Longish arm for infantry

The U.S. military choose a new long-range sniper weapon

Americans began to search for substitute rifles, served the GI for over 60 years. It is a question not just about upgrading weapons, and a sharp increase of its features in range and accuracy of fire.

At the end of April, it became clear that the United States Marine Corps is developing requirements for the sniper rifle, the latest generation of effective firing range of 1,500 meters future instrument has received the preliminary designation SR21 — sniper rifle of the XXI century. When the case will determine their preferences for SR21,

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Airships Russian era

Early on in the airship in Russia local engineers and designers have caused true role of aeronautics. On this basis, they are not going to build doroguschie and bolshennye battle airships, which are often amused townsfolk excellent conflagration in the sky. In Russia, believed that airships should own myagenkoy, in the latter case, a semi-rigid structure and the cost for all this is very inexpensive. In Russia, the airship was withdrawn purely peaceful role, for example, they might engage in the delivery of goods to remote settlements. After the First World War in our country have new disasters in the

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Dilettante dangerous enemy

Mid 90s. I'm at the time NS in / h, part stationed at 7km. from fairly middle of the northern Siberian town, most of the officers and warrant officers, including and family, lived here in a military town. Our commander left before retirement least 2 years, and he was hard to cook for themselves, "the base" in the town, that already in the civilian settle for some warm place, an apartment for himself in the town, he is struck, it remains the case for the small, to find the position of the currency, and so with all this does not

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The dictatorship in democratic clothing

Closing. Home — here.

Part of the second. The beam in the eye

I. State Department reported: in Russia systematically violated the democratic rights and freedom of LGBT

Pretending to democracy, South American dictatorship comes up with yearly reports on human rights practices around the world. With all of this relates to human rights whatever the creator. When the pen is taken Teran, not an event dictates the subject, but under the given topic looking for the right content. Writing with passion journalistic work of art, the creator of it begins to build up in the mirror is not

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Diesel-electric submarines with cruise missiles. The project 651/651-K (Juliett class)

Modification of the submarine:— 651 — basic serial design of the first Russian diesel-electric submarines with cruise missiles specials. construction;— 651-K — upgraded diesel-electric submarine boat with cruise missiles curb "Killer Whale-B" complex gallakticheskogo targeting;— 651-E — the most experienced submarine, equipped with an auxiliary ETA.

Capacity Russian submarine forces, which were intended for the destruction of surface ships and enemy ships in the 1960s., Was carried out not only by the creation of nuclear-powered submarines armed with anti-ship missiles (SSGN, project 675), and by the rocket diesel-electric submarines. Draft Project 651 diesel submarine, which has a silver-zinc battery and

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Modern home design

Modern home, including and home for military personnel based on the principle of not just the presence of the walls, floor and ceiling, and often with the application design decisions. Now design studios implement design project Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. Development of design projects for modern, high-quality housing helps to solve several problems at once.

Make out, which also allows you to achieve the introduction of design projects from the capital's design studios.

In 1-x, a design decision allows to realize the reality of the boldest idea that you yourself have not previously been able to

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Childhood and youth of Adolf Hitler — the roots of Nazism

The future Führer of the German people, the leader of the most "civilized Aryan" race, born in the heart of Europe, in Austria, in the town of Braunau am Inn on the River. His ancestors — the 52-year-old Aloysius and 20-year-old Clara Gidlera (nee Peltsl). Both branches of his family were originally from the Waldviertel (Lower Austria), a remote hilly area where the work of the community engaged in a languid young farmers. Alois — the son of a wealthy farmer — instead of having to go on the track Thoren, has made a career of customs bureaucrat, well advancing

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U.S. destructive role in Northeast Asia («Global Times», China)

The continued U.S. support for South Korea's vengeful put the peninsula to the brink of war.

The reaction of the North by artillery live-fire exercises on the peninsula of Yeonpyeong difficult to predict. If the South will make your plans, you can not exclude the possibility of a major military conflict.

That would be the worst case scenario, stemming from shortcomings on both sides of the political wisdom and restraint. The confrontation, which can suffer from millions of Koreans will not bring any of the states nothing, except for the ability of stupid bravado that can only capture a

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Landing on the Kurils

It is no longer enough to anyone struck by the undeniable fact that in times of ever-memorable Russian historians often glossed over the disaster, but often excessively praised the success of our armed forces in various campaigns. How unfortunate it did not sound, and we have become accustomed to the fact that now the chroniclers, in contrast, are more willing to analyze the real and perceived failures and shortcomings of Russian military command in the operations, if they say about well-deserved victory. Where is the truth? Its visible outlines are beginning to appear only when the action evaluate impartially

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Deputy pushkovye threaten residents of the rising sun because of its position on the Kuril Islands

The head of the Duma committee on international affairs Alexei Pushkov said he was through social networks have received letters threatening content because of his public position on Russian supplies of the Southern Kurils.

"On this occasion, in the land of the rising sun is relentless hysteria. After I said that the South Kurils — our territory to me through Twitter from the land of the rising sun came that now my name is listed in some" death list "- he said journalists, as reported by ITAR-TASS.

With all this Pushkov referred to the situation "quite revealing manifestation of an

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