Belarusian most fish — pike. And som …

Sous: "Elon, please tell me, and you yourself go fishing?"Lyashkevich: "I was at one point during the expedition had fish on the Ponemon. Seems nothing sprained. Fish I did not catch, so I did not motivate the modern devices and ancient. But I hope that someday’ll experimental archeology. This reconstruction older devices, and maybe then try himself as a fisherman. "Sous"Elon, the week before the air of" Liberty "We knew of caught in Pripyat tremendous catfish 38 kg, 1 meter 80 cm in length, which was caught fishermen Valery and Zoe Anikeichik. Then you plot Liberty contacted by fishermen and

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In Belarus, a suitable climate for grabbing

Tsigankov: "Vladimir Bryntsalov during his own visit to Minsk said that Belarus has a very good climate for investment." I advise their employees and pay attention to the Belarus ", — said Bryntsalov. Do you agree with the statement about a" favorable climate "?Romanchuk: "In Belarus, a good climate for what is called" grabbing. "Our government, unfortunately, make the conditions for all investors, do not conduct open tenders and tenders. They make conditions for backroom arrangements with people who wished would have a monopoly in some markets. Bryntsalov — a man who is no stranger to some Russian acceptable business

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How do the media-independent journalists after searches

All equipment confiscated from journalists is in the prosecutor’s office, and if its return and refund if at all, is not yet clear. But almost a few hours after the searches and "European Radio" Radio and portable radio, and "Belsat" aired, continue to be updated websites. President of the "European Radio Belarus" Dmitry Novikov convince:

Little complicated job, as will be more difficult to get some comments

"I think that the work did not change. We work as working in normal mode. Naturally, a little complicated job, as will be more difficult to get some comments ordinary concrete. But

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In 2009, gas prices for Belarus may cost $ 203

Theme issue of the weekly "Bel"- Detentions and beatings of members celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic, also raided the offices and apartments-independent journalists. Reports to deputy editor Victor Martinovic:"Comes an interview with Andrew Lyankevich who knows what happened to him. Also interview with Nikolai Statkevich, which we wonder why was not announced additional gathering place, why in the ranks of the protesters was slight panic. As a guest in our professional expressed Rainer Lindner — German political scientist. He answers the question, prepared by the European Union to join the U.S. sanctions. In the context of

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S.Kalinkina: Lupita power mirror that shows her face

Karatkevich: It has been a lot said about the searches in the apartments of journalists, media-independent offices, were used all sorts of adjectives, nouns like "violence." First — Your emotional recollection of that?Kalinkina: Frankly, I was terrified for their own friends and acquaintances, who cooperate with these radios as some I could not get through immediately, as from the 1st of the members received the SMS-ku, that their being searched. But do not say that it was a surprise to me, because if the Belarusian authorities are talking about outdoor style, I came to this idea that first, what they

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8 degrees for 5 days, Stalin had approved

In Minsk at the memorial complex "The Pit" was accomplished mourning ceremony marking the 65th anniversary of the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto. Role in her adopted country’s president Alexander Lukashenko. Comment listener:Andrew, Pinsk: "Lukashenko at the memorial event mentioned the Berlin wall, destroyed almost 20 years ago. It was destroyed by politicians for friendship among peoples. At us a fabulous Federal Government, which is already 10 years old, too, like built in the name of people. But the personal ambitions of the President and other politicians condemned the project unfinished, or it, as they say, to fool people. More

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Americans develop a plane that does not need to go down to the ground

A team of South American Institute of Lehigh is preparing a large unmanned aerial vehicle that is designed for continuous operations. Back in 1883 the Nobel Prize winner John Strutt, Baron Rayleigh physicist also nominated one constructive idea. John Strutt explored the mechanics of bird flight, namely, pelicans, and put forward the assumption that birds drew power for the flight from the difference of wind speeds, which in turn allowed them to soar in the sky without flapping their wings. Applying this technique of flight, which was designated as dynamic soaring, the aircraft could have, at least on a

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Flu Attacks!

According to preliminary estimates of physicians, the number of victims of the epidemic of influenza and SARS in the fall will be, at least at the level of the previous year. Even today in the capital, according to the Moscow Health Department, the number of cases increased by 60% compared to the summer period. Recorded outbreaks of SARS and other regions of Russia.

It is not necessary to guess what type of virus attacks your body and try to remove the torment you have symptoms and seek medical advice immediately!

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Intercontinental prospects

Arsenal of Strategic Rocket Forces mission absolutely upgraded 2020 In March, markedly increased the intensity of test launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from the landfill, «Kapustin Yar» in Astrakhan region. First of them took place on March 4 and, as stated by the Ministry of Defense official dealer for the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Igor Yegorov purpose, his goal was to test promising warheads mounted on an old rocket actually RS-12M «Topol». Training warhead ICBMs given accuracy struck conditional goal at the site «Sary-Shagan» (Republic of Kazakhstan). This month is scheduled to perform two similar run on the

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AgustaWestland has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter

Opened on September 10, 2013 international defense exhibition DSEI 2013, which was accomplished in London, the company introduced the AgustaWestland image promising shipborne unmanned helicopter are working on experts at the company. As reported by professional edition «Aviation Week & Space Technology »helicopter designed by RWUAS (Rotary-Wing UAS). Although representatives of the company AgustaWestland not directly confirmed complete reliability of the image, but, apparently, sketch essentially based on a real project completely. Ministry of Defence of England even allocated a contract in the amount of 2.4 million pounds to establish the concept of unmanned helicopter shipborne. Earlier, in 2013, AgustaWestland

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