Polish fighters in Afghanistan as a base of the nose is not shove

During own official policy statements of all levels in one voice say that the Poles Afghanistan produce peacekeeping goal, although it has long been in the very halls of power they say that there is a real war. Priemuschestvenno, this is due to the fact that the military and political control of Poland is not interested in open coverage of events taking place in this country. The generals do not want to disturb the family and friends of their own fighter who once daily put their life threats, and politicians do not want to lower its ratings in the

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Poltava Khanate descendants of Mamaia

The roots of modern Ukraine must be found not in Kievan Rus and the Golden Horde.

Mamaj heavily represented in the Ukrainian folk art XVIII-XIX centuries

Certainly, none of my recent articles is not done as much noise as "Tatar root Cossack family." But the point is too early. Steppe Turkic origins of Ukrainian ethnos require digging coming, so to speak. Instead we are being offered fiction stories, adapted to the changing political purposes. But the story — is valuable in itself. This is not the servant of politicians. This is a detective who does not get tired to unravel,

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Politicization of the Court of Justice: an indulgence for the killers of the Serbian population

Oddities of so-called international justice is fully manifested at the end of last week. If prior to 16 November 2012 was attended by some doubts about the need for the existence of the so-called Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, particularly here on the 16th of this month, this year, these doubts have grown into a strong belief about the utter futility of the organization calling itself international.

The fact is that last Friday, the ICTY Appeals Commission does not by an overwhelming majority (three arbitrators to 2-uh) was in favor of a complete withdrawal of charges against 2-Croatian generals.

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Polishing Auto Body

Polish body of the car — it's caring for her appearance, as the removal of small scratches and cracks. With the help of polishing a car with a layer of protection. The consistent implementation of auto cosmetics has become commonplace, in fact destroy the coating is not difficult, it is known to every driver.

Normal, single polish Body does not provide the ability to achieve the desired result. Polishing should include several steps. At first, with a special skin, remove An old paint, to restore to the abrasive polishing paste. Then he applied for the protection of abrasive

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Indications Taliban and modern Taliban

First, in February one of the main news related to Afghanistan, was the publication of excerpts from a secret NATO report on the basis of material 27 thousand interrogations of arrested 4,000 Taliban fighters, who dubbed the compilers of "The State of the Taliban." Apart from the regular Afghan thugs evidence of cooperation with Pakistani intelligence services, the discussed document contains a number of information on the functioning of armed opposition, sentiment in the middle of the militants, etc. Some journalists have received this information as a kind of ultimate truth about the situation in Afghanistan, although this approach

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Background events in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan

Forgery and sanctions — an arsenal of opponents of Syria

Strength, aggressive Syria, continue to intrigue. The enemy's media are on candid forgeries to provoke foreign intervention in the internal affairs of independent state.

Thus, the special envoy of the UN Syria Lakhdar al-Ibrahimi attributed these words, which he read. Media trumpeted as if it was made with a new plan to resolve the situation in Syria, in accordance with which the country should be declared a cease-fire, and keep it under control to international peacekeepers. However, there should not be a Yankee and English, but the entire contingent should be representatives of other countries — in the main,

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Underground naval base in Sweden Musco

When the whole world was on the brink of war, there was only one really benign place — this is a good bunker deep underground. That is why the world is littered with underground military bases, many of which as before are lurking, even though most of these have been declassified, and some even open to the public, as for example a naval base in Sweden Musko (Muskoanlaggningen), which looks like a decent backdrop for a Hollywood movie.

Perhaps naikrupneyshy underground military facility in Sweden. This military naval base built under a mountain of granite RockSolid. Base is unrealistic

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Submarine Fleet: prospects and expectations

June 15, 2010 in Severodvinsk, was removed from the dock Sevmash new submarine project 885. So Makar, on this day in Russia built submarines head of the new series of 3 main classes: SSBN 955 ("Yury Dolgoruky"), diesel-electric submarines of Project 677 ("St. Petersburg"), and in the end the project SSGN 885 ("Severodvinsk" ).

This crotch limit is to draw attention to realize what prospects expect the Russian submarine fleet submarines, and on what the future will serve those officers and men who are now so far only finish 9-11th grades of secondary schools.

4th Generation

The story of a

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Submarines Narwhal (Project of the American company Holland 31)

July 12, 1907 Tsar Nicholas II was approved by the "small shipbuilding program," under which, apart from building flooded the vessels of different classes, provides for the construction of the Black Sea Fleet of 3 submarines. MGSH the summer of 1909, has developed a major TTE (tactical and technical elements) of the future Black Sea boats, the design speed of which was on the surface and 12 knots submerged 10 knots, with a cruising range of all of this was supposed to be 1000 and 100 miles respectively.

June 3, 1909 new tactical and technical elements were sent to interested

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