For the bestiality of the U.S. military will again be punished

ITAR-TASS reports that representatives of religious organizations and limited calmed to the Pentagon. Representatives of these organizations outraged rumors about cancellation penalties servicemen for bestiality. Military personnel who are using animals have diversified their sex life will be, as before, given by the court identified in the department.

The scandal erupted in the United States after the country's Senate passed a draft law on the military budget. In this project, apart from the rest contained a provision that abolished the punishment for sodomy in the military.

A reduction hit the Code of Military Justice, Article number 125. The article states

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For 15 years, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation decreased by 10 times

— Arrived look, as we prepare for the first meeting of persons? — Asked the sailor Chernomorets, when a group of journalists capital crawled out of the plane on a strip of steppe military airfield.

— What other top officials? — We did not realized. — Who do you think is first?

— Well, — was taken aback navigator, — do you not know that in the day Sevastopol Navy expects 2-presidents: Medvedev and Yanukovych? All are put on the ears. Follow you now Commander of the Navy flies …

— And what he will face: the first, second or

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Beetles bio-robot-mounted power generators

In recent years, the Pentagon's Office of DARPA research programs in other companies experiments conducted on the development of small aircraft, which by his own appearance and structure reminiscent of insects and birds. The main task is development the electronic power supply. The scientists went on to experience and now began implanting electronic batteries directly into the living insect, placing it on the edge of the wings, turning them into ultra-low power.

For example, researchers from the Institute of Michigan made the device, which, when implanting it in a bug when using the wings, allows do 45 microwatts

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Housing for military personnel

In the week held open auction, according to which the Ministry of Defence has distributed tenders construction housing for military personnel. As part of the auction were held and the purchase of the already constructed homes, which in the near future should be the housing for military personnel discharged to in store. Auction won the Commonwealth of companies "SU-155".

Following the auction of about 100 thousand square meters. meters of housing the Ministry of Defence buys in Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Kostroma, Kaliningrad and other cities. In only one Tver will be constructed residential complex for 601 one-bedroom and two-bedroom

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Life in Kosovo Serb enclaves

To understand how the residents now live in Kosovo Serb enclaves, you can direct attention to the publication of foreign journalists in various Western publications. There is a stereotype that all, without exception, Western journalists are only for the protection of the interests of the Albanians in Kosovo and do not want to give their attention to the Kosovo Serbs. But it's not so far away. Many journalists have come to the area partly recognized country to conduct a truly independent investigation. To travel around the edge with a ton better to use local numbers, which is why car rental

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Long live Belarus

And so, not easier,We try our age —You can go to the square,Dare to enter the area,At the appointed hour?

A. Galich

Again area. Manezh Square on December 11, Independence Square (Square white.) On December 19. Once again, thousands of people who want to change, and again, riot police, the Interior troops, someone again, for the umpteenth time in the history of mankind provokes mass, and all ruthlessly suppressed by the police, in which there is a formal occasion — peel, indiscriminately without thinking, as taught. Continuous deja vu, only country and the other reason, it would seem weightier.

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The victims of tribal clashes in Libya have over 70 people, 150 injured

ITAR-TASS. The number of victims of tribal clashes in the south Libya, which have lasted for third day, exceeded 70 man. This was stated by now adviser to Prime Minister Nasser al-Mann.

"Unfortunately, more than 70 man have been killed and more than 150 injured, "- he said at a news conference in Tripoli. According to representatives of the local municipality, now discontinued conflict.

The epicenter of the clashes was the fourth-largest city country Sabha, where local militias were fighting with the Toubou tribe. Earlier, the Interior Ministry has sent to the conflict zone several hundred of their own employees

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Ladies squad in Syria (The Washington Post, USA)

Beirut — The Syrian regime arming and preparing women to fight for President Bashar Assad, ahead of the Pentagon on the issue sending ladies to the front.

Video from the large town of Homs, shown on channel Russia Today in Arabic, shows 10's ladies in uniform, with "Kalashnikovs", marching in the parade ground drill involved podgotokoy and shouting slogans in support of Assad. "Be ready, Syria. Get up, Assad! — They cry. — Bashar, we will protect you with his own blood and soul. "

Their coach explained that the ladies are taught to use the "Kalashnikovs", languid

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Another satellite crashed, not coming into the desired orbit

According to "Interfax" referring to the representative gallakticheskoy industry, was launched on Friday a series of communications satellite "Meridian". Start conducted from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region. But satellite into orbit failed to withdraw. According to preliminary data, it happened because of a failure in the third stage of "Soyuz-2" rocket, which was used to deliver a satellite into space. This suggests that he had fallen in some places in the area of Siberia. In the current work being carried out on the calculation of the coordinates of the likely crash site of device communication about the agency

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If tomorrow the war?

Military experts continue to open a discussion results of the reforms carried out by the former Minister of Defence

"The scale of corruption and theft to the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov is amazing," — said on Friday, December 7, a member of the State Duma committee on legal support of organizations of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation Anatoly elbow. According to him, "We have always criticized the command of the former minister of defense, but imagine for themselves the scope of corruption" could not. Protect Serdyukov and his "markitanskim baggage" after the opening of the facts "and

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