Next year will be twice as many applicants

As reported by the state news agency BelTA draft decree reflects the main proposals of the Interagency Commission on the analysis of general and secondary education, which is headed by Anatoly Rubinov. The Commission considers it appropriate to establish a 11-year general secondary education. According to the commission, it is more appropriate to the needs of the Belarusian economy, provides a rational implementation of budget funds and meets the wishes of most people. Training will be conducted on the total for all applets.In most European countries, including those in neighboring countries Belarus,secondary education students receive in 12 years.The structure of

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Hair loss can be stopped

Hair loss can be a symptom of many diseases, both local and systemic. To understand the situation and solve the problem, you need a doctor who treats hair — triholog. For consultation trihologa better to come with clean hair, washing your head the night before or the morning of the visit. Before the visit to the doctor is not necessary to change the usual hair care products, or to experiment with therapeutic drugs.

In many ways, the doctor will sort out in the course of conversation. Then trichologist will diagnose the state of the scalp and hair

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Where you learn to give birth?

Interest expectant mothers for everything that is related to pregnancy, childbirth and the future baby's life is huge. But where to find a companion? Female doctor consultation refers to the fact that time is short, and a lot of patients. Her friends still do not think about the baby. The questions are many, and even more fears. "Will I give birth normally? Vyterplyu the pain? Are all be okay with the baby? Cope with caring for a newborn baby?"

Pregnant women are incredibly suggestible. One wrong word can hurt future mother (and therefore the baby), whereas now it

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U.S. Air Force prepared for major in history-1B modernization program

USAF announced as «the largest in the history of the B-1B programm modernization» anticipates a number of improvements within applets SB-16 (Integrated Battle Station and Sustainment-Block 16), aimed at ensuring crews B-1B over the highest level of situational awareness and more than High nonhazardous digital link.   SB-16 includes improved awareness display vertical (Vertical Situation Display Upgrade) in the cockpit, which will change the two monochrome monitor the pilot and co-pilot one screen with 4 colored function monitors; one hundred percent of the line integrated data and comprehensive system testing (used to detect and eliminate defects) in the aft

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Database all worth indifference

Here, for example, a pointer, "Kalinin 1 km." What association can appear? What is a Russian village with houses of the same type, which corresponds to absolutely own Russian name. But it is necessary to pass this one kilometer, so suddenly make a discovery. Road to the Kalinin suddenly surrounded alley. The bend occurs highest tower of the old reddish brick. And the surrounding buildings as well, judging by the materials and architecture, built apparently not in Russian time. Then the traveler eye revealed very long gray fence. And behind the fence — old abandoned stone park and noble palace.

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Biofuels in aviation kerosene when retire?

Since the emergence of their own aircraft was tied to the oil industry. Products without the latter, it literally remained on the ground. Until a certain time, this situation is almost no one claims caused, and expressed his dissatisfaction usually concerned logistics or fuel prices. In recent years, in this area there was noticeable shift — wanting to reduce the cost of new aviation technology, first military and then civilian aviators began to find different methods to reduce costs. Previously this was done only by improving the aerodynamics of the aircraft and reduce fuel consumption. Now planned to consume

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Herpes: a gift of a lifetime?

All of us sooner or later face this unpleasant diagnosis so to speak "face to face". To this there are objective reasons for this: according to the World Health Organization, up to 90% of people in the world are carriers of the virus Herpes. In fact, the remaining 10% are children under3-4 years, because it was after this age, most babies falls into the public sphere, such as in kindergarten, and also become infected.

Some people deny that they are carriers of the herpes virus or sometime were suffering from the infection. However, if only a small list of

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Does the salami method inside the opposition?

Tsigankov: "How serious is this" disease "inside zvadak opposition? Can it be considered a major for the democratic forces?"Klaskouski: "Indeed, this is a big problem and a permanent democratic movement. From time to time you can hear — say, then, they are Democrats, that was pluralism. But almost always impossible to read about any ideological differences. It is about a clash of personal ambitions and time times just the obvious struggle for resources. Look: we have three social democratic parties and now begin to create their faction inside. I think that to find here some aspects of the program is

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Judge — as fear …

Man: "Judged them for what they do not like to power."

Trial for political affairs

Lady: "Judged — as fear. What else can they do? " Man: "I believe that the trial for political cases people someway find out the truth about what is happening in reality. And the authorities are afraid of those who know something and passes his knowledge to others. " Young Man: "By my views, this political trials. Lukashenko just afraid of losing their place and therefore different methods trying to escape. A judge even then that person is a registered organization. And how many

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Nuclear attack submarines and multipurpose. Projects 945 «Barracuda» and 945A «Condor»

Along with the development of multi-purpose nuclear submarines of the second generation in the leading countries KB, naval and industrial research centers, conducted exploratory work on third-generation submarines. For example, first the 1960s Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) CDB-112 «Lapis» developed predeskizny project number 673 — multipurpose nuclear submarine design that incorporates many advanced solutions — based on rational beliefs hydrodynamics contours (without cutting fencing) polutorakorpusnaya scheme, single-shaft power plant having a single reactor and the similar. Later work on the new multipurpose nuclear submarine in Gorky continued. One such study was 71 and the year is taken as the

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