Two years after the Plaza

Andrew knows Lyubyanchuk from Brest"In Minsk went in advance, on Friday evening. When driving into Minsk, it was night. We stopped by policemen. Where, Why, viewed all of our things. But we have invented earlier version. We uttered that we were going to woo the other. Those behold the that the car 5 men move wooing. Everything is fine. … We missed during Piazza drove his own car, drove thermos with hot coffee a couple of times went on petrol for the generator to refuel. I remember that at first were all somehow — in their groups. Who it was

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Influenza: Methods of protection

It is no secret that during the epidemic of influenza virus infection occurs mainly in urban transport. During rush hour, and healthy, who are hurrying to work and patients are very close to each other. Necessarily anyone will blow your nose near you, or even sneeze and cough onwhole salon. No wonder, if after a few days you will feel that flu and got to you.

Some people think that to avoid infection is almost impossible. But this is not the case. Here are some useful tips on how to reduce the risk of infection in public transport

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Liberalization of the economy: start a trend

Drakakhrust: "Signals that the Belarusian economic policy changes occur, began to arrive from the middle of last year: quite remember privatization" Velcom "and velyazavodu, constantly going debate on the privatization of several other companies, including the so to say" generic silver " .Today sensation was the abolition of the "golden share", one of the major obstacles to foreign investment. This week, Alexander Lukashenko, met twice with the delegations of British businessmen and politicians, promising the most favorable conditions for overseas, namely, the British investment.There are facts, there are words — is there a trend? Can you say that mades significant

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Battleship. Survivability of an aircraft carrier

The officer leaned over the mortally wounded Nelson, and at that moment from the lips of the dying admiral flew weak moan «Kiss me» (kiss me). Vice Admiral Hardy was taken aback and twice kissed Nelson. Historians argue to this day about the significance of this episode, one of the versions of the dying Nelson likely Pronunciation «Kismet» (Providence, rock). Combat survivability of ships rather difficult and controversial topic. Maritime history is full of examples of the impending death of class ships previously seemingly unsinkable, and, at once, just as indescribable cases salvation in desperate situations. At first glance,

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Wonder how the man received unlimited power …

On Sunday, Russian citizens elected a new president — Dmitry Medvedev, who as its own successor, Vladimir Putin advised. How then may change the relationship between Moscow and Minsk? That’s what outlook on this issue expressed in his own letter to the "Freedom" Vitaly Dikevich from the Grodno region. He writes:"In Russia, in the end, nothing has changed. President, in fact, choose, and again appointed from above. Medvedev looks so young disciple Putin ready to execute any commands teacher.I have no doubt that in four years the young president will be ordered to give way to the teacher, and Putin

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Interview: the correct procedure, or violation of the law?

It affects the future professionals, according to which the Ministry of Education, nominated by special requirements. What is the specialty and how it will be interviewed?According to the summary of the Ministry of Education, the interview focused on what to reveal personal, business properties, capabilities and motivation of people to the teaching of a particular function.Inspector of the Ministry of Maria Karpenko explained that such an interview is not the first year held at the Military Academy, and the Academy of the Ministry of Interior. Now, according to the presidential decree, this practice vserasprostranena and civilian specialty.This "government", "governance and

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We depression — dozens of persons: age, postpartum, depression, associated with changes in our lives to which we are unable to influence. Sometimes we tend to refer to the autumn blues or depression called seasonal affective disorder.

For depression is characterized by depressed mood, slowness of thought and speech, motor retardation, loss of interest in life, guilt, sleep disturbances, appetite (sometimes a refusal to eat), frequent thoughts of suicide, and even suicidal ideation. Sometimes depression accompanied by severe anxiety or motor excitation in which a person is torn, crying, tearing his clothes.

The outward signs of depression

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Advances in the Odessa-Brody project yet

Tsigankov: "How seriously before Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States stands task to find other Russian energy sources and how are they politically and at the technical level are ready to join forces here?" Manyanok: "Of course, each country looks at this questions pragmatic. Things that Belarus does not yet have any severe problems with the supply of gas or oil. But first bell rang at the end of 2006 and then some union transit countries like outlined. Question about how to build a jumper for the pipeline "Odessa-Brody". If the project is realized, and the oil will be pumped into

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Way to the West, which leads to the East

Drakakhrust: "On the" Western Front "foreign policy of Belarus — obvious changes. Lasts a number of sensational release of political prisoners, was released from prison Alexander Sdvizhkou. Another sensation suggests that unprecedented steps does not only Minsk, as became clear in February 9-10 Berlin negotiations minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov and control the German foreign ministry. makarom Thus dialogue is, and it seems that the parties are closer than ever to conclude any transaction. Why this deal Minsk handy at the moment like never before?

Kalinkina: "I do not think we can talk about the fact that

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L.Simakovich: Email Belarusian space in their desires

Simakovich"Since we are not able to choose, and choose us, the only thing we can do is, for sure, to send to our Belarusian space their desires, so long a hope was realized."Correspondent"What do you prazdnichek this?"Simakovich"What we know from history that in-1’s. A purely sensual to me is the future. Vstseshnae And this hope, my personal, that I will not in the end feel in own country minority government. At the moment this prazdnichek only on a spiritual level. On some level sotsyyumny it does not go away because I do not see how to do it at present

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