D.Kakabade Stalin planted a time bomb

Kakabadse: With regard to the site, then no problems were not. But Georgian websites produced very powerful cyber-attack, and very many information websites, and government is not working. At the moment the situation straightened a little. What is the website of the Georgian Liberty, then managed zapazbegchy problems. Relatively journalists — of course, it was hard work in These days are, especially in the days of armed conflict, well, at the moment is not easy, as the movement is not entirely free, especially in the Gori district, where some towns still controlled by Russian troops. But we have our own

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Lukashenko complains Russian oppression

Belarusian manager also described as "silly" the project of building a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe bypassing Belarus under the Baltic Sea."Echo of Moscow" and the words quoted Lukashenko that only 30 percent of the inhabitants of Belarus supported the idea of unification with Russia. The reason why the views Lukashenko, Russian authorities in politics, "which threw Belarus loop on the neck.""What kind of alliance can be read as if the factory, farm, private trader in Russia have privileged conditions, receiving gas three times cheaper than business entities in Belarus — Lukashenko said. — Who needs such an alliance,

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Likely if the dialogue between authorities and opposition?

Valery Karbalevich: "In the near future among the opposition appeared several proposals aimed at trying to make a dialogue with the authorities. Initially, a statement was made our current spokesman Dmitry Bondarenko. Later letter to Lukashenko proposing joint celebration BNR anniversary organizing committee on preparation prepared rally on March 25, who heads a favorite BPF Vyachorka. And in the end, an open letter to Lukashenko Milinkevich. What are these steps? What are the goals they seek to achieve the organizers? This PR stunt or an attempt to actually do a dialogue with the authorities? "Dmitry Bondarenko: "A couple of days

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Fighter, do not sleep!

Any State calls or hires an army of people who need to be on guard its interests around the clock seven days a week. But people — being imperfect, and physiological laws of functioning of his body provides such a pleasant for us, but this is uncomfortable for the army and the state process is like a dream.

Dive into the realm of Morpheus ("The Matrix" nothing to do with that name of the ancient Greek god of dreams) allows a person to relax and rejuvenate. However, just to lose precious time in the army has no plans. The

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Gennady Buraukin not found at the show’s own books

The exhibition show their products all municipal publisher:Fin: "My name is Konstantin fin. Imagine publishing" People’s Education ". Reporter: "What books are on display?"Fin: "The exhibition presents books for special schools — for children with learning difficulties.’s Arranged books for secondary school — as textbooks, collections of problems, benefits for teachers."Reporter: "What part of you occupy Belarusian-books?"Fin: "Publisher makes law bilingualism. Because we have textbooks and teachers’ manuals for both Russian and Belarusian schools. All duplicated: the Russian-Belarusian".The role of the exhibition is and personal publishing.Mashkovskii: "I’m from the publisher" Development. "My name is Eugene Mashkovskii. Here we have a

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Gallbladder disease

Gallbladder— Digestive organ, similar to a small hollow pear. It is located directly under the liver, which is connected by piping — the bile ducts. The main role of the gall bladder and bile ducts is the accumulation and excretion of bile. Bile — special fluid that is produced in the liver. Purpose of bile — to improve the absorption of fat and increase the movement of food through the intestines. At night in the human liver produces up to 2 liters of bile.

Before you hit the bile into the intestine, it goes through a complicated by

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Thirty years of illness

What are the symptoms disease?

As with most diseases, hemorrhoids does not start suddenly. Prior to the acute stage of the disease is usually marked by a number of symptoms peculiar harbingers of disease. These include:


foreign body sensation in the anus, and the severity of itching in the anus, pain; constipation;

But the most striking symptom of hemorrhoids, is bleeding from the hemorrhoidal veins

Risk Groups

Of course, hemorrhoids does not appear "out of nowhere", there are certain factors that contribute to its development. Thus, in the first hemorrhoids develops in people who

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Bronchitis in children: what to do?

With the arrival of autumn and the cold winter upon us piled colds and sickness. Worst of all have children. Drafts, overwork, constant congestion in the team are doing their dirty work. Children are constantly sick! Take, for bronchitis, which is feared by all parents: "The child is constantly coughing, nothing works!".

How to treat cough in children, will tell Buteyko Clinic's chief medical officer — Andrey Novozhylov:

— At a bronchitis cough is accompanied by fever and expectoration. This bronchitis is different from other diseases of the upper respiratory tract, in which children are

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Radical cure for militants and separatists. On the role of the tank in modern warfare

Discussing the new Russian tank «Armata» we braked on the issue, as it will comply with the conditions of modern warfare and fighting the foreseeable future. And at the same time — like a burning type of weapon is now generally tank. Let’s talk about it. So: Do ​​not be a tank as a kind of anachronistic weapons in modern warfare? Do not put an end to its use in battle booming antitank weapons? After all, at one time gun put an end to the cavalry, and now, maybe, we look revolution in military affairs? Indeed, NATO countries have refused

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Lukashenko wonders why criticize the government

About it now, said the leaders of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting in Minsk, BelTA informs."This is a major political campaign in This year, — noted Head of State. — We need to know what kind of mood people than they are unhappy with any questions criticize the government. "Alexander Lukashenko claimed by presidential aides — the main areas of inspectors and the town of Minsk, also from the authorized representatives head of state in regions impartial assessment of the socio-economic situation in each region of the country.

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