Arlanda has established a network of flights across Sweden – some of which are supported by the government as Public Service Obligations (PSOs). Airlines such as Direktflyg, Golden Air, NextJet, Norwegian, and SAS all provide domestic networks from ARN throughout the week, and there are a few flights at weekends. The airport is on the networks of most European airlines, many of which provide multiple daily rotations from their home bases, offering a wide range of international destinations. Charter flights are also popular, both outbound for tourists in search of summer sun, and inbound in the winter catering for skiers

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AirForces News 02 1991

A-12 Cancelled & B-2 Delayed

AFTER MONTHS OF uncertainty, the A-12A Avenger II development programme has been scrapped. The decision, announced by US Defence Secretary Dick Cheney after he had been briefed on the revised project programme on January 4, has stunned defence chiefs and comes as a bitter blow to General Dynamics and McDonnell Douglas which had jointly developed the aircraft as a next-generation carrier-borne replacement for the US Navy Grumman A-6E Intruder fleet. Original USN requirement for the type had been for 858 to be in service eventually but constant USN budget restrictions and cost overruns on the

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AirForces News 01 1993

US ASTOVL programme

A DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION of answers to a Reauest for Proposals (RFP) to demonstrate ana validate technologies for the US Defence Advanced Research Agency’s (DARPA) Thunder Cat advanced short take-off and vertical-landing (ASTOVL) aircraft programme was set for November 24. After examination of the RFP submissions for this joint DARPA/Navy/Marines/NASA project, DARPA was expected to select two contractors during January for Phase 2 of the programme, a three-year long investigation which will focus on detailed exploration of propulsion and other key technologies for the new aircraft. Contractors who have indicated their intention to bid on Phase 2

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Launched in 2000, the Air chair, manufactured by Italian furniture company Magis, demonstrates how a deceivingly simple design is actually a sophisticated and highly functional object. Made of polypropylene with glass fibre added, it is constructed using gas-injection technology (of which its designer Jasper Morrison was a pioneer), which allows for continuously smooth surfaces. The chair is available in a palette of beautiful colours and is suitable for any environment, indoors or out.


With his signature minimalist approach, English product and furniture designer Jasper Morrison has created objects that exude visual restraint and

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A tale of two sites.

In October 2010, the first exploratory visit to Kamand, the site, 16 km from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh selected for the campus of a new IIT led to one of those seminal experiences which tend to define ones professional existence. It was clearly an opportunity that comes along but once in a lifetime. I stood in the valley, looking up at the regal snow caps in the distance foregrounded by enormous hill sides carpeted in pine, a variety of bird sounds, their source invisible to the untrained eye, cutting through the crisp air, butterflies oblivious to my presence and a little

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«Togliatti should be proud of not only the Samara region, but the whole country»

On Thursday, July 25 took place in Tolyatti forum «Unity in the name of development.» It was attended by more than four thousand citizens who supported the initiative of Nicholas Merkoushkin the formation of community councils. Forum exposed the weak points of Togliatti. To eliminate them, will require the joint efforts of the government and the citizens.

Positive changes in the city, said Nikolai Merkushkin, addressing the participants of the forum, is impossible without involvement in this process of each inhabitant of Tolyatti.

Citywide Forum «Unity for Development» was held for the first time. The venue was chosen as

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A regular date in the South American air forces calendar is Exercise Cruzex, which takes place every two years in Brazil. Leandro Maldonado reports.

WITH MORE than 5 million square miles (13 million km2) of land and more than 180 million inhabitants, Brazil is South America’s biggest country and a powerful emerging nation. It commands the world’s eleventh-largest economy, and is becoming a regional leader and an important player in global politics and economics.

Aspiring to a permanent seat on an expanded United Nations Security Council, Brazil is looking outwards, and is moving towards becoming a more active voice in the globalised 21 st century world. Today it leads the UN peacekeeping contingent in Haiti and maintains observers in ‘hot spots’ around the world.

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Jon Lake gives an overview of the issues associated with the UK’s current Battlefield Helicopter Force and its shortfalls, as identified by a recent National Audit Office report.

BATTLEFIELD HELICOPTERS account for 70% of UK military rotary wing platforms (the remainder consist of Royal Navy and Royal Air Force search and rescue helicopters, and naval helicopters operating as part of ships’ weapon systems). Battlefield helicopters contribute to the majority of military tasks and roles (excepting standing strategic roles) and operate in support of land, amphibious, and special forces’ operations. Such helicopters are vital for the manoeuvre approach to warfare, on

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A for accuracy

The saw’s construction consists mostly of alloy castings and extrusions. A large knob at the front of the table enables it to be rotated as required, and a button to the rear of the fence secures it in place. There are slops at the main angles, and a protractor scale on the front of the base casting with an adjustable pointer on the edge of the turntable, The table and the base together provide 500mm of support for material being sawn, and there are outrigger supports which extend this to 1000mm.,

Fence features

The fence is fixed, with the right-hand

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A Floating Concept.

Manoj Bhandari designs a bungalow on a small plot in Nasik.

‘A semi-transparent semi-transparent furniture system’, is how Nasik based architect Manoj Bhandari defines his interior design of this residence. ‘To create a «bigger home» on a small semi-detached plot of 215 square meters, one needs to define barriers without actually creating them,’ he adds. A vastubased plan with modest budgets is the pivot, around which revolve semi-transparent, naturally lit warm individualized spaces, with serene and clean lines.

‘I decided to keep the interiors clean, white and minimal, yet added some vibrancy through bright yellow reclining chairs, green plants, frosted

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