The last battle of red and white

I did not realize for a long time: why the "White Finns?" Due to heavy snowfall? But the point of the propaganda clichés were all the same. In 1917, taking advantage of the general turmoil, the Senate Suomi led the "parade of sovereignties" and that lit the fuse of civilian war in the land of thousand lakes. Notwithstanding such a wealth of water to extinguish the fire failed to fratricidal until 1920.

"Red" — socialists supported by the Russian Federation, opposed the "white" — the separatists, backed by Germany and Sweden. The plans included the recent Russian countryside in East

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Portable communication devices

Let's try to give definition of communication in the modern world. To do this, we will not use almost incomprehensible encyclopedic definition. To understand the connection rather to say that this is one of the main links of increasing competitiveness, it is a real locomotive for commercial transactions, small and large business projects. No self-respecting company can now do without a functional, multi-level, secure communication system that provides instant exchange of topical information.

Many business projects are implemented through the use of portable communication systems, one of the parts of which are radio capable of information forms the whole

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The defeat makes smarter … if left alive!

With all the misery and poverty of the masses in the style of pre-revolutionary Russian Federation, the king was one fundamental advantage over modern Russia: its peasants, baking bread with quinoa, nevertheless, feed themselves. Fed, who argues — poor, not rich, but for yourself. In this sense, the pre-revolutionary Our home was poor, but self-sufficient state. Russia — a failed government, albeit a very consumer-pyshnovatoe, for the simple reason that does not eat his own. In the Russian Federation does not have its economy. That which we call the economy of the Russian Federation — is the Russian DISPOSAL OF

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Goodbye, Japanese pacifism!

Japanese defense budget gradually reduced. Together with those residents of the rising sun very well suited to economical embezzlement defense, purchasing only the most modern and the most necessary — in the criteria of increasing tensions with China. In the context of island disputes with Beijing for the rising sun as ever important issue of modernizing weapons. Meanwhile this puzzle no government able to solve for a year or two. Japanese analysts (publication «Yomiuri») write that in the budget for 2013 for the purposes of defense laid 4.5851 trillion yen (1.3% less in relation to 2012). 2013 — this

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Popular on military logistics

Good morning! Now I wanted to talk about military logistics. Not about the logistics of how science is being taught at the Academy of the General Staff, etc., and on the most philistine, the ordinary level. It is clear that the military, what I'm currently going to read — well aware. What we are discussing specifically about the campaign against illiteracy, in other words about the most ordinary philistine notions of war: what is and what is logistics staff work in the armed forces?

In ancient times, the need for the headquarters, in the headquarters of spices was not, in

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Amendments to the Federal Law on weapons

For quite a long time in Russia there is a discussion of whether to introduce at the legislative level, the right of Russians to keeping short-barreled firearm in your own home or ban drop in force. The web site one can find detailed information about the legal capacities of storage and use guns. People who have long dealt with the instrument and realize that this is a very effective tool for self-defense, advocate for the fact that the new amendments to the law on weapons have been submitted. There is another layer of Russian people who argue that legalizing

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Posodeystvuyut whether the Taliban Obama win in Afghanistan?

After the massive terrorist attacks in September of this year, the world once again sent his views on Afghanistan. Why? Yes, because most people have grown accustomed to sluggish counterterrorist operation of the coalition (American) troops in the country. 10 years, then die down, then again breaks the silence gunfire, explosions and bombs airstrikes forced the public with the least enthusiasm to look to the South American attempts in Afghanistan — people used to …

And at the end of October the situation decided to undermine the head of the South American Department of State, Hillary Clinton, as they

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Poland seriously worried placement Iskander near Kaliningrad

According to statements by Radoslaw Sikorski (Polish Minister of foreign affairs), as reported by "Interfax", Warsaw is very concerned about the likely militarization of the Kaliningrad region and the placement of tactical missile systems. On the eve of the talks in Moscow, which is scheduled for December 14, Sikorski commented: "According to our estimates, the Russian-Polish affairs in recent years have become very better. And therefore with great surprise we met the November statement by President Dmitry Medvedev about the construction of a missile defense system in Europe. Ultimaticheskaya form that has been used is not appropriate in the

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Polish medium bomber P-30 (LWS-6) Zubr

In late 1933, the order book of the Ministry of Railways of Poland added a project of passenger aircraft PZL-30, which was launched from the Department of "plain clothes aircraft." After a couple of years, the aircraft turned into a fighting machine and was the last in the family bolshennom "flying cruisers," which were the product of calculations by the Italian General Douai — theorist of the air war.

Initially PZL-30 had to change the "Fokker" F-VII-b/3m, successful and long exploited the state airline PLL Lot. But in 1934, the airline refused this dvuhmotornika in favor of purchasing the South

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Polish version of the tools and equipment fighter XXI century

At the end of last and beginning of this century, many countries have decided to compete barrels in the framework of "soldier of the future ','tool future ", etc.. Despite the fact that most of the samples, which are trying to justify his immense coolness and development of many countries are frank delirium and are "stillborn", is in the middle of similar samples and quite worthy of attention model, which are at least similar to the gun, not the sham Hollywood blasters from the movies. In general, even the most unspeakable of their own design samples manage to pull something

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