Everything about the transport of goods

At the present stage there is active development of the sectors of the economy. Most necessary and popular in any country and in any society is the sphere of services. The business world to spread out in such sectors as transport of goods.

Companies providing trucking services, are constantly in the process of rapid search of new directions, contributing to the expansion of business and the range of services offered, because it is the main nuances of acting on competitiveness.

In 1-x, you must know that there is a division of the freight in different classifications:

• Depending

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It all started with the cops …

A shock of law — a concept comes to us from ancient times. A number of researchers believe that it was once regulated the relations of people in the ancient form of government inside the community. Old root in the Russian language, "cop" ("PMC") is found in the words "crowd", "assemblage", "mane", "hoard", "set".

In the encyclopedic dictionary of FA Brockhaus and IA Efron, released in St. Petersburg in the years 1890-1907, there is some information about the time of the court's dig Old Russia. In the article, "the court's dig," says that "the so-called western and south-western Russia ancient

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All roads lead to the recruitment office (Poll)

Completed a long winter, and that means that is not far off vernal call. And each time, as is the case to a date X, start the next debate as to who at this time to give proper credit to his motherland. Increasing influx of correspondence, not only in the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, and in military recruitment at the fact that one or the other can not recruit for a year to serve in the army units. And that is a lot of circumstances. Does anyone suddenly sharply exacerbated sense of pacifism to such an extent that the young

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Most armies in the world become owners mnogokalibernyh MLRS

Every year mnogokalibernymi multiple rocket launchers are trying to get more and more armies in the world. An important instrument of war — artillery — was one of the most important ever, at the moment is the upcoming trends in the growth of its development and acquisition, even in spite of the fact that the XXI century has spawned an unlimited number of different means of aircraft and even managed that not so long ago, it was still only limit desires, missiles of different purposes. This trend is not fading away because of what is happening in different directions constant

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Sanya, stay with us, we can do, we can do

Currently, the Company can not write a poem, "Kill the President" or sing a song, "President, go home." It's not that it chravata consequences, and that "we are not heroes." Just "so do not wear." The era of slogans, pathos, and finally — the expression directly. Somewhere it has ended many decades ago, but in our particular country it happened after the disappointment of 2006. It is intended to parapolitical sphere. In 2006, there has been a strong surge of idealism at first, it was followed by a no less powerful frustration, frustration and doubt. Which, in turn, have made

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The enemy to know in person or on the beloved hobby Brzezinski

For most Russians, who follow the ups and downs of world politics, for sure, it would be difficult to name a more odious in the eyes of their figure than Zbigniew Brzezinski — because of the long-standing dislike of the Yankees Polish-Jewish origin to the Russian Federation, its downright pathological russophobia. John Kenneth Galbraith at one point with pinpoint accuracy caused, "Brzezinski's favorite hobby — it hurt Russia '… (1)

Notwithstanding own advanced age (in March 2012 "Big Zbig" said 84th day of birth), he continues to passionately indulge beloved hobby. In general, affects not even that. What is striking

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Forward — in the past?

Not so long ago, in the pages of the "Military Review" was an article, "The Future of the Russian Federation", offer you another outlook, somewhat different from what was stated in the article DMB.

Most recently passed exactly 20 years since he finished exist Russian Alliance as government. Yes, exactly as the government, as well as immaterial substance is a concept hitherto alive in the minds of the older and middle generations. You can even read a thousand times on the Union as a state built on a fratricidal war on totalitarianism and the bureaucracy, but most people have associations

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And do not count on compensation

Society As a result of the devaluation of the greatest losses suffered those people who are hoping for the promised high interest rates by banks, kept their savings in ruble deposits. According to various estimates, the losses amount to about $ 1.3 billion. However, no compensation from the government or banks is not provided. The representatives of the banking sector explain that they have a duty of 100 per cent of the deposits the client, but the currency selected for savings, — is voluntary.

According to official data, by March 1, the population kept in banks in the equivalent

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Restoration of Russian military-industrial complex is not an easy task

In the near future from different ends of the Russian Federation have become sufficiently positive announcements regarding though any progress in the revival of Russian military-industrial complex. One such news is not so long since shown in the media and online publications information that is reduced in Samara creation turbojet engines for strategic bombers, namely the NK-32 engines.

NC-32 — Turbofan, three-shaft slider, with a common afterburner. This engine has been designed in the famous in the USSR Samara Scientific Technical Complex (SNTK) the Kuznetsov. In serial integrated in the same Samara factory Frunze (then — "Motorostroitel") slider

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Take advantage of whether Syria experiences of Algeria?

In February of last year to begin a systematic sample to weaken and overthrow the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad's favorite. But to claim that they have suffered misfortune, not as part of the great cities of the country is not uncritically regard to their own favorite. Apart from Homs and brash, you can name and some provinces, such as Idlib and Deraa, in what is a real guerrilla war. All this gives the opportunity to the disappointing conclusion — in Syria came a split, resulting in relation to the current government valued.

Considered to be more unsafe lane

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