Belt Titan

WatchTime gets under the hood of the belt-driven Monaco V4, the first serially produced version of TAG Heuer’s 2004 concept watch.


+ Spectacular appearance

+ Innovative technology

+ Mechanisms are visible from the front.


— Sharp-edged case

— High rate deviation

— Difficult to read time with to-the-second accuracy.

Specs TAG Heuer’s Monaco V4

Manufacturer: TAG Heuer, Rue L-J. Chevrolet 6A, CH-2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

Reference number: WAW2170.FC6261

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds

Movement: Automatic, 28,800 vph, 48 jewels, Kif shock absorption, Glucydur balance, fine adjustment via index tail and eccentric screw, dimensions = 35 mm x 31.5 mm,

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BEA. The Power and the Glory

It was Europe’s biggest and most powerful airline, an operator with no competitors to speak of which prided itself on its professionalism even it if was, perhaps, a touch arrogant. And we owned it.

British European Airways was created by Act of Parliament on August 1, 1946, It had operated briefly as the BEA division of the nationalised British Overseas Airways Corporation but once formally constituted it was given the job of «providing civil air services in various parts of the world and in particular Europe (including the British islands).’’

Northolt and Liverpool

Initially it was organised into two divisions,

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Choose a plumber in accordance with the needs

American brand of Kohler and the French brand Jacob Delafon, operating under a single management, is well known in the Russian market of the sanitary. Painted plumbing, refined cast iron bathtub long been popular among our customers. The products of these brands distinguish deep respect for national traditions and constant innovation discoveries. Magazine «Kitchens and bathrooms» talks with Maxim Morozov, senior product manager for Kohler and Jacob Delafon in Russia.

Not so long ago the famous French brand sanitary JACOB DELAFON joined forces with well-known American company KOFILER. What brought this union? If priorities changed? What are the characteristic

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Balance sheet. Nature versus man.

Over the last fortnight, much has been written, said and shown in public media, both print and otherwise about the flash floods and landslides that have devastated Uttarakhand, parts of Himachal Pradesh and Western Nepal. The weather pundits tell us that this is due to abnormally heavy rainfall for four days — as much as 375% more than the normal monsoon, along with melting snow from the Himalayas. Road networks, riverside settlements, and small towns in particular have borne the brunt of a furious nature. The thriving tourist season during these months has worsened the situation with huge loss of

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Backing the right horse

Paul Beaver reports on the British Army’s search for a new attack helicopter.

AS THE COMPETITION to provide the British Army’s largest defence contract this decade enters the final furlong, there are two strong favourites neck-and-neck in a six-horse race. Even at this stage, there is still room for one of the other runners to take the lead and win the £2 billion jackpot.

Before the British House of Commons goes into its summer recess, the Secretary of State for Defence will have told Parliament which attack helicopter will arm the Army Air Corps in the next century.

The choice

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BACK to the


A routine delivery of building material to a firm in End moor near Kendal, Cumbria, using his Volvo FM9 was to set Tom Maugham on a course looking both backwards and forwards in time. Dave Bowers explains.

his trip caused, first of all. Tom to admire the looks of a 1957 Focdson Thames Trader that he came across, as it reminded him of one that was his first introduction to the world of road haulage. In fact he was so taken with it that he decided to see if he couch buy this old lorry» to restore, which would

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In 1970-1980-ies. British lake is quite a sorry state, catch the fish was much more difficult than today. In those days svingtip was a real king. Svingtipy screwed into thousands donochnyh rods because the sensitivity of a piece of fiberglass, suspended on the segment of soft rubber, was considered unbeatable. Then each feeder rod was equipped with a through the end ring for the dip svingtip. Such rods sold many firms. Anglers catch roach and bream, noting the delicate bite of swinging apex. But times are changing. Kvivertip prevailed, leaving svingtip in the backyard, and winning the hearts and

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Aviano Open Day, Italy-July7

AFTER A TEN-YEAR gap, the 22nd Aviano Open Day was held on July 7, providing Italian enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to see many interesting and exotic aircraft in their own country. It was hardly any wonder then that some 450,000 people turned up for the event.

Aviano is home to the USAFE’s 31st FW and other units involved in operations over the former Yugoslavia. Since the 1950s it has hosted the largest airshow in Italy which has always been organised by the US units based there. This time they excelled themselves, with more than 50 aircraft in the static

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A muted colour palette with niches of detailed designs define the decor of this Mumbai duplex

«The owner was accustomed to a certain kind of lifestyle, which included a spacious home. And this was where the challenge lay, in giving the owners the expanse and feel of a bungalow within the walls of a city apartment,» says architect Mahesh Punjabi of Mahesh Punjabi Associates

To accomplish this, he designed the home in a neutral colour palette with pockets of detailing that brings in a sense of opulence to the residence.

Spread across 3000 sq ft this duplex consists of a

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To take and cancel!

Periods may become quarterly.

And even years. Among gynecologists is believed that the critical days need not all.

The most outstanding inventions of the XX century, according to a poll of British sociologists, women recognized oral contraceptives (OK). In addition to monitoring the pregnancy, drugs recommended to relieve the symptoms of PMS, hormonal correction and treatment of related diseases. The next step in getting rid of women’s suffering — the possibility to postpone the use of tampons and pads for the long term. For example, a medicament as Seasonale, reduces the number of menstrual periods to four times a

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