2011 Sludge-476 should be up in the air. As part of the initial batch

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Icon on the order

In the current time, the establishment continues to gain momentum. All things are becoming more uniform and clear. People are beginning to strive for uniqueness. Uniqueness almost all shows prestige and status.

There is a huge number of circumstances in which worth striving for uniqueness. Have a thing made by human hands, and not a machine even more enjoyable. You understand that it invested in human effort and inspiration. To have anything made by order, is part of the show itself. And, moreover, it is a manifestation of features. This is especially true for the topical works of art.

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The Israeli assault rifle — machine gun Galil» ARM

Even despite the successful ending the Arab-Israeli "Six Day" War in June 1967, the command of the Israel Defense Forces is very critical to estimate their weapons. For example, the Belgian FN FAL rifle production markedly inferior to the convenience and reliability of the Russian AK-47 in service with the Syrians and the Egyptians. On the advantages of a light assault guns, submachine gun developed under cartridge, in front of the instrument under rifle cartridge read and implementation experience of the American M16, comes in Israel.

After testing various foreign models, it was decided to make a standard that will

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Israel evacuates embassy in Jordan. On the construction of the Sunni bloc

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman announced the evacuation of the Israeli Embassy in Jordan. As told newspaper "Haaretz", the Israeli government is afraid of the capital Jordan anti-Israeli protests similar massacre of the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, the Egyptian capital.

Jerusalem initially planned to send their own people from Amman home only on the weekend days of leaving the Embassy of the 1st and the protection of the diplomatic representative. But, on September 14, after the occurrence of rumors about imminent on Friday and the weekend days

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Israel declassified tank

Defense Minister Ehud Barak authorized the declassification tank "Merkava-4" and put it up in Paris, opened the tenth international exhibition of arms and military equipment, ground forces and land-based air defense systems "Eurosatory 2010". This exhibition is one of the most popular and fundamental in the international market of modern tools, reports

The main reason for such decision by the Minister of Defence — the search for strategic partners for the upcoming modernization of the tank.

Until now, the project is the creation of the tank 'Merkava-4 "was listed as one of the most hidden in Israel. But

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