Putins plans for the restoration of the Russian Navy

Sounding promises of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to 2020 in Russia a modern navy for 4.7 trillion rubles puzzled media. Prime Minister announced at the day at the regional conference of the "United Our homeland" in Cherepovets, but neither he nor the military began to spread what exactly goes into the concept of "modern fleet" when the programm starts to create it, as long as it does not markedly, and that will be made directly to it.

It is also unclear whether this includes the sum of two Mistral helicopter carriers worth 1.2 billion euros, which are bought

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Plans for redrawing the political map of the Near East and the Islamic World

Is almost everyone understands that the political map of the Near East will be redrawn. Well, not only it will change the border almost all the Islamic world. Hastened to bury the story earlier time, the actions of global significance are taking place right before our eyes. In principle, before it was clear that the boundaries of the orders made by the French and British colonizers artificial and will be redrawn at some point. The first countries that have undergone fragmentation of Somalia, where at the present time there are a number of municipalities and Sudan — divided into North

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Defense Ministry plans to build aircraft carriers

In the United Shipbuilding Company by the Ministry of Defence was ordered to develop preliminary design of a promising carrier. "Interfax" reports that it was declared Anatoly Serdyukov, the head of the Defense Ministry RF. But he noted that the state program of armaments RF for 2011-2020. finance the construction of these ships is not provided. "By 2020 funds to do so, and there are no plans," — said the head of the Defense Ministry.

Before the end of 2012, a preliminary design of aircraft carrier to be used. "Industry and precisely USC has to show us. If all

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When you can not do without IVF?

According to the Health Ministry, faced with infertility for more than 15 percent of Russian couples. Every year in Russia are born thousands of babies conceived using the method of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

What techniques are used to treat infertility? To whom and when you can not do without IVF? Which species are used in IVF clinics in Russian? Are these methods of infertility treatment for families with average incomes? Are "test-tube babies" from the other kids?

These and other questions answered readers MedNovostey gynecologist, endocrinologist, a specialist in vitro fertilization medical center ASCON Larissa

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Pistols Volcanic. The truth about the bracket Henry

Probably not in the middle of those people who at least once in their lives, albeit on the screen tele, not beheld gun with clip Henry. Rally can recall at least some of the film "gold rush" in the area of North America or the more recognizable and massive "Terminator", in which more young Arnie resounded from Winchester 1887 shotgun everything that came in the way, with all this instant recharging tool with one hand, holding it by the bracket Henry. Staple Henry, she's Henry lever is a lever which own position in the normal adjacent to the butt

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Submachine gun Hero PP-19-01

The fact that in the city firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle, albeit shortened, unacceptable undeniable. Yet, specifically AKS-74U can often behold in law enforcement officers. In addition, the bullet 5.45 x 39 saves your energy on a fairly large distances, and can get to a person who is far away from the place of the introduction of guns, ammunition that has a few flaws that are relevant to specific weapons for police guards. First, the missing stopping power, resulting in neutralizing the enemy from the 1st shot is problematic, in addition, the bullet passing through the body of the enemy,

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Gun Mitrailleuse / Le Gaulois

In the late XIX — early XX century eyes on the weapon of self-defense were somewhat different from those for the moment. If the presently relatively small gun can be used right up to the caliber of ammunition in 45 hundredths of an inch, then the small-sized instrument for the protection was compact in everything, including ammunition. Simple devices, weaker ammunition — like this can be briefly described instrument is positioned as a pocket gun. Separate branch in this all took so called gun-expanders, in other words an instrument in which the expense of hand muscle strength occurred and supply

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Pistol Drill

Global design practice shooting guns indicates that for the invention of a system that will be used as a "civilian clothes" tool, ie specialized staff nearmeyskih units, from time to time to modify already quite experienced standards. From time to time on the shelves gathering dust drawings of design offices and practical developments made earlier gun, which according to various accidents from falling into the "series." Especially since if the weapon-invention Margolin.

A few words of M. Margolin The scion of a worker, M. Margolin early 20-ies of XX century falls into the army and sent to fight gang

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Pirates of the Emperor Nicholas the Bloody

The theory of the German "unlimited war" of the sea appeared in the Russian experience.

Sevastopol in 1899. Ladies meet battleships Black Sea Fleet of the campaign. Just looked bay, when the "Smolensk" and "Petersburg" is headed to the cruise

In the middle 90's very popular used book writer Igor Bunich the mysteries in naval history — "Pirates of the Fuhrer" and "Dogs Kaiser." Thanks to them, our reader vyznat the adventures of the German cruisers, attempted a 2-global wars brought to its knees the British Empire. Then, using the raider operations in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean Germans

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U.S. Air Force pilots explain why they shall be removed to fly F-22

Intended for the anti-Russian fighters of the last generation that has never seen the light, F-22 Raptor pursue objectives, culminating in death in November 2010, the 1st of the best pilots Jeff Haney.

Samples were corrected F-22 were long and filled with errors, and, at least, two of the pilots assigned to fly on raptors fly it shall be removed.

Pilots F-22 Josh Wilson and Jeremy Gordon on May 6 were invited to the program "60 Minutes," which explained why they refused to fly on Air Force fighter.

The main concern remains the pilots that the plane does not provide

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