Treatments — EVEN THE ODDS

Pigmentation, be gone!


What: Dermaceutic Spot Peel with Debbie Thomas.

The lowdown: Ever wondered what that block of colour on your forehead is? Lurking around your upper lip or across your cheeks? If you’re pregnant, on the pill or juggling antibiotics, it may be hormonal melasma. But Debbie Thomas can help. Unlike the peels of old, hers doesn’t throw bleaching agents at the problem, but stops skin from making more melanin. After a punchy, two-week, at-home regimen, you’ll be back for the peel. Go home, clean it off before bed, and carry on where you left off the next

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Traveling to Myanmar

I came closer to realizing my dream of collecting fishes in Myanmar when, in the fall of 1995, I went to work at the American Museum of Natural History in New York for a year. At that time you could obtain only a two-week visa for travel to Myanmar, and I spent my first week in the capital,

Yangon, waiting for permits. During the second week, I was able to travel around a little. But the wait in Yangon did have a positive side. One evening, over a beer in one of the street cafes, I was told by a

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Time To Call The Pros?

In this issue we explain the process of mastering and how you can do it yourself within your chosen DAW. But sometimes it’s best to get the pros in, and they don’t come more reputable than Optimum Mastering, which counts Portishead and Courtney Pine among its clients…

Shawn Joseph is the director at Bristol-based Optimum Mastering which has been providing a bespoke mastering service since 2004. With a specially created mastering suite – costing in excess of six figures to construct – plus many, many high-end pieces of hardware, it’s easy to see why you might choose its services over

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Thompson sub-machine gun …or STEN?

The men in control of the 19th century’s armies were, at best, a conservative bunch. Military thinking during that period always found innovation of any sort difficult and nowhere was this predilection so marked as in the area of repeating rifles.

The British Army did not introduce a magazine rifle until 1888, when the Lee-Metford, with a magazine holding ten rounds, began its service life. Unfortunately, the Metford’s barrel was not suitable for the new smokeless ammunition then being introduced, and the rifle began to be replaced in 1895 by the Lee-Enfield, a weapon which will be familiar to many

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After working for 30 years as an interior designer. Thomas Pheasant bemoans that perfection is a constantly distant goal. The pursuit of classical beauty continues to guide him, but «perfection is now a motivation rather than a destination for me,» he says. While much of his time these days is spent coordinating his team of architects and designers on residential projects, his latest Classical Evolution range for Baker Furniture is more intimate. «It’s really

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The youngest ship to be broken

In Ships Mail (SM, July) Andrew Mackinnon asks if the 15-year-old Albert Rickmers was the youngest ship ever to be broken up. The shipping business is very cyclical, and during economic downturns many vessels are broken up prematurely.

After the 1973 oil crisis, tankers were sent for lay-up after completion, and many were scrapped, including BP Tanker’s British Diplomat (1963/30,815gt), which was only 12 years old. Similar things happened during the 1930s Great Depression, most notably with Atlantic Transport Line’s large passenger cargo ships Minnewaska (1923/21,726grt) and Minnetonka (1924/21,998grt), which went to the breakers aged only 11 and ten years

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The Universal Timer

The timing of events and processes is becoming an ever increasing necessity in virtually every automation task, not only in the industrial sphere but even in the domestic sphere. No wonder timers arc often referred to as the first step towards automation.

This universal timer offers an ultrawide timing range which can be set with pin point precision anywhere from one-tenth of a second to hundred hours! Dispensing with the ever-problematic analogue dial, this timer is built around common CMOS chips, and features autolatch facility plus such a low current consumption (hat most multimeters would fail to detect it. All

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Rattlestick kicks off its new season with «The Hill Town Plays», a five-play cycle by Lucy Thurber, which follows a woman’s life from her abusive, impoverished childhood in a small Massachusetts town to a successful writing career.


Earlier this year, Bobby McFerrin released the album «Spirityouall», a rootsy collection of spirituals, originals, and a Bob Dylan cover. Bobby’s show at Summer Stage is a family affair; it includes his daughter Madison, a singer.


MOMA owns masterpieces by Matisse and Picasso, but the first painting to enter its collection, in 1930, was by an


The spirit of Tara.

A gifted architect will always design the open spaces of a building — the spaces mandated by local authority to be left open, such as setbacks, minimum uncovered area; the residual spaces between buildings; courtyards, parking, driveways, etc. — with the same precision, meticulousness, and painstaking detail, as the building itself. While most people can usually understand covered spaces, as defined by volume, shape, size, four walls and a roof, they are not so adept at evaluating the quality of that space which is not a finite structure. An irresponsible and lazy architect might dump his shoddy work onto a

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The South American way

COLOMBIA HAS FREQUENTLY been in the international press headlines during the last year with the war against the drug-barons and guerrillas. The newly elected president, Cesar Gaviria Trujillo, was sworn in on August 8, 1990 and immediately proposed sweeping new measures to fight the country’s drug-barons. They call themselves The Extraditables and declared total and absolute war on the government and all those who have pursued and prosecuted them. Cocaine traffickers have since killed hundreds of people during the year-old drug war.

The Colombian government is also at war’ with the FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia). ELN (Ejercito de

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