Build quality

WHAT a photographer wants in a camera is a very personal affair, but the marketing executives of the big camera companies pick out their ‘unique selling propositions’ from amongst those attributes that they think will have a broad appeal to the photographic community For a camera, megapixels, as a proxy for detail and resolution is one such attribute. Noise, as a proxy for ‘image quality’ is another Speed, both related to frame rate and focus performance gives another hook on which marketing people can hang their hat. More recently, more esoteric concerns such as dynamic range and colour gamut have

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Bryce Jacob

Vice president of Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers says the ‘real work’ begins when he gets home each night.

Bryce Jacob enjoyed working in health care and was successful at it. However, the industry required him to work — in some capacity — 365 days a year, which took its toll on his family.

While a design and operations consultant for an architectural firm in Charlotte that designed senior-living communities, Jacob started remodeling his own home. Turned out he had a knack for it, and it was something he quite enjoyed.

He bought a few houses, gave them cosmetic updates

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Smoke, light and spray

An impressive series of setbacks and failures Microsoft recently years (Windows Vista, change the mobile paradigm Windows CE Windows Phone, inadequate support Windows RT, rigid rejection gaming community original content policy of the new Xbox, decline in sales of traditional PCs sauce disappointment poly touch interface, «eight» and so on. n.) is advantageous set off undeniable achievements of the company. Such as visual controller Kinect, for which enthusiasts around the world are finding new applications — creating, for example, a quasi three-dimensional tactile interfaces like Japanese AquaTop Display.

The idea of ​​this interface, developed in one of the laboratories

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Eugene Zakirov

At first I wanted to write about how SARS and particularly the creators of resident evil hate Muslims and Muslims themselves how to react to the fact that the resident evil revelations ate Hassan, in the fifth part of the floor is dirty Quran

And in the fourth … This is a deep and interesting subject on which I noticed a half years ago, when I first ask: in what video games, except for resident evil 5, generally it is possible to kill Muslims, albeit mutants?

But as soon as I was about to express thoughts on paper, especially

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More expensive than any GOLD

We flew over the famous Chukotka reindeer herder, a delegate of the XXVI Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the foreman of the farm reindeer brigades «Kanchalan» Gregory acanthus. During a stop in Pevek, in the heart of the industrial area, the conversation turned to the industrialization of the remote Chukotka, building mines, concentrators.

— I understand that all this is necessary, — said acanthus. — Mind understand that gold is necessary for our country and that it is necessary to extract oil … But if you think twice, what will our future generations, if we do

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Boneyard Ops

A fast jet unit with a difference — Mark Ayton visited the HawkT.1A-equipped 100 Squadron at RAF Leeming, Yorkshire.

SEEING FOURTEEN Hawk aircraft parked on RAF Leeming’s flight line, gleaming in their all-black paint schemes, the author suspected that the day ahead was going to be a busy one for 100 Squadron. A check of the flight schedule in the operations room confirmed that 25 sorties were due to be launched for a variety of missions.


Equipped with 18 Hawk T.l A aircraft, 100 Squadron comprises A and B Flight and the Navigation Training Unit (NTU). The Squadron also

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Six years ago, the American edition of Forbes magazine published a report that in 1000 the richest people in the world 915 — play golf. For Yuri Sapronov this curious statistics could not serve as a motive to action: for it is the Kharkov businessman has only confirmed allegiance to the chosen path. After all that time on the outskirts of Kharkov — Pyatikhatki — already in full swing construction of the first stage went nine-hole golf course.

The history of the sport and Superior Golf Resort &

Spa Resort is a shining example of how a simple hobby sports

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Bitcoin 101

Everything you need to know to start cranking out cash with your PC


Bitcoin is a new kind of virtual currency that exists only in the mysterious world of the Internet. It sprang up after the financial crisis of 2008, when people fearing that the sky was falling began investing in gold bars and silver coins. Many geeks also feared the apocalypse was nigh, but they chose to invest not in old-world currencies, but in a new currency created from scratch and made up of digital bits. That currency is Bitcoin.

What’s really interesting about this brand-new

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Dates, facts, events,

17-18 August 2013 weekend will be a traditional activity of amateur radio stations operating from fixed and floating beacons (International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend). For the first time this event was held in 1993, and in 1998 received its present name. Every year the event grows in popularity. For example, in 2012 the amateur radio on the air with the 473 lighthouses, located in 47 countries

Hall of Fame «Amateur Radio Hall of Fame» magazine «CQ Amateur Radio» was founded in January 2001 to celebrate the achievements of individuals (not necessarily radio amateurs), the activity of which had a

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Benelux update

I WAS VERY pleased to read your article on Benelux Air Forces in AFM February, although there were some errors in the translation.

Although meaning and sounding the same, jagd is a German word, correctly spelled in Dutch as ‘jacht’. The best way to translate fighter into Dutch is Jager (both words mean ‘hunt’ and ‘hunter’ respectively). A bombewerper is a non existent German-Dutch word, and should be spelled as bommerwerper which means bomber. A fighter-bomber translates into Dutch as jacht-bommenwerper (literally, hunting bomber). To the Dutch people the word is straaljagers, which includes jet training aircraft. Although zeemacht does

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