ASD will receive 4 trillion rubles

Until 2020, the development of ASD izderzhut 20% of the total funding of the state program of armaments Russian Federation for 2011-2020. As reported by "Interfax", said Alexander Sukhorukov, First deputy defense Russian Federation. The amount of funding programs from state caused at the level of 23 trillion. rubles. Around 20 trillion. of them will receive the Defense Ministry.

Sukhorukov thoroughly talk about acquisitions in the interests of ASD did not, but he noted that one of the systems will be acquired radar EWS "Voronezh", which deals with the creation and Saransk Television plant. "The contract we have currently,

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Viruses in the service of intelligence

Web is full of reports that a computer virus "Flame", which were numerous Gervais nick Network, created with the participation of U.S. and Israeli intelligence services, who tried to infiltrate Makarov so in control of Iran's nuclear facilities. The fact that it's still the same for the virus and why the information about the involvement of the United States and Israel had the concrete at the moment, in an interview with "Rosbaltu" said the head of the analytical department of international organizations HostExploit & CyberDefco, recognizable "hunter hackers" Dzharty Armin.

— As such, much in the virus "Flame"? Why the

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Candidate Profile: Gregory Kastusyou

Society Why do you vyluchaetsesya for president?

To be president of our country and do everything possible to change the country for the better, both in political and in economic areas. In political terms, in my opinion — through a return to the 1994 Constitution. In economic — through the introduction of the New Economic Policy, which will unleash entrepreneurship and uses the current situation in the economy as a start in order to avoid reducing the economic performance and welfare.

How to change your board average salaries and pensions, and why?

The authorities in the country

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Explosions in Dnepropetrovsk — a terrorist attack or political showdown?

How to read the classics, "My freedom ends where another person's freedom begins," but very often the case that these freedoms are superimposed on each other and there is a conflict. Striking example of this — the prohibition of any other ideology, not counting the only correct one. Very often it was the hallmark of the Communists, but now operate in similar ways, and the same Democrats. And, of course, the rights will be the one who is stronger. Such a show of force occurred not so long ago in the Ukraine.

Most recently shocked the country, another

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Explosives for democracy

In December, our homeland has undergone information attack. Web seething indignation, were multiplied groups, calling for revolutionary change. Hundreds of comments under news and posts pumped not a good matrix.The information could undermine the position of the Russian Federation. But it was only a show of force. The real situation buildup prepares for presidential elections in March.It is to this planned "friends" of the Russian Federation has to shocks mysterious story that happened a few days back in a Finnish port.I mean a ship with many tons of explosives and missiles "Patriot".Let's see, where did this cargo sailed so well

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Look to the future. South American army cars according to DARPA

How fast everyday people can create a design and construction of multi-purpose vehicle body army? This question has been the goal of the contest Experimental Crowd-derived Combat-support Vehicle Design Challenge (XC2V), which conducted in February and March of this year, DARPA (agency promising research programs) the Pentagon.

Competition began on February 3. For the role in the competition received more than 150 works. Received painstaking work has been properly investigated by a qualified jury, which determined the favorites of the competition announced.

XC2V main task was to develop the design of the body of army ts that could

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Mutual aid is the base for the consolidation of society

Modern Our homeland is going through difficult times. Of course, the action unfolding right now, are a prelude to any newcomer spectacle, which plans to play for their own people ruling elite of. In this article, I will not be considered likely candidates newest Putin Russia. I can only say that absolutely does not matter whether he or the continuation of an old order will be innovations that are significantly different from their own mode of previous versions because the generic features, its inherent features remain the same. Against the background of reduction of public policy, we are witnessing

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In the spring of 2012 the United States will experience and appreciate the ability of the aircraft AWACS E-2D AH

On the second quarter of this year planned appraisal and operational tests of aircraft AWACS E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, which plan to use naval forces of the United States. The results of the tests will be a crucial factor in the decision making promising aircraft into service. Willingness aircraft with a positive decision will be announced by the end of 2014.

The tests themselves will be held on different bases naval forces of the USA. Aircraft pilots will experience the first Test Squadron «VX-1." In the course of these tests will check the aircraft for operational suitability test the effectiveness

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Helicopters elapsed, the true, the future

Prepyadstviya helicopter fleet of the Russian Federation

After one more drop of Mi-24 in the Maritime region rose again the question of the very critical condition of the helicopter fleet of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation. The aging machines and lack of modern equipment on board the helicopter during operation mode saturated at some point lead to a plane crash. But applets defense contracts expecting a complete helicopter fleet upgrade. It remains to assign only that it will happen soon.

As we prepare the next day

At the end of the collapse of the USSR (1991), the

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The verdict of the U.S. Navy: Every fifth is not ready for battle!

As reported by (U.S.), more than 20 percent of the warships of the Navy is not ready to sail in the sea or to any or battles, and this at a time when demand for ships has increased military mission in a couple of times. And the number of ships unprepared for battle, may increase, because the U.S. Navy servicemen only confirm their constant problems with the combat readiness.

According to the statistics, which were posted by Republican Randy Forbes — who is a Republican from the state of Virginia and head of the House of Representatives

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