Ast Crumb

Sitting on my kitchen counter is an oval-shaped loaf of rye bread, with an amber crust and chewy insides flecked with caraway seeds. When I bought it three days ago, I immediately cut a few crusty slices for snacking. Then I left it alone to stale—intentionally.

On the same counter is one of the first winter squashes of the season. It is a pale blue bard squash, shaped like a fat teardrop and covered in pebbly warts. As I simmer torn bits of bread with the squash, the loaf takes on new life, swelling and breaking down into creamy, saturated

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Assessing NATO airstrikes

Proving the success of bombing raids is a tricky business, Ronald Lewis* reveals why battle damage assessment (BDA) is so important.

FROM THE first days of aerial warfare, pilots and military leaders have craved to know just how much damage they had inflicted on enemy forces. This Intelligence is crucial on the battlefield, for planners need to know whether they can proceed to the next target, or if they will have to hit the previous target again. Lives and vast amount of resources are dependant upon accurate analysis. Failure to recognise that a target has been destroyed may force a

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Ass and Trash haulers

OPERATION DESERT SHIELD in the last quarter of 1990 was a graphic reminder of one of the basic essentials of war; «getting there firstest with the mostest», as Andrew Jackson pithily put it. The tremendously rapid build-up of force halfway across the world, from the country which supplied the majority of it, can be regarded as decisive. In terms of size, speed, and distance, it was unparalleled in the entire history of warfare, and one day, when the definitive history of the Gulf War is written, air logistics will be acknowledged as the foundation of victory.

Once the shooting starts,

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The whole world is against me

The more scientists study the environment, the more opportunities open to us. If earlier it was believed that with age, people just did shall grow ugly and get a bunch of chronic sores, that modern medicine argues that if neutralize the aggressive factors of the environment, can maintain the beauty and health into old age. For example, the main factors of aging — is ultraviolet light, temperature changes and the unfavorable environment. If you help the skin to cope with the attack of the «invaders», you can look spectacular at any age.

One of the key factors due to

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Luck Vassily Nesterenko.

Fabrics of this young artist has already appeared on the pages of «young artist». In the October issue of last year, a fragment of his composition in the interior still life with a half-figure has been placed on the 1st cover of the magazine, and number 10 for the year 1995 mentioned his diploma painting «The Triumph of the Russian Fleet.»

The history of this work of Vassily Nesterenko, as expected, began with the selection of topics. I wanted to like despite the turmoil and discord, which was plunged into our state, to do something major, colorful, and certainly from

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Argentine Shermans

With the end of WW2 in Europe there were large stocks of surplus vehicles, originally provided by the US to her allies under the ‘lend lease’ programme, which left vast quantities of surplus vehicles to be sold off at low prices. Many countries took advantage of this and purchased large quantities of equipment, and Argentina was amongst the countries to purchase surplus vehicles.

At the time Argentina was seeking a more modern tank for it’s Army, who had just 12 locally-built DL-43 Nahuel (similar to the M4 Sherman) and small numbers of Vickers Carden Lloyd Mk.l light tanks in service

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Argentine Skyhawk news.

IN 1994 Lockheed Martin and 33 subcontractors began a programme to supply an undisclosed number of TA-4J Skyhawks to the Argentine Air Force.

Two aircraft were overhauled and brought up to the required specification and got as far as flight trials in America. These aircraft were drawn from retired examples from Training Wing One at Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi.

However a number of problems arose, the largest of which appears to have been with the engines which required extensive work to bring them up to scratch. Argentina even attempted to acquire replacement engines from Israel, though this seems to

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Another milestone.

On Wednesday, July 7, 1999, the first production Dassault Aviation Rafale M for the French Naval Aviation (Aeronavale) made its maiden flight from the Dassault assembly plant in Bordeaux-Merignac, in the south-west of France. This flight, part of a comprehensive acceptance programme, was carried out by Dassault’s Chief Test Pilot in Merignac, Philippe Deleume, a graduate of the prestigious Empire Test Pilot School at Boscombe Down. The sortie lasted 1 hr 20 min and included a supersonic phase at a maximum speed of Mach 1.2, a climb to a maximum altitude of 50,000ft (15,240m) and manoeuvres at -3/+7.5 G. Low-speed

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An-70 prototype crashes

DURING A TEST flight from Kiev on February 10, the prototype Antonov An-70 fourpropfan transport collided with its An-72 chase aircraft at about 1730hrs local time while flying at around 10,000ft (3,000m). It was totally destroyed when it plunged almost vertically into a forest near the town of Veliky, about 25 miles (40km) from Kiev.

All five crew and two test observers were killed on board the An-70. Despite severe damage and a fire, the An-72 was able to return to Gostomel Airport for a safe emergency landing. According to Russian sources, if is believed that the An-70 experienced control

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