The most expensive weapons system («Time», USA)

Major of the Marine Corps Arik Lieberman (Aric Liberman) unusually modest for the former «sea lion», which became a fighter pilot. He did not so long ago planted at the airport main operating base plane F-35 — one of the fighters in 2457, the Pentagon planned for the production. Total price of all cars will be 400 billion dollars, and it will be the most expensive programm arms procurement in the history of mankind. Standing among the solemn hype and commotion on this sunny day at the airfield in Yuma, Ariz., he refused the request of photographers in his

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October 27 The U.S. Navy will conduct the ceremony of baptism Minnesota submarine shipyard in Newport News (Virginia, company Newport News Shipbuilding — Branch Huntington Ingalls Industries), reports ASDNews October 25.   The main speaker was Admiral, director of naval nuclear propulsion plants Cyrus Donald (Kirk Donald). Submarines will be godmother Helen Roghed (Ellen Roughead), wife of the former head of the department of Naval Operations Admiral Gary U.S. Navy Rogheda (Gary Roughead).   APL Minnesota (10th type Virginia) named in honor of the inhabitants of the State of Minnesota for their continued support of the military effort of


India prepares stealth drone

India announced the development of an unobtrusive shock jet drone. Indian programm IUSAV builds up the euro and South American Neuron UAV Phantom Ray. Indian developers are planning to send its own UAV codenamed Aura in the first flight in 2015-2016. This is a very important plan, taking into account that the stealth drone technology requests that India does not yet have. But it should be noted that the director of the Indian defense research agency DRDO has recently visited Sweden, where possible, talks were held with the concern SAAB, which can assist in the development of programs from

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Shifting virus

In the world there are many laboratories are constantly replenished arsenal of vaccines and medicines. VirusInfluenza is among the most studied pathogens of infectious diseases. However, no year is complete without an epidemic of this infection, and once every few decades, as at present, the spread of flu is becoming a pandemic.

Virus Influenza is unique among infectious diseases because of its ability to rapidly and significantly change its structure. These changes affect the antigens — surface proteins that are recognized by the human immune system. Therefore, the immune system, drawn up after contact with another form of the

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Hiccups: what to do?

Hiccups — it's non-specific disturbance of respiratory function, which is the result of a series of jerky spasmodic contraction of the diaphragm and is manifested subjectively unpleasant short and intense respiratory movements. It sometimes occurs in healthy humans with no apparent cause and usually is harmless, quenched phenomenon.

Hiccups can occur under the following circumstances:

1. General cooling (especially in infants), especially in alcoholic intoxication.

2. When hyperextension of the stomach (overflow its food). According to experts, these involuntary muscle contractions may come from the esophagus. Disorders of food ingestion and stuck in the esophagus provoke spasms

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New American secret unobtrusive UAV RQ-180

Magazine «Aviation Week & Space Technology » in its issue of December 9, 2013 makes the main theme (and material) for the first time posted exclusive information about the brand new South American secret intelligence unobtrusive bolshennom unmanned aerial vehicle Northtop Grumman RQ-180, developed by one of the «dark» U.S. Department of Defense programs. UAV Northtop Grumman RQ-180 represents a new generation of unmanned systems designed, unlike slow UAVs like General Atomics Predator and Reaper, for action in «inaccessible» or «contested» airspace — in other words the criteria enemy resistance, which owns advanced air defense system and the Air Force.

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Radical cure for militants and separatists. On the role of the tank in modern warfare

Discussing the new Russian tank «Armata» we braked on the issue, as it will comply with the conditions of modern warfare and fighting the foreseeable future. And at the same time — like a burning type of weapon is now generally tank. Let’s talk about it. So: Do ​​not be a tank as a kind of anachronistic weapons in modern warfare? Do not put an end to its use in battle booming antitank weapons? After all, at one time gun put an end to the cavalry, and now, maybe, we look revolution in military affairs? Indeed, NATO countries have refused

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Blood test for syphilis

Syphilis — one of the most common sexually transmitted disease that affects the internal organs, skin and central nervous system. There is the possibility of syphilis, not only sexually, but also by household: through utensils, bedding, personal hygiene items and other things that were used or touched by sick people.

To determine if you are sick or not, you should contact your doctor who will examine and referral for testing. Laboratory diagnosis reveals the causative agent of syphilis — pale treponemu. As a material for study can be as blood plasma and secretions of skin rash, sometimes

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How to return a woman’s attractiveness?

What makes a woman attractive: the eyes, the smile, the gait, the figure of 90-60-90? Glossy magazines are betting on the centerfold a la Barbie doll — long legs and impressive bust. Scientists claim that the important thin waist if its circumference is 70% of the circumference of the hips, the woman — pure Viagra. Poets and artists against the standards and insist that women can not understand the appeal of the mind, can only be felt.

What people think about women's attractiveness doctors? What determines the attractiveness of women? Can it be measured? Are there ways

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The truth about 9 Rota

The War in Afghanistan began to forget. Disappeared from the political map of the USSR, together with him gone, and Russian army, passed away many of the witnesses of those events. And only Afghanistan itself since that time almost not changed, there has been about 30 years does not stop shooting, only a limited military contingent of Russian army was replaced by a contingent of NATO. In Russia since the time came two Chechen campaigns, and more specifically to the topic of the 2-wars begin to address the Russian cinematography and writers can be forgotten about Afghanistan would all, except

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