As my book is almost gone under the knife

Society Mr. Vladimir, you agree to ancient poets didactics Terentsyyanam Moor, who left us saying "Habent sua fata libelli" — "Books have their own destiny"?Olesya, a student of the Linguistic University

Stories that have been happening with my books, one confirm this aphorism. Each child is proud of its literary own biography.

I'll tell you what was the cause of the second book of prose, "The Day the boom fell," which came out in the hot autumn of 1988. Just when they were created "Martyrology of Belarus" and the organizing committee of the Belarusian Popular Front, when rocked memorable "Forefathers

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Israel is arming system of protection against MANPADS C Music

Israel ordered two local airlines to complete the introduction of turboprop ATR 72 and ATR 42, as these models are very malehankih, to be invested in this missile defense, all of which are equipped Israeli planes. Plane ATR 72 weighs 22 tons, while its predecessor ATR 42 is very similar to it, weighs 18 tons. Over the past 3 decades has been built about a thousand of these aircraft and most of them so far has been in operation.

Israel hurry with anti-missile systems, aircraft equipment. As a result, nedavneshnego fall of the dictatorship of Gaddafi in Libya several

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Treason 1941 (Part 2)

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Produced the directives of Moscow?

The very first big capture of Russian troops known 3 and 10 of the Army of the Western Front were located in Bialystok salient. Right there in the 10 most powerful army was placed on the number and quality of tanks, trucks perfectly rich 6th Mechanized Corps Gen. Hatskilevicha. Army stationed in the border fortified area, namely 10 army relied on Osovetskaya SD. In 1915, the Russian troops in the fort Osovets made themselves famous long heroic defense. It seems to be the story itself appealed to the retention of the

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Because of the political situation in Syria Our homeland will not send to its shores missile cruiser Moskva

Our homeland will not send to the shores of Syria's missile cruiser "Moscow" to patrol. Recall that according to initial plans, the flagship of our Black Sea fleet at the end of this month — beginning later had to change the patrol ship "Sharp-witted." At the headquarters of the fleet was given to understand that the change of plans due to the political situation around Syria. If we talk about the technical state of the cruiser, he was ready to start doing every minute tasks assigned.

According to the officer, in accordance with the schedule of preparation to enter

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Machine guns at the candle

During the war was fought intense development of rapid-aircraft machine guns intended to change SHKASS reliable.

One of the options being tested at the site was a machine gun design Sokolova (I think he did not go into a series — with its rate of fire which allowed to cut the pillars of a single queue, swiftly ended ammunition, and of the life was not great).

And on the ground, were the subject of comparative tests of machine guns, came designer. He talked to the brothers Weapon Technician, among which were just aces in shooting a machine

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From the history of car tires

Now such products as auto tires seem normal and ordinary. But the population of the earth had to go a long way before the first avtomobilnyaa bus came into being. It happened, if believe the patent in June 1846. The inventor of this device has some sovereign Thomas which offered to facilitate the movement of crew and reduce the noise which carried wood wheels traveling on the roadway. First bus had its own design everyday canvas fabric that soaked rubber resin. Outside the construction of complementary pieces of leather that have been designed not only to mitigate the course of

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Of gold a series of films about war

During the existence of Cinématographe 10 out of thousands of films on the theme of war and the military, from various film companies. In the near future enthusiasm for the military theme in Russia has grown significantly, and therefore consumer demand is met quite intense. Now the remarkable military films can look with a specially made online cinema.

One of the most popular films about the war in our country is movie "The Dawns here are quiet …" This prince's story, which is told by director Stanislav Rostotsky in 1972, has become a real symbol of war films.

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From the military to the police

The deputy of the State Duma Arkady Sarkisyan proposed change of school leavers officers, who usually get the post of district officers in the military, being reduced as a result of the reform of the army. President Dmitry Medvedev took a fancy to the idea, and he recommended it specifically to work. Arkady Sarkisyan truly believes that the main failure of the Interior Ministry — the corruption, because it offers its proposal to strike at the very foundation of the pyramid of corruption in the country, to bring order to the lowest echelons of police. In his view, this can

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Izhmash is ready to assist the revival of DOSAAF

July 7, in the suburbs, there was another meeting of the Interagency Working Group under the military-industrial complex of the Russian Government, led by Dmitry Rogozin. One of the issues discussed at the meeting was revival in schools and initial military training system DOSAAF.

The representative of the NGO "Izhmash" said the working group on the broad capabilities of the enterprise for the development of this direction. Namely, Izhmash is ready to supply schools for the revival of NVP weight and size mock combat guns — AK and SVD, which will allow young people to get an idea about

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The process of birth neoimpery

In Moscow, a surprisingly fruitful held summits of the Contract of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and Commonwealth of independent states (CIS). The main result of the CSTO summit can rightly be called the decision to ban the placement of foreign military bases on the territory of the member states of the contract without the permission of all members.

With this step, Moscow and its allies struck a powerful blow to the U.S. position in a number of republics of Central Asia (including Tajikistan) military bases after their withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now that foreign base appeared on the

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