Dagestani willing to serve

The country is multiethnic, multi-religious. Their problems enough in any region, and, as the classic, unhappy unhappy on the … While some are crying out with delight in requiring the contractual framework of the Russian army with the hope that in the majority of cases related to personal reluctance to make their own constitutional duty to terms of military service, others by all means argue for increasing recruiting quotas for the regions in which they themselves and live.

A lot of fuss about the appeal of 11 MPs from the Republic of Dagestan, among which was the deputy of the

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Humane 37th year for the Russian army

Past president and founder of army reform Dm. Medvedev commended the management of Defense as a successful, complete the tasks. Much of the same-independent military professionals they say about the complete defeat of the armed forces.

Few of the great military leaders, even in retirement, dare to criticize the reform aloud. A valid — even more so, because, in the views of the Chief of Staff, then they simply have no place in the army. The more valuable than just criticism and constructive suggestions. Especially when it comes to the most combat-ready units of the Russian Army — former GRU

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Armored truck Typhoon from the Kama Automobile Plant

In early May in Astana hosted an exhibition of military hardware KADEX-2012. In the middle of other new products increased public attention lured products KAMAZ plant. Traditionally, the Kama Automobile Plant introduced the technique as a civilian and military mission. The greatest car attracted the attention of the public, which is exactly the second category. The fact is that at the salon KADEX-2012 the general public for the first time been able to behold firsthand the latest development of KAMAZ, which had so many discussions — KAMAZ-63968 "Typhoon".

The history of this project goes back to 2009. Then the Military

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Kill after a three-day binge four nails and glory: Oh, what I'm hard-working!

Society Almost all of the letters in the mail "Freedom" in these days of November, one way or another connected with the theme of the campaign, which continues in Belarus. The collectors of signatures from the streets of the Belarusian towns and villages have disappeared: the company ended the period. But the impressions of how these signatures were collected, our students are divided today.

A longtime friend of "Freedom" Paul Satz from the village of cankers Malorita region, from a letter which will begin this conversation with, the work of a collector of signatures observed in the village shop. Here

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Georgia returned its armed forces and is ready for a confrontation with Russia

A Little War that took place between Russia and Georgia has shown the inadequacy of the armed forces of the Caucasian republic. But, of course, the lesson of 2008 did not become mentor for Georgian President Misha Saakashvili, which continues to lead the anti-Russian policy. At the current time, many experts believe that even the 1st armed confrontation Russia-Georgia can not be avoided. Two years back Tbilisi lost virtually all of his army, but now military potential restored and multiplied.

During nedavneshnego teleconference with a population of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili said that with regard to the Russian Federation,

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GRU Serdyukov did not want?

Greece: Savings and mercilessly stupid rebellion

Greece's parliament voted adoption accidents austerity measures. As to be expected, a large town in Greece plunged into the chaos of the riots. Outraged Greeks, representing a variety of political forces set fire to shops, banks and even cinemas. Have gained a mess of its own peak in the fateful day of voting. According to Greek law enforcement disk imaging, during mass riots in the capital was looted of about 150 shops and set fire to 34 buildings.

In the central square of Athens, next to the Parliament building, the Greek police had sprayed tear gas. Greek security forces quelled

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GRENADE new generation

Director General of SSPE "Basalt" Vladimir Korenkov with a grenade launcher RPG-32

On what fundamentally different from the RPG-32 grenade launchers are available, why Our homeland has decided to design and build it together with Jordan, knows the CEO and chief designer of the Municipal Research and Production Enterprise "Basalt" Vladimir Koren'kov.

— Vladimir Vladimirovich, what is the main advantage of the RPG-32 in comparison with the classic rocket launchers?

— The advantages of our design somewhat. The main one is multikalibernost. Himself launcher is a small guide with red-dot sight and a device for opening fire. Its

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Rake that we are attacking two centuries — three wars: historical parallels

In the history of warfare, perhaps hard to find other examples where the attackers forget the lessons of the past, and were attacked as irresponsible to ignore the obvious and hidden signs of preparation for it. These examples provide us with the Russian war of 1812, the Russian-Japanese war 1904-1905, and the majestic Russian war of 1941-1945. In all 3 cases, the question is whether such a war for Russia unexpected?

To Moscow in anticipation of the deputation of boyars 1891-1892 Vasily Vereshchagin

Napoleon's invasion

Located in an official dealer Emperor Alexander I, under Napoleon, Colonel Alexander Chernyshev

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2011 state defense order again rip

On Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, in the process of "government hour" in the State Duma, said of the situation on the implementation of the municipal defense order. At the end of the conversation, which took place without the presence of the press, members were very disappointed. As stated, the right of defense contracts over the last year, and this year may be disrupted.

State Duma deputies, who left the room with a dejected, told that Serdyukov acknowledged that municipal defensive order this year almost the currently lags far behind the planned performance. As stated, the discussion was

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