Deck Alligators will appear in 2014

First party decked combat helicopters Ka-52K, established on the basis Ka-52 "Alligator" Army Air Corps, and will be built to test 2014 year. On this, as reported by RIA Announcements, said chief designer "Kamov" Sergei Mikheyev. The new helicopters will be based on vertoletonosnyh deck amphibious ships, docks class "Mistral", acquired by Russia from France in June 2011. Go with the Ka-52K will be built and a certain number of military transport helicopters Ka-29.

Previously, it was clear that Ka-52K will receive a number of innovations, compared with the base model helicopter. Namely, the car will be equipped with a

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Pakistan and our homeland, new business

The fact that Pakistan does not love America and all of South American — not news. Alone sassy UAV attacks, as a result of attacks are often killed a peaceful inhabitants, the Pakistanis, the military, which are worth. Well, Obama's operation to eliminate bin Laden passed without the consent of Islamabad. And, incidentally, Pakistan — the government with a nuclear weapon. Because of his long-suffering towards American antics many seem just ordinary. However, it appears that economic judgments Islamabad must come to terms with the policy of blatant States (America contributes to the economy of Pakistan estimated at 1 billion.

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Another arms scandal with the role of Ukraine

Most recently, Ukraine became embroiled in another arms scandal. At this time, the Ukrainian government has blamed the supply of military equipment to South Sudan. But somehow the timing is really very embarrassing for the Ukrainian head of state, which with nedavneshnih then carries the title of "the second Euro dictator." At the same time, a scandal erupted at a time when it is not placed all points of the «I» in the case of Yulia Tymoshenko, is also not entirely clear what will result in political and economic pressure, which was launched in the European Union towards Ukraine.

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Another anti-Syrian rally foiled

July 15 in Damascus explosions were heard and shooting. Under the guise of a "peaceful demonstration" gang of terrorists trying to destabilize the situation in the southern suburbs on the outskirts of the Syrian capital.

After the first great gangster July nest was destroyed in a suburb of Damascus, the Duma, the surviving part of the terrorists was able to move to the area of Al-Tadamon (southern suburb of Damascus), also in the adjoining district, home to Palestinian refugees, who also unsuccessfully trying to engage in a conflict with legitimate authority.

In the evening of July 15, while a

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Evaluation of reality World War II, as the main instrument out of the global crisis and its possible disposition

The global monetary crisis has now become a major factor in determining how global and regional political processes and the direction of the internal political situation in virtually all countries of the world.

Despite the emergency measures taken by the minions of virtually all countries in the world for its settlement, rich advice and summits at the highest level of success so far in this direction can not be reached.

The reason for this is that the global monetary crisis is only a manifestation of a more profound and wide-ranging civilization crisis, which covers virtually all aspects of modern

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Evaluation of Vladimir Putin as president and prime minister of the Russian Federation. Interview

Vladimir Putin versatile valued among men RF, Although he has more supporters than enemies. It should be noted that he used and is quite popular, not only in Russia, but also abroad. In addition, his personal popularity is higher than the rating of the government and the "United Russia", which many consider the party of thieves.

Arguments in favor of Vladimir Putin

— Was reared in a working family, my mother worked at the plant survived the siege of Leningrad. Father — a soldier, a fighter Infantry Regiment, was severely wounded in the war, he worked in a factory.

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Armory «classic» — a pistol CZ75

In the midst of abundance of all available guns are those models that can be identified and in particular to call classics. And how would these guns does not stand with signs do not have to own any revolutionary design solutions, but they recognized best standards, so to speak, samples. Similar models quite small, and can be counted on the fingers, although have to use them, and on the lower extremities, they became the basis for hundreds of other models, they have adopted in almost all countries for the army and the police, and everyone who is interested in

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Troop Raghib Bey, rehearsal Afghan war

In the first half of April 1929 the Soviet-Afghan border, near the town of Termez, which is located in Tajikistan, crossed the cavalry detachment, numbering 2,000. All the fighters of the mysterious squad were well equipped and armed, despite the fact that they were dressed in Afghan army uniforms, they talked among themselves in the Russian language. The crossing took place at almost the same place where 50 years later, in December 1979, crossed the fortieth army troops of the USSR.

Commanded a Turkish officer Raghib Bey, who was in fact Russian military attache in Afghanistan VM Primakov.

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Solo on the body of the rocket tubes. Continued from Part 5

In the early fifties, the government had decided to establish a defense of Moscow. These works, as well as at the time the nuclear project, was under the personal supervision of Beria. To create a system of "Berkut" in his unit was set up a special office, soon converted into a 3rd Main Directorate of the USSR Council of Ministers. Its main designers were appointed well-known expert in the field of radio PN Kuksenko and son Sergo Beria. Design Bureau of N1, established within the Ministry of weapons, using its special position not only makes the room NII-20 with

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Imunofan — the preparation of the XXI century

"News of intelligence and counter-intelligence", n3-4. 16.02.2004

Media on the FSB: the president ordered a remedy for stress

We offer a recording of the interview, participants in the development of medical preparation "Imunofan" held at the Center for Public Affairs of the FSB of Russia, which was attended by:

— Eugene G. Cherepanov — Head of the Central Research Laboratory (CRL) neuroscience and psychology work of the FSB of the Russian Federation;

— Vladimir Komarov — PhD, Senior Researcher, Central Research Laboratory;

— Vasily V. Lebedev — the doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the Laboratory of Immunology

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