Denis Davydov — the poet and the saboteur

Boltyshev Viktor.Davydov in the battle of Saltanovka. 1812 "Our mom is huge, our homeland! Do not be destroyed, if not shatter, will carry the dust from the earth all that they have met the living and non-living, on a wide path of a hurricane … our army, the first in the world on their own courage, discipline, and the device? Our home still did not rise to his full height velikansky own, and woe to her enemies, if she ever rise! "Denis Davydov

Denis V. Davydov, eminent poet — guerrillas, was born July 16, 1784 in the family of

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Caucasian affairs

I. Azerbaijan: War fruit or third global?

On April 16, "Rosselkhoznadzor" restrictions on the import of plant products in carry-on luggage in the luggage of Azerbaijani, Tajik and Uzbek passengers. Such a strict measure (on its implementation "Rosselhoznadzor" warned back in March) adopted because quite often detected in the luggage of guests from different countries pests.

"For disk imaging department, from 2011 to March of this year, with shipments of regulated products from Azerbaijan were identified 9 cases of detection of quarantine facilities for the Russian Federation, from Uzbekistan — 130 cases of Tajikistan — 228 cases.

Pests are identified

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Dayton flea anniversary

15 years old from the time in nothing more than a no eminent South American city of Dayton agreement was signed, putting an end to one phase of the Balkan crisis. It was called "On the ceasefire, separation of the warring parties and the isolation of territories" and is officially a document that ended the war in civilian Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of 1992-1995. But in Europe, this anniversary is not particularly seen — perhaps because the device for today's mainland Dayton is not very important, as played a role.

The real meaning of Dayton, as it is now becoming

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Hazing in the Russian army: Sources and methods of struggle

The peculiarity of such phenomena as bullying, is that it actually appeared simultaneously and just as quickly became a kind of subculture. But to come to a particular conclusion, which is a prerequisite for its occurrence, experts simply can not. Up to now, there are disputes about what caused this phenomenon still, whether its natural occurrence in today's society, whether it is the results of errors and failures of management, whether ordinary course of events.

The majority of the younger generation believes that hazing is an appropriate feature of Russian Army from the very beginning of its existence, but

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Hazing in the German army

German army resounding scandals rocked. It turned out that the letters soldier serving in Afghanistan opened. As one of the military contingent was the case killed comrades, who were playing with the gun. But the story that has received the widest publicity relating to the training sailing ship of the Navy of Germany. Cadets told reporters that on board reigns hazing, which has become a cause of death of the cadet.

Tatiana Logunov, reporter:

— The Ministry of Defence of Germany. Just a week back the control of the agency — the hereditary aristocrat and Baron — called

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Double-barreled gun William Gardner

As you know, in the twentieth century, England experienced a very great difficulties with firearms, which lasts to this day. Made clear how in this country are taken into service barely alive standards that are necessary to modernize and upgrade them to become at least partially applicable. Obviously, there were exceptions, but in general the situation was and still is pretty sad. But it was not always far away, to the late nineteenth — early twentieth century, it was much better, and that's one of the best examples so far — a double-barreled gun William Gardner.

No one, I think,

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Glass Morona from Alexander G. for Emir Kusturica

After the Company's remarks about the desirability of Dalia Grybauskaite Lukashenko's victory in the elections, of course, politically concerned bloggers are actively discussing the "stab in the back of the Belarusian democracy." Even before those statements and for other reasons mikalaj_achyzha placed the correspondence under the title "Europe whispers," Chao … '. " The fact that the EU is ready "even if not with open arms, take the" last dictator "." The idea of a "European betrayal" was in the air, so the statements can not be called Mrs Grybauskaite quite so unexpected. However, that support means nothing, in principle,

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Far question. As Russia was vented with Japan. Part 3

Apart from Korea, the people of the country of the rising sun turned their attention to China. The Celestial Empire in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries was going through its own next period of decline and collapse (in Chinese history, it was not the first time, it is cyclic on his own liking). July 16, 1894 Japan and Britain signed a new trade agreement, he was fairer than the former. It is clear that the British did it for a reason. They're not just going to draw Japan into the orbit of its own

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Far question. As Russia was vented with Japan. Part 2

The establishment of official relations of Russia with Japan

It should be noted that in the 19th century had the opportunity to establish good-neighborly relations between Russia and Japan. At the current time, after a 2-Russian-Japanese war, the Japanese intervention in the Far East during the war in civilian clothes of, active union land of the rising sun and with Nazi Germany and the United States, claims about the so-called Tokyo. "Northern Territories", it sounds weird. But specifically Japan impartially could add Russia to the East, as it was able to make Germany the West. That did not work out,

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Far question. As Russia was vented with Japan

As the "dissected" against the will, the Empire of Japan is very fast and very skillfully learned to go out into the world itself as a force that simply resorted to violence to solve political and economic issues. With all of this, Japan fully enjoy their own geographical and cultural proximity to such facilities worldwide colonization, such as China and Korea. The Japanese government has skilfully enjoyed and misses, errors, and in some kinds of cases, outright stupidity, Russian government. Our homeland is not able to fully enjoy the fact that earlier land of the rising sun began to exploit

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