Volga belt road — a road victory of Stalingrad

Though what business starts with the road, and each person has their own way, their own way. But these roads are different: heavy and light, close and distant, victorious and shameful. But there are other roads — the front-line. And if anyone knows how many of these roads were as Russian soldiers were going to win? How they had to go through the entire period of the war? The only thing that is clear is exactly — is how much km railway routes have been laid under the bombs of the enemy, which in almost all secured a brilliant

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Troops NBC got a new flame-thrower Bumblebee-M

Army units of radiation, chemical and biological protection of Russian Federation were armed flamethrower "Bee-M", using thermobaric bombs. At this moment there are large-scale exercises near Volgograd, where soldiers learn new tool. Flamethrower, able to deliver aimed fire at a distance of 800 meters, is designed for the destruction of a fighter, light armored vehicles and fortifications of the enemy.

Thermobaric bombs used in the "bumblebee-M", are more effective when released into a closed space, such as a bunker or other reinforcement. In all this there is a sharp pressure drop and all living within range dies. This information

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There is no war, and war criminals more

Guess who's the best in the world searches for war criminals? And not only finds, and brings into this category of persons who were not previously so? Of course, Lithuania! It — its specialty: declare all those who one way or another it "offended" the military offenders. To know the future, and teach it to others. And with the military offenders in the world it is clear what the conversation — a bad call. Detain them immediately and give back to where they committed the crime.

And now the Lithuanian Prosecutor General's Office reclassified sin, Tipo perfect Riga OMON

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The military culture of the Cossacks

Cossacks and its most eminent and countless part — Don people — wrote in the history of the Russian country many glorious pages. The worldview of many researchers Cossack culture that Cossacks — This is the essence of natural warriors, actually does not cause vibrations. All the spiritual and real culture Don Cossacks imbued with military business, customs and traditions associated with war and military service.

For the properties of this unique military class, you can use the phrase "military culture," following the example of culture Samurai in the Land of the Rising Sun, Indian Nihang, old Spartans.

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War. What will happen with Russia?

War Iran is likely to be. But an attack on Iran — is a blow to the Russian Federation, and its interests in the Middle East. Look how smart and energetic liberal opposition, licking the hands of Washington, "loud silence" about it, diverting the attention of people scream about the falsification of the elections. All of these "obschecheloveki" work out the wages, and their task — to incite their own on their own, while at the same time not to let our society loaf of real, not an imaginary danger. Therefore, to keep our society in the heat of the

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War with Iran: what it will cost America?

Maybe if in today's criteria to emerge from a prolonged economic crisis due to the old, tried and tested method — malehankih victorious war? This issue at this point is raised by many political analysts. In this case, it is not idle discussion or wildest imagination, it is about fully harsh forecasts of leading global media for the coming year 2011, and the main question in the present moment everyone is interested in is this: Will the U.S. attack Iran?

Is there a reason to wait for the latest war?

Politicians do not hurry to dispel fear. Not so long

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Possible options for the Iran-Israel confrontation

The October visit of Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Lebanon shows: The Middle East region is moving toward large-scale armed confrontation. The inevitability of it justified a combination of reasons. Tehran's nuclear programm, success means that the collapse of the nonproliferation regime, only some of them. A key is the political situation in the Islamic Republic, the conflict in the Iranian political elite.


After the defeat of an alliance of religious "neo-conservatives" and the security forces "green movement" liberals and pragmatists united during the controversial presidential elections of summer 2009, Iran began to resemble Churchill

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Likely if a new round of Transnistrian conflict?

More than 20 years Dnestr Moldavian Republic has an independent status. But during this time acquired real independence has not been as truly breakthrough integration agreements concerning the status of Transnistria, has not been achieved. Transnistria is now an area that is required to survive in the literal sense, between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand — this is the desire of the Transnistrian people get real independence from Moldova, and on the other — the desire of the Moldovan authorities did not just throw the TMR under his wing, and together with that of the

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Air Centaur

By taking on armament Airborne main battle Machines BMD-1 and on its basis armored troop carriers BTR-D had an idea of personnel airdrop inside battle machine. New efficient cars paratroopers be successfully used on a large tactical exercises: they perceived them from the sky, "reactivated" and engaged in their "fight." State of the art — BMD-4 — called digital machine: satellite navigation, it fire control system …

Battle machine BMD-4 is a modernized variant of the BMD-3 (created in KB VgTZ, adopted by the armament in 1990) and the upcoming development of a family of Russian airborne combat vehicles.

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Returned Indian Su-30K can resell

Multi-role fighters Sou-30 that after the return of India are on the Belarusian 558 th aircraft repair plant in Baranovichi, can be resold to a third party, said on Sunday the deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Konstantin Biryulin.

"They can be supplied in any country that will express a desire to acquire them," — he said, "Interfax".

In 1997-1999, our motherland India handed over 18 aircraft Sou-30K, and in 2007, in return for their upgraded aircraft delivered Sou-30MKI. 18 Indian Sou-30K transferred 558 th Aircraft Repair Plant.

"We have chosen the Belarusian side, as the

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