Americans develop a plane that does not need to go down to the ground

A team of South American Institute of Lehigh is preparing a large unmanned aerial vehicle that is designed for continuous operations. Back in 1883 the Nobel Prize winner John Strutt, Baron Rayleigh physicist also nominated one constructive idea. John Strutt explored the mechanics of bird flight, namely, pelicans, and put forward the assumption that birds drew power for the flight from the difference of wind speeds, which in turn allowed them to soar in the sky without flapping their wings. Applying this technique of flight, which was designated as dynamic soaring, the aircraft could have, at least on a

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Cosmetics for men, or how to please a woman


Most men start their morning with a shave. Those who prefer a wet shaver shaving (By the way, the classic "Schick" in modern versions can beat many speed records), win: his skin after a day does not leave a feeling of freshness. Yetshaving — The eternal male problem, and the daily stress for the skin. Remove it to ensure comfort during this procedure is not too pleasant enable foam or shaving gel, softening the skin and stubborn stubble. Especially delicate ones, which include special additives (oil shea butter, healing mineral water springs). They note, be sure to have

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DARPA to build the first set of anti ACTUV

Details of the new DARPA project slightly brightened by placing video concept Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). DARPA spendest 58 million U.S. dollars to acquire and build SAIC 1st Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vehicle (ACTUV), which will identify and track down the enemy submarines, reports Interesting to note that unlike some unmanned aerial vehicles, which are not so little strolls negative disk imaging in the near future, ACTUV will be very useful. He will be able to detect and hunt down enemy submarines and neutralize the danger posed by these boats. ACTUV will work independently and will

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The Pentagon has acknowledged contrived pretext for going to war in Iraq

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates (Robert Gates) has announced that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction, reports RIA announcements. So Makarov, U.S. officials acknowledged that excuse for the invasion of Iraq was invented.

"The problem for the Yankees with this war is that those assumptions and guesses, based on which we have decided to launch military actions — that Saddam has a weapon of mass destruction — were unfounded. And if to turn back, even if it is assumed that at the moment things are fine, so (war in Iraq) Will always be clouded by how

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Pentagon picks Android

South American military will change Blackberry phones on Android

News service CNN, citing a source close to the project, said about the recent state program there in which South American military programmers working to improve the safety of the mobile platform Android. The first batch of devices that will be the introduction of the higher municipal bureaucrats and the U.S. military for storage of classified documents for the past few months. It is planned that the first step of the South American bureaucrats will be able to use tablets and phones for receiving and sharing inside information.

Director of the

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Cartridge 6h49 and sniper rifles CRS CRS-C, TKB-0145K

In the near future there is quite often about what one or another manufacturer began developing a new weapon, or even already graduated, which vary from one vserasprostranennyh rounds, moving cannon, its uses, to a new level. Against this background, our "breakthroughs" in the weapons actually look a little palely, and we have something to brag. However, you can almost always brag that was created at the Russian Union for different reasons have been abandoned in the far corner. Yet, if the clean up anything that is stuck in attics and basements majestic country, you can find a lot of

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Patriety the service Berezovsky, the State Department and NATO

Immediately explain prohindeev for those who, after reading this note to scream about "the biggest sided oranzhizma": I totally alien to the political position of Alexei Navalny and Vladislav Naganova.

But primitive razoblachitelstvo with which the "true patriots" and "fiery antioranzhisty" pounced on Naganova for his performance against the NATO base in Ulyanovsk, forcing me to speak on the merits. Especially since my article on the dilemma of many references in the polemical texts.

So, the first point.

It seems that someone did not suit the political position of Navalny and Naganova acting against unfortunate "transit point" of NATO in

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PACE tells him to listen to the right of the Russian Federation meetings

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe calls on the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to strictly follow the advice of the Venice Commission of the adoption of new laws. In fact PACE blames our Parliament's approval of the draft law on meetings, reports Interfax.

In the draft resolution, PACE provides a reminder that the 10-member Council of Europe to this day are under the monitoring procedure. In addition to Russian Federation, "lucky" to Azerbaijan, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Montenegro. As part of the resolution relating to the Russian Federation, it

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Begin tests UPGRADED AK-74

Tests began modernized AK-74 made on research and production enterprise «Izhmash». This now told Trend. ITAR-TASS press service.   «The other day, a day or 93rd birthday famous designer Kalashnikov guns Misha began testing modernized AK-74. This model is designed NGOs «Izhmash» within the «Russian Technologies», on the basis of the most popular in the world of small guns, «- said spokesman NGOs» Izhmash » Lena Filatova.   According to her, tests AK-74 with an extended factory modernization underway in the Central Research Institute of Machine Building clear / TSNIITOCHMASH /. Arms will receive a full test on the

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Paris again threatens Iran

Salting of the French Republic to the United Nations Gerard Aro September 27 did statement that against the Iran can be carried out a military operation, if the Iranian administration has completed the development of its own nuclear utilities that reported Agence France-Presse.

According to him, if for this dilemma is not reached an agreement with Tehran, the "severe risk will be the beginning of military operations." With all of this French salting added that a military strike on Iran's state will be "extremely difficult" task, which would lead to "catastrophic consequences" for the entire Middle East region.

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