Diagnosis and treatment of female infertility

Woman, dreaming to become pregnant, should not cry into my pillow at night, and seek professional help. As today, in many cases,infertility curable.

You can see a gynecologist in the local consultation, but it is better to go to the profile center for the treatment of infertility. And no one, and together with her husband. Diagnosis of infertility includes a comprehensive examination of both partners.

The diagnosis

First of all, the woman will appoint a pelvic ultrasound, tests for infection and bacteriological crops in the vaginal flora, check hormonal profile, find out if there is problems with the

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Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma

It is important to detect melanoma as early as possible. Regularly inspect all the moles. If some of them suddenly begins to grow too quickly, changing shape or color, inflamed or starts to hurt, immediately contact your oncologist. It is possible that this is notmole, but a real melanoma.

What should pay attention:

a new mole, and it is rapidly increasing in size; change size, color, shape moles; Moles appear in itching, burning, tingling, there nodules, ulcers; mole constantly injured, bleeding.

Doctor-oncologist will examine the skin and moles. When melanoma is suspected, refer the patient for a biopsy of

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Chinese aircraft carrier scared Korea

South Korea is concerned about the growth of China’s military power at sea Held a few days back the handover ceremony of China’s first aircraft carrier «Liaoning» (The last «Varyag») armed forces of the PRC again heightened concerns over South Korea’s growing power of Beijing’s views. In Seoul, recognize that they are increasingly and increasingly lagging behind in terms of equipping its own Navy in comparison with major regional powers — China and Japan. In this regard, the media heard louder calls to intensify construction of new Korean warships and submarines. Recall that on Sunday September 23 the first

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Turkey and Syria did not want war, but war

October 3 from the Syrian strike killed five Turkish people, the inhabitants of the town Akchakale: two ladies and three children. Apology from Syria to Turkey will not rest in Ankara held protests, and the parliament gave the Turkish government mandate to conduct military operations by Turkey for up to a year. «All that we seek — it is peace and security in our region — said Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey. — And specifically, we care about the most. We have no intention to go to war because we all beheld the consequences of confrontations in

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Belarus-Russia: a common platform 2-ideologies

In talks with Alexander Lukashenko and his Belarusian officer Sergei Martynov Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation promised subsequent political and economic support strategic friend. Belarusian leaders expressed willingness to fundamentally kaardynavannya policy of Belarus with Russia.On the days are created in Russia Institute of Democracy and Cooperation. One of its main objectives — the promotion of a positive kind of the Russian Federation abroad. In addition, the Institute will critically assess the state of democracy in the United States and Western Europe, to inform international public gaze RF control over political processes.Are independent experts in this regard emphasize similarities

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We offer you the information message «impostor Italian and Russian BRM-ZK» Lynx «(pictured), published on the portal» Herald of Mordovia » 29.06.2013. For more information, please contact the Department of Strategic Communication «Concern» Tractor plants «.   In the 90s of the last century Russian designers have developed a number of promising models of equipment, which at that time were one of the best in the world. But, unfortunately, for a number of reasons, first, economic, these war machines not entered service.   One of these samples is a combat reconnaissance vehicle BRM-3K «Lynx», which was equipped with the latest

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AgustaWestland has unveiled a new unmanned helicopter

Opened on September 10, 2013 international defense exhibition DSEI 2013, which was accomplished in London, the company introduced the AgustaWestland image promising shipborne unmanned helicopter are working on experts at the company. As reported by professional edition «Aviation Week & Space Technology »helicopter designed by RWUAS (Rotary-Wing UAS). Although representatives of the company AgustaWestland not directly confirmed complete reliability of the image, but, apparently, sketch essentially based on a real project completely. Ministry of Defence of England even allocated the contract in the amount of 2.4 million pounds to establish the concept of unmanned helicopter shipborne. Earlier, in 2013, AgustaWestland

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The truth about the anti-missile shield

In the Russian military-political literature, a study that can take its rightful place not only because of its own aimed at a specific subject relevance, and in depth analysis. We are talking about just published monograph Vladimir Kozin «» Evolution of the U.S. missile defense and Russia’s position «» / / Moscow: RISS. — 2013. — 384 pages (with illustrations). Creator prepared monograph broadly known for his publications on the issue of strengthening international security. Vladimir Kozin, a member of RANS, consultant director of the Russian Institute for Strategic research, a member of the Expert Council of the Interagency Working

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N.Halezin: Life should be colored

Public editor this week Nikolai Khalezin ’44. Served in the army, threw so called "Narxoz" when he realized that his vocation — creativity. Worked in the first Belarusian-independent publications to engage in political consulting, wrote several plays. In 2005 with his wife Natalia Kolyada they organized Free Theatre — independent team that does not have financing in Belarus, its stage and space for rehearsals. At the moment, it is part of an international project, which is under the auspices of Vaclav Havel and Tom Stoppard. Nobel laureate Harold Pinter Theatre gave all rights to his plays. December 10 2007 troupe

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Diary of a young patient

"We were young and thought that life is infinite, and we — are immune. When, at last, my boyfriend took me to the registrar and we are thinking about the future life, it turned out — stormy youth to leave a memory. Genital infections should be urgently treated both of us. It is good that this unpleasant fact does not embroil us, but proved difficult to recover, especially me. "

Vaginal infection prevent a woman to feel the joy and fullness of life. Discomfort exacerbated by gloomy thoughts of partner infidelity. Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the vagina is

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