The KGB did not comment on the reshuffle

Managing Center info and public relations of the KGB of Belarus Valery Nadtochaev all questions Liberty correspondent replied: "No comment." He also did not say on what kind of work translated Stepan Sukharenko.• T.Protko: "At first they cleaner Society, and later clean them", 17.07.2007 • A. Vouchak "Zhadobin — man Viktor Lukashenko", 17.07.2007 • What was the career Sukharenko, 17.07.2007 • M. Statkevich: "Sukharenka not mind flashed", 17.07.2007 • P. Sevyarynets "Sukharenka fired for prafneprydatnasts", 17.07.2007 • What is the cause of resignations in the KGB?, 17.07.2007 • Sold post two top leaders of the Belarusian KGB, 17.07.2007 • Lukashenko

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Night Siege — 10 July

Major sporting events of the last days — "Tour de France", which in This year debuted two riders from Belarus. One of them, Alexander Kuchinsky, in the first step than a dozen miles walked in the display by typing besides credits. Frantsuckae TV imagined him under white-red-white flag. Guests of the portal so discussions are news.Leviathan: "It’s a pity the guy … Could be lighted on the race, said to himself, has some perspective … A thick fifth point in the leather chair to decide at this point that this must be his first and last start on the "Tour

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Ilya Shin: I do it first for himself, and not for the public

Sous: "Elijah, after the performance you so to speak, died — went to the scene. Whereupon The audience began to put the candles around you that you porazdavali before them. Please tell me what you thought when 20 minutes lying on the stage? "Shin: "In my life much little time for prayer and for the Lord. And because I enjoyed this time simply in order to pray (even this was seen by me) to make a deal that would could done in a private setting. I used this social time for me. "Sous: "How, in your memory, the audience perceived

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The Boycott is not mentioned

Anatoly Lebedko — Joint civilian favorite games which is presently presides over the SLM — commented on the draft decision on the role of the Political Council of the elections:

"First — we are in the final step of the campaign focusing on how to organize control of the counting and present confirmation of tampering. This — thing.Second task — in the area, where there is no democratic candidates, to organize the work so that voters still abstained from voting. And one more task — that’s what we encourage voters to go September 28 protest against the fact that representatives

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September 17

A textbook example of such historical dichotomy reunification with East West Belarus in 1939.Hardly there is a Belarusian historian — or camp remnants of nationalist fundamentalists, from the depths of the official or "pan-Slavic" science (say, from the Mogilev Pedagogical Institute or Polesski Institute) — which would have put a swing historical justice reunification of Belarus after the entrance of the Red Army in Poland September 17, 1939Historical justice — blind force. She does not look, so to speak, what tools enjoys. Belarus reunited thanks to a secret annex to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which the civilized world condemns as a

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Night Freedom Olga Karatkevich. June 25

Part 1: • News Digest a day or• Guest ether — the chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich• Survey about Academy Minsk: Should a writer to maintain some political force or idea? • One day Vasil Bykov 2nd part: • In research papers — on last week Belarus 90 people drowned. Where you can swim, can go to relax Belarusians?• Survey on the streets of Grodno Which river or sea, you would want to swim? • Siege Belarusian the web• Older kids in the family» younger and smarter?• Anthology "Night Primer": Mikhalina Emelyanov• "Zwukopis" Alexander Pamidorau "Polotsk

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June Bykov: Deadlock makes first dictatorial power

"We’re in a kind of deadlock. And this makes deadlock first dictatorial power. While it will produce itself by force, physical force, which embodies the SWAT KGB and others so to speak, purely police tactics, of course, to impose on any win, any democratic heritage even just unreal. "From Mon on Friday in our air — little quote for reflection and memory. Every Saturday and Sunday — aimed at certain subjects avdyeantalegii.

Wings steal. J-31 FIGHTER soon to enter service the Chinese Air Force

November 1. China cheers world new fighter, which is proving to be suspiciously similar to some Russian and South American counterparts. If we consider that the fact that the creation of the machine allows the PRC to break ahead in the arms race, and the market trading instrument with China goes down, there is a logical question — what does it all the Russian Federation?   Chinese workers presented Motherland Party and another gift: October 31, 2012 on the eve of the XVIII Congress of the CPC held the first flight of a new Chinese fighter J-31, built in

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Development of domestic hypersonic — Reality

Dmitry Rogozin, September 19, 2012 in Tula during a visiting session of the Military-Industrial Commission made a statement that in the very near future we can expect the creation of the Russian holding company that will develop hypersonic technology. Deputy Prime Minister referred to the enterprise, which will be included in its composition. So, namely, it will be the developers tools such as «NGOs engineering» (which should secede from the Russian Space Agency) and the company «Tactical Missiles». Newly formed holding company, are intended to be located in the Ministry of Trade and Industry. According to Rogozin, similar industrial

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Tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) Bell V-22 Osprey (part 2)

According to Col. Matthew Malherna manager applets V-22 Command aviasistem Navy U.S. success in Iraq introduction konvertoplanov eclipsed all expectations. Tiltrotor under fire from the ground fell sporadically, no car got battle damage, but March 24, 2009 the entire fleet konvertoplanov flights were discontinued after technicians Squadron VMM-266 on one of the machines was found weakening of bolting in the swash plate right nacelle. Inspection carried out after the pilots were awarded a «sharp» noise and excessive vibration during ordinary flight. Inspection 84 «Osprey», all devices are in operation, has permitted to find such deficiencies another 4 konvertoplanov who

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