Again wonders on Kinburn Spit

Not so long ago, an archaeological expedition sent by the Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, was found pier, built by the Turks at Kinburn Spit. Many people understand the phrase "Our First Ste Kinburn Spit revealed miracles." Naturally, in this expression refers to the extraordinary courage, endurance and strength Miracle-warriors, led by Generalissimo Suvorov at war with the Turks in 1787. But now he's got one more value. Many archaeologists believe that the ongoing excavations near Kinburn Fortress will bring a lot to discover.

In the past couple years the expedition, led by Svetlana Belyaeva, working here,

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American nevrafizielyagi: the state of the pupils voters can say more than a survey

Society From the point of view of modern nevrafiziyalegii (the science that studies the function of the nervous system and its structural units — nevronav) political views, beliefs and related behavior, including during elections, laid deep in the subconscious. These findings have been confirmed by recent progress in the field of brain imaging. With the latest devices can track many details of his work, in particular — a reaction to a variety of messages or images.

As can be seen, the choice of most of the electorate often does not depend on the program of the candidate, and on what

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Again Katyn?

After the collapse of Russian bloc, which came and the Polish People's Republic, soured Russian-Polish relations. Historically, between Russia and Poland were not always used to do. Another prominent Russian philosopher and politician Berdyaev so read on the Russian-Polish relations, there is no such a similar and different peoples, which is constantly in conflict among themselves. Polish politics has always been focused on weakening Russian statehood. After all, the neighborhood with a strong power, what has always been our home, gave Poland the ability even to dream about leadership in the East European region. Because the act of Polish

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ZSU-based tanks

Thought anti-aircraft guns on self-propelled chassis is old enough. The first self-propelled anti-aircraft guns on the platform appeared during the First World War and in the years of the second world war, they got wide distribution. Particular success in the development of ZSU have gained the Germans, who created a huge number of different anti-aircraft guns on a mobile platform. They have started to use the chassis of mass production tanks Pz4 for the installation of a tower of different options with anti-aircraft guns. So at the end of the war small batches at the front were ZSU «Wirbelwind» (4×20-mm

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Anastasia Rimashevskaya: Sooner or later, I see the president Vitaly

Society The strength of any policy not only in the organizational skills and public speaking, but also in the rear, which allow to focus on the social or public affairs. We are starting a series of interviews with the wives of the presidential candidates, who on the eve of the election voluntarily or involuntarily shared with the men all the difficulties of the electoral battle. How important is the support for Belarusian female candidates? Our first interviewee — Anastasia Rimashevskaya, wife of presidential candidate, co-produced by the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Vital Rymasheuski.

The main women in the

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The significance of the Victory Day parade in Russia is being fluctuation

Do not have time to pass on Red Square parade participants devoted to 67 anniversary of the Victory majestically as he heard voices that our homeland again trying to show the world its militaristic stance. Allegedly, the other civilized countries have long since abandoned such mass celebrations with a display of numerous samples of military equipment, and the Russian Federation, and some other countries (Korea, China, Iran) continue to throw dust in the eyes of its own military power to intimidate the democratic nations of the world.

In this regard, a number of Western news agencies have released material

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Familiarity with news feeds via iPad

One of the fastest growing markets now is the market for disk imaging. If a couple of 10-s years ago, no one for myself and could not imagine that IT resources can be better than, say, oil refineries, now one Or Facebook, for example, Google are worth.

To gain access to the information resources of different content people use a variety of technical devices. Someone is "bound" to one place using a desktop computer, connected via cable technology to the web. And someone used to live on the move and with all this, do not go out of

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The ill-fated valve F-22 fighter

In late July, the month, U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta L. signed a decree according to which the Air Force has the right to remove all restrictions on the operation of fighter Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. The premise of this order was the end of the investigation a number of incidents with the on aircraft, one of which has even led to the death of the person. All identified problems did the life support system pilot.

The saga began around avionics November 16, 2010, when the pilot drill J. Haney, performing flight Over Alaska, lost consciousness and crashed. The investigation of

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Winter sports

Winter is in full swing. And many a desire to go to a sporting products to acquire the necessary equipment to practice skiing or skating, hockey or figure skating. However, even those people who have expressed a desire to join or to other winter sport, you may see the problem with bolshennymi the cost of equipment and sportswear. If we talk about the full hockey gear, it can cost several thousand s 10 rubles — and it is for amateur level. Because, giving his own kid to a sports school for learning the game of hockey, you need to be

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Anti-aircraft missile system Osa

The accumulation of the end of the 1950s. operating experience of the first anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs), adopted by the supply of Air Defense Forces Ground Forces, showed that they had a number of significant shortcomings that make them unsuitable for use as a mobile means of covering the conduct of maneuver warfare. Required for these purposes fundamentally more complex, which has the highest degree of autonomy and mobility, the ability to shield against air attack both stationary and moving objects.

The first of these complexes are in the middle of a long-range air defense system "Circle" and the medium-range

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