Dive bomber Ju-87 — one of the signs of the Blitzkrieg

In the middle of all German combat aircraft period of the second world war, perhaps the most noticeable and famous was the Junkers Ju-87, which is the emblem of the Blitzkrieg in almost all countries of the world are still associated with the word "aggression." The aircraft gained a sad notoriety for themselves in the skies of Spain and Poland, France and Britain, the Balkans and the Russian Union, becoming the symbol of terror, destruction and grief. No other aircraft of that war did not cause so much discussion and prompted so many conflicting opinions.

Ju-87 — this seemingly

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Pick-up in space

The U.S. Air Force made a start of a new reusable unmanned shuttle X-37B. This is the secret project that clearly low, particularly its extremely small dimensions with a length of 8.23 meters, wingspan — 4.6 meters, height — least 3 meters. The introduction of the device, but can assist to solve a number of problems of military and economic nature. Newspaper gaze tried to figure out what might these tasks.

Start a new South American unmanned reusable shuttle X-37B, an unknown reason brought forward by a few days, in the end, was produced in the evening on Thursday,

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The sad outcome of the Iraq war

Beginning of the war in Iraq began in 2003. Despite the claims of the United States of frisky victory, military action lasts to this day.

During the war the Americans lost 4.5 thousand people were killed, about 35 thousand wounded. But according to an investigation by the television network CBS, the loss of the American army has far exceeded 15 thousand people. This includes those soldiers who committed suicide before and after serving in Iraq. The official referred to the Pentagon in 2200 the figure soldier who committed suicide between 1995 and 2007 year. But the reporters conducted their

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Sand Flea — a new wheeled robot intelligence the U.S. Armed Forces

The American company «Boston Dynamics», which is known for its unique development in the field of military bots, presented for field testing a new bouncing wheel boat for intelligence operations «Sand Flea». Boat got its name from a fairly well-known South American military insect «igger flea» — Sand flea. As lively layout, Sand Flea can jump high enough. Precision jumps brought in bot to the limit, and the operator bot can quietly watch as he jumps on his team in the window located on the second floor.

Outside «Sand Flea» like a child's toy or on the chassis of

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Prospects for the development of military technology in the car until 2020

Shevchenko AA, Head of Head Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Pochetaemye colleagues, first self-presentation, in-1's, I wish to thank the committee for giving the podium to speak at your illustrious institution and in-2, I liked the performance of Maxim Valerevicha. Instead of the preamble to the statement I wish to draw attention to two spoken thesis. First — the creation of all-wheel drive vehicles by the end of 2020 and the second — training and practice. Create all-wheel drive vehicles by the end of 2020 for us, this is critical. Why? Because at

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The coup in Russia began with Libya

What Our homeland is different from Libya?

The fact that we do not have to bombard.

There is virtually certain to resist. On the contrary, the elite, sending kids to study in London, are looking forward to.

So the "Dawn of Russia» («Russia Dawn») will claim at least the victims.

Moreover, military intervention may not be necessary in general. After all, its purpose — the initiation of the coup. Our homeland but at the moment is not just pregnant coup: he goes to her at full speed and with a bang.

After a month or two (or maybe

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Rearmament prevent inflation?

July 26, 2011 held a meeting on the state defense order in which Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that this year, the volume of orders amounted to 750 billion rubles, which is 1.5 times more than in the past. And to this day are not signed a contract for about 30% of the total amount of the order in 2011.

According to Vladimir Putin, in response to the claims in the party control of the Ministry of Defence put forward a mutual requirement, so that is immeasurable growth prices. In addition, the Prime Minister stressed that, despite the

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Transportation of office furniture

Man which personally have never encountered with the transport of furniture, it may seem that it is not completely problematic case, which does not require any harsh ability, experience or expertise available. In reality, the situation is quite different. Every company that is engaged in the carriage of goods artistically, has its own specially designed to the last detail and obmyslenny treatment plan order taken separately, starting from the call of the customer and ending with his signature, which he confirms that the work took.

Any of these steps obmyslen to detail and focused on what the customer would

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First in the world of underwater minelayer CRAB (part 1)

Creating the world's first underwater mine layer "Crab" — one of the delightful pages in the history of Russian military shipbuilding. Technological backwardness of the Russian Federation royal t an entirely new type of submarine, which was a "crab", led to the fact that this mine minelayer came into operation only in 1915, but even that of the technical level of a developed country, which was the Kaiser's Germany, the first underwater mine-layers, only appeared in the same year, while in their tactical and technical data are significantly inferior "Crab . "

Mikhail Petrovich raids

Mikhail Petrovich raids was

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The first fruits of the WTO litigation

EU, U.S. and Japan offer the Russian authorities to encounter in the Commercial Court

Less than six months from the receipt of the official status of our state member of the Global Trade Organization, and the fruits of this adventure are not forced himself long expected. Apparently, the Russian authorities promised "pretend marriage" will not work. Senior partners for trade mesalliances quick to proclaim the necessity of the Russian Federation to take responsibility for pre-sales more tasty morsels Russian market. Their unenviable fate is the following posting of sharks transnational business.

As it became clear, the representatives of the

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