On Gorodenschinu — Polish

This "Rocznik grodzienski" or "Grodno Yearbook" in it about two hundred pages. Revision puts ahead of itself puzzle reflect the history of the Grodno region and eyes of Poles and Belarusians eyes. At the same time, avoid heavy issues in mutual relations. What topics, what questions refers to? I asked to speak on this head editor Wojciech Shevchaka.Shevchak: "At this point, I was even hard to say this exactly, since I only two years in Belarus. And it’s not such a great time to find out all These themes, so more than that Topics of languid absolutely no mention. Hard

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A.Klinav: Minsk lacks drive

For example, he was surprised by how the city survives in the absence of art galleries in the traditional sense of the word, and not a few huge exhibition halls of the Palace of the type of art or 2-3 shops selling paintings. Arthur wedge (created by books and photo project "Minsk — the City of the Sun", which he presented in almost all towns in Poland and Germany, but not in Belarus) said that in the capital do not occur such cultural activities that would capture if not the entire city, then at least the artistic elite. And in

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Favors OSCE Parliamentary Elections

She discussed the conditions of the international observation of the parliamentary elections in Belarus, which should walking in the autumn. Experts will present their findings to the management of the Office and the OSCE. And only then it will be decided — or to send international observers to the Belarusian elections, and if sent, in what format they will work. And the head of the mission — Gerald Mitchell, and other members refused to be interviewed. And not because they ignore the journalists. Their mandate forbids comments on what they saw and heard in Belarus. But goodbye experts promised almost

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Electricity has risen by a quarter

What could be a one-year inflation This year? What utilities prices will have in the coming months?Tsigankov"Belarusian management loudly promised that this year’s utility prices rise by less than 5 bucks. And this increase has already published first year. And now — rising prices for electricity and maintenance of apartments. Can I have to admit at the moment that the authorities failed to fulfill their promises? "Zaleski"You must admit with shame that we have not calculated the ability of the government. I, as an analyst, was wrong when he predicted that the increase will be after the parliamentary elections. Already

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Protestants from funds for gatherings require long

"Our church was faced with a similar situation. Earlier, when we did not have their own buildings, we rented a room, for example, in the main economic council Presidential Administration "- Says lawyer Church" new life " Sergei Lukanin."From us ensure that in the hall of worship attended by representatives of" ambulance ", police and firefighters. If we did not pay for these services, we refuse to rent," — said the emperor Lukanin.The lawyer added: "If the 2006 We held a rally in Bangalore Square, we had to pay huge amounts of money and firefighters, and police, and the energy

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Elimination of home networks may slow the progression of the Web

According to unofficial estimates, there are about a thousand Minsk illegal home computer networks. The largest of them are combined to 6 thousand computers. One of the users home network Nicholas said:"The network covers three houses. In each about five hundred apartments. In 1-x, it gives you the opportunity to contact other nick computers in our homes and take advantage of the resources that they lay in the open access. It is a method of self-organizing. In-2, through a home network is a cheap web. A cheap and high-speed. " Does any obstacles home network, which is used by Nikolai?"Once

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Head lice (pediculosis)

Head lice — tiny blood-sucking insects that are easily passed from person to person. Despite the fact that in nature there are up to 150 species of lice, they are strictly specific parasites and parasitic only in certain animal species. Man can become infected with head lice only from other people, but not from a sick cat or guinea pig.

There are three types of lice that cause pediculosis a person — head, pubic and body lice.

Head lice — are insects grayish white color, size 2-4 mm. Typically, they are found on the scalp, but can affect

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CIS can exist for a long time, because no harm

For which there is CIS — just for the sake of tradition and public opinion in the Member States or this structure really need to deal with any common problems? Can we now call the CIS pro organization? To these questions in the transfer of expertise Liberty meet politicians Silitski Vitaly and Andrei Fedorov.Tsigankov"A lot has been said that the CIS is going to die, that the real decisions were not adopted. Yet managing these states became common, sign some documents. How would you describe the situation in the CIS? Either divorce has long held and presidents and prime ministers

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Choosing tools for baby skin

The child appeared seborrheic crusts on the head, what to do? Which means it is better to use to moisturize and protect your baby's skin during a massage? Is there a face cream which moisturize the skin of my baby and will not cause allergies? How to wash the baby on the street? What if the baby goes to sleep badly?

If at least one question for you is relevant, then this article is for you.

1. On the skin of the baby's head appeared seborrheic crusts

They do not allow the skin to breathe

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Or until the end has come Alehno Eurovision?

In the past year, after Dmitry patraplennya Warlock in the first 10 of the favorites of "Eurovision-2007", the Belarusian organizers of the qualifying round for the singing competition made no secret of satisfaction: in 2008, they say, will not have to pass through a sieve and seminal elected to travel to Belgrade Ruslan Alehno machine to get to the end. By Warlock representatives of Belarus — duo "Alexandra & Konstantin" Polina Polina, Angelica — "fell" on the semi-final stage. But the satisfaction was in advance: before today’s competition organizing committee revised the old rules and decided that, apart from four

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