Return of the Samurai

Japan began to increase military powerIn the past 2-years, Japan has started several development projects and construction of helicopter and fighter, has also announced its intention to acquire foreign military aircraft. Vpribavok to everything the government wants to review the ban on the export of military goods and the role of companies in the international defense projects. It is likely, therefore, that the peaceful Japan made a descent couple of small steps towards militarization.

Japan, as the island government, located in the Pacific Ocean near China, the two Koreas and Russia, is fascinating not only their own samurai

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Returning to Hope

September 2008 in Bashkiria turned out to be unique cool. Rain-track showered cool little small drops passengers hurrying to served for planting fast train.

Conductor compartment car from a distance saw the highest guy dressed in a well-fitting camouflage. Not limping, he slowly walked to the car. After greeting the lady looked around Krasovo military eyes and took his ticket.

— You, young man, the sixth compartment, 20 third place, the bottom shelf. Tea will be ordered?

Sergeant Alexander Kumanyaev shook his head and began to climb into the car. The red carpet was held to its own compartment. Travel

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Resumes trial of Mikhail Bashurov

Society October 18 in the Soviet court in Minsk has resumed the trial of an activist of the campaign "Tell the Truth" Michael Bashura, who is on trial for allegedly forging documents re.

An activist of the "Tell the truth" Michael Bashura is in Minsk prison Valadarski Street from 6th August. The trial it began on October 11 in the Soviet court of Minsk. And on October 15 the prosecutor Galina Kornev unexpectedly asked to take a break to re charge.

The lawyer does not preclude the emergence of any new charges in the circumstances

Lawyer Tamara Sidorenko said

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Military expert Viktor Litovkin — about permutations in command of the Armed Forces

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has made several personnel changes in the middle of the high command of the armed forces. Sacked in store Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin said. Instead of Alexander Postnikov-Streltsov appointed Commander Land Forces Vladimir Chirkin. Postnikov-Streltsov continue to serve in the post of Deputy Chief of the General Staff. A deputy chief of the General Staff last Valery Gerasimov was the commander of the Central Military neighborhood.

Military Viktor Litovkin expert believes that in the main these permutations — Scheduled and last name of the new Air Force Commander is likely to announce in two

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Military trail of thieves obschaka the murder of Father Hassan

Unofficial sources in law enforcement they say about the murder of Father Hassan, in accordance with which he could be killed for the wrong investment thieves' common fund into which every "honest thief" in Russia gives 10 percent of his own "earnings." Due to the common fund thief can expect and seek help in the event of arrest, trial, and support during detention. "Obshchak — a sacred thing", as was his grandfather Hassan holder.

Improper attachment means thieves could lead to a significant amount of loss, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars. Sources in the Ministry of

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War against the Minister of Defence

September 18 passes Russian military action. Thousands of officers do not agree with the reforms undertaken by Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. This is not the first similar event personnel, and, according to professionals in the meaning of such actions are.

All-Russian campaign under the title "Army Serdyukov against "organized a public Council in protecting the rights of military personnel. His main demand — the resignation of the Minister of Defence. military blamed the head of department in the collapse of the Russian army and the failure of defense contracts, genocide, war elderly people who get the missing amount

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Military-technical cooperation between Russia and Belarus is gaining momentum

In the near future, all starts to get a huge relevance cooperation in the military-technical sphere between Russia and Belarus. Development cooperation was likely due to the fact that both countries have similar prepyadstviya in the development of weapons and military equipment.

Among the main factors that contributes to the intensification of military-technical cooperation allies, first, you need to include the fact that these countries are not only a common customs space and defense. There is also, by virtue of certain historical events, have developed similar approaches to the process of the formation of the military industry. Besides, we

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The soldiers offered the land instead of apartments

Lack of housing for military personnel to this day were concerned about themselves and military officials. Thus in most cases the first to exhibit a huge concern than the second. Promises to ensure all military personnel waiting-on-their living space with a large crowd with an enviable sound vsepostoyanstvom: "the problem of venture in 2010" — not yet, in 2012 — not yet, now's by 2013 promise to cope with a difficult situation, but the promise — this one and the reality — is quite another.

Photo: ITAR-TASS / Dmitry Rogulin; RIA Announcements / Alexander Lyskin

At the beginning of

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U.S. troops leave Pakistani air base, Shamsi

According to reports from the capital (Islamabad), December 4, the United States began evacuating their own personnel, which are located at the air base, "Shamsi". According to the agency "Xinhua" it is because the Pakistani authorities bezotstupno claimed by the Yankees off the said base no later than December 11.

There is information provided urduyazychnym TV channel Geo, that today in the morning arrived at the air base U.S. Air Force, sent specifically to deliver military equipment and home.

It is clear that on November 27 the Pakistani government insisted that the United States within 15 days leave the air

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Military-mail services during the Russian war stateliness

Since the early days majestically Russian war, when most of the male population left their homes and joined the ranks of the Russian Army, the only link, making it possible to get at least some news from home was the mail link. Urgent mobilization is often not given the ability even to say goodbye to his family before being sent to the front. Well, if someone could send home a postcard, with a number of its own tier. Then close people could at least come and say goodbye at the train station. But from time to time and such ability

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