Tested and proven from Korea to Sinai, this British-made battle tank still does good service around the world

The British Royal Armoured Corps emerged from World War II shaken by the relative lack of success of the various British pre-war and wartime tank designs Not one tank had combined all the virtues or had even approached a reasonable compromise The early designs had been under-gunned and unreliable, while of the later models the Cromwell was limited to the 75mm gun by the size of its turret ring and the Churchill, although well-armed, thickly armored and agile, was desperately slow Consequently,

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Canon EOS 6D.

Canon’s affordable full-frame ticks all the boxes on paper, we find out how it handles and where it sits in the ever-expanding market.

The affordable full-frame DSLR market is beginning to take shape now that Canon has officially entered the fray with its latest model and contender, the EOS 6D. Joining both Nikon and Sony in this new consumer market, the 6D is designed to bridge the gap between high-end DX-format DSLRs and pro-level full-frame models. With a recommended retail price of around £1,799/$2,099 (body only), it’s also Canon’s most affordable full-frame yet. It now seems that deep pockets aren’t

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Canon EOS 5D Mk III

Professional photographer Lee Frost has been travelling the globe with anE0S5DMk III for the last few months. Having put it through its paces to find out its capabilities, here’s what he thinks of it so far…


Image sensor: Full-frame CMOS Resolution: 22.3 megapixels

Maximum image resolution: 5760×3840 pixels

Number of AF points: 61

Multizone metering: TTL full aperture with 63-zone Dual Layer SPC

ISO rating: 100-12800 (expandable 50-102400)

Shutter speeds: 30-l/8000sec plus В

Built-in Hash: No

Storage: Dual slots of CF and SD (SDHC/SDXC)

Continuous frame rate: Six frames-per-second

LCD monitor: 3.2in (1,040,000 dots)

Size: 152×116.4×76.4mm

Weight: 950g (body

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WHY ZVUKOVIKU C ++ and a separate room

How to make a fly buzzing in the left rear column

One of the most obscure characters Lionhead and B& W- audioguru Scattered Shaw. He has a rich experience of studio work in the music industry. Nachinach it as a technical assistant of Bill Uaylon zvezdsch (former bass guitarist Rolling Stones), Cliff Richard and Chris Rea. In addition, Russell worked with Gerry Anderson, creator of the cult British sci-fi series TImnderbirds.

He — the only employee of Lionhead, which has a separate room. Its windows tightly shuttered at any time, so fascinated Russ eternal problems with the definition of time.

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Cambo X2-PRO

New Movement

There are a number of ways to provide image control movements to a D-SLR, but Cambo’s solution returns to the traditional idea of a view camera, albeit with a 21st century twist. Report by Paul Burrows.

The digital era has resulted in quite a number of casualties from among the equipment manufacturers, including some very high profile brands, but there are companies that have managed to successfully re-invent themselves. They don’t come much more traditional in origins than the Dutch company Cambo which once made mostly large format cameras and accessories such as studio stands, but has subsequently

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There’s an unashamedly 1960s retro feel about this versatile watch, which is great for everyday wear, but also looks slick enough to be worn for special occasions.

The original C2 Lido was introduced in 2008. Having been developed through the CW Forum (see page 23 of this issue for more on the CWF), the first Automatic Lido appeared as a limited

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C-17 alternatives

FOLLOWING A REQUEST from the US Air Force for a non-developmental airlift aircraft (NDAA) to supplement the C-17A, which may now be purchased in much lower numbers than planned, 11 companies have put forward proposals. The USAF has been asked to collect information on potential NDAA aircraft and an NDAA system programme office has been established to assess the most cost-effective alternatives.

Options offered include a wide range of both new and used aircraft. As expected, Boeing has offered its 747-400F, McDonnell Douglas the MD-11, and Lockheed a new production version of the C-5 Galaxy. McDonnell Douglas has also suggested

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Buzzards & Eagles

Patrick Allen reports on British helicopter operations in Northern Ireland.

IT IS 25 YEARS since the Troubles’ began in Northern Ireland. In those early days, the British Army maintained a garrison of some 2,500 soldiers, while the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) was less than 3,000 strong. The RAF helicopter presence comprised a detached flight of Wessex HC.2s from 72 Squadron and the Army Air Corps provided an air troop of six Sioux AH.1 helicopters based at Aldergrove.

As the unrest intensified, the RUC needed more support and it was decided to deploy the army to assist with police and counter-terrorist

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Riddle Ural Beaver

At the end of the XIX century. wood jungle, covering the slopes of the Southern and Middle Urals, lost in the wilderness and nicely furnished, like candles, spruce and fir trees in several girths of thickness and a couple of dozen meters leaving skyward, deep lakes with emerald-blue water, thundering rapids of big and small rivers, there were still almost unknown enlightened residents of European Russia.

I was for many years interested in the mystery of a unique population of beavers, which for centuries from generation to generation Voguls transmit information like fiction. In 1870-ies. who was in the

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Bulletin Board

Denmark has invited eight prequalified European contractors to submit tenders for a wheeled or tracked armoured vehicle to replace its currently deployed Ml 13 series of tracked armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and variants. The Danish Army’s Ml 13s have already gone through a number of upgrades, including some under urgent operational requirement (UOR) funding for deployment to Afghanistan, but cannot be developed any further.

Denmark’s requirement is for between 206 and 450 vehicles (although around 360 units is more probably the maximum), and under current projections replacement vehicles are expected to be under contract by the end of 2014. The

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