Waldorf education

Today in our society related to Waldorf education is ambiguous. Some believe that it is a religious sect, which lured clean baby showers, others believe that Waldorf gardens designed exclusively for mentally retarded children, and few actually is, what do the Waldorf teachers, and that from this technique can be successfully applied at home.

Pedagogy for all

First, a little history. Waldorf education, not much is not enough, the eighth decade. Founded by German philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In the first quarter of the twentieth century, he opened a school for children whose parents worked at the Waldorf Astoria cigarette

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WAR AGAINST SYRIA ALREADY STARTED: Are the Turkish army to the intervention?

«Towards the Syrian antiaircraft batteries are oriented South American missiles» Stinger «. These are the titles of the current Turkish newspapers. In the border provinces of Hatay and Mardin, in southeastern Turkey, there has been persistent movement of military equipment.   Star newspaper reported that in the region of Kızıltepe (K? Z? Ltepe) and Nusaybin (Nusaybin), in close proximity to the Syrian border, within 20 4:00 ply military helicopters. In the adjoining province of Şanlıurfa, which has the longest border with Syria, more than two hundred miles, dispersed a large group of armored vehicles, about two hundred tanks, motorized

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In these elections can benefit both the government and opposition

The extent to which power will be ready to go for some relief? What is the role of the opposition in this election?These questions and more discussions are editor analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week" Alexander Klaskouski and political scientist Yuri Chausov.Tsigankov"The district election commission registered 422 activities of the group of 454 proposals submitted. At the county commission included 42 opposition. Analysts they say about certain exemptions which makes power in the course of this campaign, compared with the last parliamentary elections in 2004. Why do the authorities allow these exemptions for themselves ? "Chain extended, but pushed the bowl


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Lyolik Ushkin looks at the world left eye

Book amounted to lampoon, humorous pieces, cartoons, which for a couple of years were published in "Our Cornfield. "Title books -" left eye "on the cover — the right eye of the creator. This whole Lyolik Ushkin (real name — Oleg Novikov), with whom we met before the presentation.

Fascinating genre that allows to show the absurdity of the process, any statements by political controversy

Reporter: "Lyolik, living feletanistav I even can not remember … Specifically why such a rare genre? ""Well, there’s still Yakubovich. Actually, it’s pretty fascinating genre that allows to show the absurdity of certain processes,

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Who wins tribunal between Gazprom and Belarus?

Tsigankov: "July 16 was accomplished working meeting of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of" Gazprom "Alexander Ananenkov and CEO of" Beltransgaz "Vladimir Mayorov. After her Ananenkov said about the ability to draw Belarus to justice for late payment for Russian gas supplied. Why Belarusian side behaves as" cheeky " refusing to pay even this does not quite an expensive price. Belarusians What has reason for behaving as if there is some in this economic or political justification? " "Another Gas War begins in July"

Manyanok: "This is further evidence that these agreements, signed in late 2006, is not very

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Explosion: What is compensation?

With 28-year-old Lily Miller correspondent of "Liberty" met in the first day of her admission to the 6th Minsk clinic. It was at the very center of the explosion. She has a wounded leg. What has changed in the 10 days? Lily transferred to the ward in one place, but go she can not yet. Together with her mother is constantly. Neither bureaucrat for this time it was visited. Came only investigators.

Ms. Lily hopes for compensation from the government, but that she still no one reads. And she herself does not know where to turn, so bedridden:

Lily Miller

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Wine enema: extreme, which could cost lives

In the United States, and more specifically, the home is now twice the U.S. President George W. Bush — in Texas, the real tragedy was played out around a ridiculous death, which took place in May 2004.

Someone Michael Warner, big drinker, suffered a sore throat, which prevented him from doing things you love. A drink like very much. All would be likely to cost, but the 42-year-old wife of Michael — Tammy — decided to help the suffering husband. In her judgment, two bottles of sherry had to bring to life the 58-year-old husband. But for some reason

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PAK DA — to be!

  First information about promising aviation complex distant Aviation (PAK DA) appeared in 2009. Then it was announced early preparatory work on the topic. Contract for R & D project PAK DA was awarded to «Tupolev». Then distant aircraft commander General A. Zhiharev caveat that his agency wants to get at upgrading of existing Tu-160, even very deep, but the latest car completely. First Command desire distant aviation suggest new sighting and navigation system, new avionics and aircraft fully compatible with all existing and promising types of weapons. After that memorable interview disk imaging during PAK DA almost was not.

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Euthanasia: Pros and Cons

Evtana? Zia (from the Greek ευ θ? Νατος — Ev Thanatos) — not a bad death, volunteerism, possible more painless and agreed with Dr. cessation of life incurable ailing person or animal. Maybe whether to legalize euthanasia in Belarus? How this relates to society In almost all countries, there are heated debates on euthanasia permission. 60 euros for the deprivation of sufferingThe first countries that have allowed euthanasia, the Netherlands and Belgium have become. Here in pharmacies sold for 60 euros special kits for euthanasia: a one-time syringe with poison, others desired to inject funds. The kit can be ordered

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Linguistics before the law has no business

Candidate of Philology, deputy of the Supreme Council of XII convocation and first salting-independent Belarus in Germany Peter Sadowski believes that language should not be reformed policy. In other countries, such practice, he does not know."Maybe there is a law, and to take, but it should take scientists. Scientists should discuss, consult with the public, to take into account trends and, say, an organ at the Ministry can approve it. A parliament just simply dial any of the votes, we came out — it is illogical. "Ph.D Doctor Gennady Tsyhun was a member of the State Commission for spelling reform

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