By Edward Platt

“It doesn’t matter if you’re discovering a piece of music or a film—it’s very similar,” says Fabien Riggall, founder and creative director of an organization that prides itself on restoring a sense of drama and mystery to familiar forms of entertainment. Riggall’s first project, Secret Cinema, uses actors and performers to re-create the world of a film as a setting for its screening, and he is now attempting to do the same in music. His new initiative, Secret Music, launched in

July with a

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The Royal Air Force – 1993

A review of the RAF in its 75th anniversary year, by Paul Jackson.

OVERSHADOWED by the RAF’s 75th anniversary celebrations on April 1, is the 25th birthday of Strike Command on April 30 and the 50th anniversary of the Ruhr dams raid on May 16-17. For the RAF, it seems that great events proceed in 25-year cycles — and that is most certainly true today, as the service comes to grips with a further series of structural changes. Sadly for the aviation enthusiast, these are associated with cuts in the strength of the RAF on par with the years following

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The radical graphics work.

Barney Bubbles

Among the last commissions completed by the late graphics genius Barney Bubbles (born Colin Fulcher 1942; died by his own hand 1983) was a typically quirky job delivered to one of his host of unusual and sympathetic clients: a tattoo design for Rat Scabies, drummer of UK punk-rockers The Damned.

Entitled The Missing Link – the ‘i’s inverted into exclamation marks – this wily construct formed a rat’s face from broken chain links. An amicable comment on Scabies’s unusual appearance, it also served to define Bubbles’ important but until recently all-but-invisible position in the development of graphics practice

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The port with everything

The city of San Diego was founded in 1542 by Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo, who originally saw how the long dogleg of the bay could be used as a harbour for ships to shelter against the vagaries of the Pacific Ocean. Over the centuries the facilities at San Diego have been progressively enhanced, until today the port can truly be described as a super-port. San Diego is also a military city, being home to the US Navy’s largest naval base on the West Coast. Just 20 miles from the border with Mexico, San Diego has also, within the last 15 years,

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The MT experts are hereto help…


Can you recommend some decent units and tell me what to watch out for when doing these things? Tom Abbot Sheffield

MT The DIY scene has really grown in the last fewyears and when once there were only a few kits there are now dozens in all shapes and sizes. Seventh Circle Audio (www. has a variety of kits based loosely on several different classic preamp designs from the likes of SSL, Neve and API. However, you will also need to build a Seventh Circle Audio chassis for these preamps (single-unit chassis are available). In the

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The Lifer

OS X Mavericks is generating a lot of buzz with its stick-looking app upgrades, but Rik Myslewski is more excited about the features we can’t see

Apple’s OS X Mavericks adds a number of nifty features — I’m particularly jazzed about improvements to the Finder, Safari, and the Calendar app — but even more interesting to us in the geek community are a trio of under-the-hood items that boost both performance and battery life.

The first goes by the oh-so-cute name of App Nap — definitely a «What took you so long?» feature. App Nap keeps an eye on the

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The history of DAF

While there was no doubt that OAF had certainly established a strong market tor its trucks In the Netherlands and the other Benelux countries its strategy as far as the wider export market was less convincing. Efforts to expand trucks sales in Europe were somewhat tentative and in the 1960s the company was arguably more interested in promoting its cars rather than trucks. However, by the early 1970s the company was taking steps to expand its market outside its traditional markets.

The tie up with International Harvester in 1972 was an indication that the management’s view of market expansion was

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THIRTY YEARS ago this month, a red-and-white-painted Hawk took to the skies over Britain. Today this aircraft has become one of the most successful, and by far the most successful jet trainer. With nearly 850 orders and 1.5 million flying hours to its credit, the BAE Systems Hawk has continued to evolve and remains at the forefront of jet trainer technology. This is largely the reason it continues to flourish, with a constant stream of orders flowing in.

The Hawk is a proud symbol of technological and marketing achievement for BAE Systems, and for Britain as a whole. As the

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The forestry commission

Unlike many other transport companies this enterprise not only operates and manages its fleet of vehicles and equipment, but in some areas also has to build the roads on which they run.

Wales and Ireland. The creation of the new authority was a direct result of the difficulties which the country» had faced in meeting the demand for timber during the First World War. The country’s forests had been declining since the Middle Ages and ever increasing demands for timber had resulted in the forested areas reducing to only 5% of the land area. The outbreak of war resulted in

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The Fix

NAVIGATION is both an art and a science and, like both disciplines, must develop to meet changing environments and scenarios This is particularly true of military air navigation.

In June 1982 the first RAF Tornado unit, IX Squadron at Honington, was formed and since that date the Tornado, with its two-man crew of pilot and navigator, has gradually replaced the Vulcan. Jaguar and Buccaneer in the overland role and the Lightning and Phantom in the Air Defence role. The Tornado is now one of the most potent and capable aircraft in NATO, being operated by the RAF, the German Air

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