West did not notice the Russian data on the presence of water on the moon

In 1976, with the Russian interplanetary station "Luna-24" managed to bring back to Earth lunar soil, which was taken from a depth of 2 meters. In it, scientists have found high content of water. Some benchmarks were transferred to NASA, but the Western scientific community has ignored this data. Why?

Of course, the existence of at least some human lunar base almost everything is dependent on whether there is water on the Earth's satellite. All well remember the epic past 18 years, during which it was determined the presence of water on the moon. In reality, this is just one

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West provoke a new massacre in Lviv

In Western Ukraine in advance preparing for the 70th anniversary of the Russian war majestically. In one of the villages of the memorial to the fallen turned into beer. A favorite of the ultranationalist movement "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnibok threatens to disrupt on June 22 in Lviv rallies memory.

The scandal erupted in the village of Buffoons Lviv region. Another seven years ago, the local authorities have allowed a businessman to buy a certain locality 13th of the frontier, which in June 1941 was among the first punch Nazis. Until then, there were nedavneshnih graves of the Red Museum of the

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Sunset Empire

External debt of the U.S. government puts at a crossroads. The protracted economic crisis could lead to the collapse of the country or the beginning of World War III. In the left hand side does not get anyone. Are there ways out of this situation?

Active U.S. "aid" to other states

The struggle of the United States of America against global terrorism, which began in the autumn of 2001 in Afghanistan and then in Iraq, legalized the right of the strongest military units not only interfere in the internal affairs of countries, and to overthrow the unwanted government, the

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Sunset EU postponed?

For a long time the governments of the EU Member States debated on what victims need to bring money for a common cause. And so, in the end, determine the plan out of the EU debt crisis. But whether the EU will save this plan?

October 26, at the summit of the EU agreed on the recapitalization of European banks. Personal investors managed to prevail upon write off half of Greece's debt burden (debt achieves a size of 350 billion euros, of their individual investors hold 210 billion). European Foundation for monetary stability plan to increment to 1 trillion

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Komplot or U.S. attempt to set up the world against Iran

Americans claim gromozvuchno disclosure komplota, whose goal was to blast the Saudi ambassador to the United States. It is understood that the plan was to implement the special operations unit of the Iranian army.

The Obama administration has announced to the world on the Islamic republic disclosed plans to destroy the Saudi ambassador to the United States. These accusations are nothing other than an attempt to set up other countries against Iran. Vice President Joe Biden said last significance of uniting the world in taking action to isolate the Iranians. Just the administration of U.S. President campaigning for the

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Mysterious lights in Science and Technology

Light — one of the most mysterious substance of our universe. Evolution of understanding the nature of this substance is full of mysteries and revelations of disagreement between scientists and sensational discoveries.

Of school programs from clear that the nature of light passed reads as on the nature of the dual associated with the realization of light as a stream of particles and light, like an electric wave. For long years, these two theories could not find common ground, but in the end, light got the defining attributes, which he has now. Wave-particle theory these days are a lot

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Forgotten covenant of General MacArthur

Barbarians came from Europe, and the "Russian civilization rescued" — such assessment came 65 years ago in a white house USA

In the history of the second world war is almost forgotten now, but a very memorable episode. In March 1945, the South American Snow White House held a show of Russian film "Rainbow" to control the United States. The plot of the film had a real base. Layout of its heroine was a resident of suburban Uvarovka Alexander Dreyman.

Alexandra feat DreymanBefore the war, this young lady has worked in the executive committee Uvarov head of

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The forgotten past … Khalkhin Goal

Flying the flag over the river Halkin-Gol

The war may have different consequencesamong savages, promoting the selection of a strong and agile,but civilized nations most devastating impact mediocre:it leads to mutual extermination very best and bravest.A. Fouillee

To the chagrin of bolshennomu, Russian history is often also addressing the fundamental actions that must be remembered descendants. One of these historical facts, unfairly excluded from school curriculum is war with Japan in 1939. Meanwhile, to teach this event just need in order to understand the prerequisites out of the land of the rising sun on the attack

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For the West avenges the Russian Federation?

Over the past few years, the Russian public has had time to get used to the fact that the foreign press covers the action in Russia through the prism of public policy of certain states. It would seem that such a concept as-independent and impartial press in the West, just reinstall and much worn out during its existence. Almost no matter what article of the Russian Federation and Russian politics gave a specific commitment and a whole bunch of very real speculation and provocative opinions.

But, as practice shows, far not every Western journalist and political observer is inclined

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Over the past 10 years, America has rapidly expanded its military network in the world

Unprecedented increase in the number of U.S. military around the world for the last ten years, to support the running of their own forces, reinforced by military action in countries such as Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen and Libya. So Makar, the Pentagon is trying to secure for himself the new military base on the various continents and in Oceania.

Over the past decade Amerikosy received permission to construct its own bases in the framework of the 10-state abroad, even in countries that the U.S. were not available during the war years and even in the nineties of

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