First Upgraded Italian tornado on show

HAVING ONLY just delivered the first two upgraded Italian Air Force (AMI) Tornado IDS aircraft in the week before Famborough, Alenia Aeronautica displayed its first Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU) aircraft, MM7063, at the show. Under a 35 million Euro contract signed in July 2002, a total of 18 AMI Tornado IDS aircraft will be upgraded, under a two-phase programme.

Work in the first phase will include a modernised avionics suite with new integrated navigation systems (laser inertial navigation system and embedded GPS). The upgrade will also include installation of two Marconi Selenia Communications digital V/UHF


Farewell to old friends

The beauty of the winter is that there is time for the land to replenish with water. Rain that tails in autumn does not evaporate as the trees in many cases are losing their leaves, allowing rain to penetrate deep into the tree canopy and down into the soil.

It all takes time which has been w’ell demonstrated in my own wilderness garden. I’m downsizing thanks to the Christchurch earthquakes to allow for a building expansion next door but I had to wait for the rain so that I could lift trees and plants that I wanted to keep. The

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Exhibition Opens at the Fleet Air Arm Museum

News of the opening of a new exhibition in a military history museum is always of interest to enthusiasts and militaria collectors who are keen to see displays of items and learn more about the aspects of a campaign or battle. The new display which opened at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton in Somerset on 11 July tells the history of the campaign known as the Battle of the Atlantic and when The Armourer was invited we eagerly accepted and went along to see for ourselves.

The Battle of the Atlantic can be said to have begun on

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Over the next few months we will be bringing you up to date with the changes that have affected the European Air Forces over the past couple of years. It would not have been possible to do this accurately without the great support provided to us by our broad network of correspondents, to which we are indebted. Alan Warnes.

Part One covers Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Bulgaria. Croatia. Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia and Finland.


IT IS clear that severe rationalisation will have to take place, and the Albanian Air Force (Forcat Ushtarake Ajore Shqipetaire) plans to trim

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Eurofighter progress

FOLLOWING FIRST FLIGHTS of the first two Eurofighter 2000 prototypes, test flying has proceeded remarkably smoothly. Original plans to transfer DAI to Warton for the remainder of the test flying programme after its initial flight testing have been dropped. After around 10-12 flights each, both DA1 and DA2 will be temporarily grounded for flight control system and avionics upgrades which are not expected to be completed until autumn. At the BAe Warton families’ day on May 20 DA2 made its eighth flight and was expected to make only two more before being laid-up.

Seven prototypes and five instrumented pre-production aircraft

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EUFOR in Congo

Gerard Gaudin reports on how, with the aid of Belgian UAVs, European soldiers are supporting the UN in securing the first free presidential elections in the Congo for nearly 40 years.

THE EUROPEAN Union is currently carrying out its second autonomous military operation — once again in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It successfully completed Operation Artemis in the Congo’s Bunia district in the summer of 2003, following a request to reinforce — the MONUC (Mission des Nations Uniies en Republique Democratique du Congo — United Nations Mission in DRC).

Launched on July 30 for a four-month period, EUFOR

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«The great advantage of a hotel is that it’s a great refuge from homo life. «Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once sold. And so it is. The hotel offers us an escape from our dally routine – a world of protracted rain-soaked commutation (depending on where you call home), underpaid work (which, lets it, applies to everyone, for who among us thinks they are overpaid?), and a never-ending cycle of domestic chores. Hotels feature in many of our happiest memories: namely, honeymoons and vacations. The hotel, for two weeks a year, is a portal to a better place. Unless, of

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in the foreground

Depending on your lifestyle, the time available and special garden tastes, there are two possible approaches to this problem.

METHOD 1: stability and minimum maintenance. For busy business people the perfect solution — a plant stably decorative all season, a moderate rate of growth, and simple to maintain. They must be drought-resistant, not susceptible to disease, pests and are not interested in this well to «keep» the edge, making expressive line of the curb. All these requirements are primarily the responsibility of a variety of hosts and saxifrage shadow.

Dense edge capable of forming periwinkle, but that this is

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Dying to live. The story of Rao Jodha Park.

The ISOLA Mumbai Chapter in concurrence with its aim of creating awareness about the profession of Landscape Architecture within the profession and the public at large decided to institute the 5 D Vaidya Memorial Lecture. Mr. Vaidya who passed away in October 2011 left behind him a legacy of a huge body of work which however remains relatively undocumented and unknown. The purpose of instituting this lecture was to reacquaint the public and professionals in particular with this legacy and create a forum to interact with some of the best minds and practices today.

The inaugural lecture of the S

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Depth of the ocean

Omega’s new Seamaster Planet Ocean has been reworked and outfitted with the brand’s in-house chronograph movement. Does it sink or swim?

Omega got the watch world ’s attention in 1999 when it introduced the co-axial escapement. Never before had a brand used anything other than a Swiss lever escapement in a serially manufactured wrist-watch. At first, only specially modified ETA calibers were equipped with the new escapement, which was developed by George Daniels, but in 2007 it was also incorporated in Omega’s first manufacture movement, Caliber 8500.

This movement finally provided enough space to construct the co-axial escapement on three

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