From the root of sin, why Russia did not go on a crusade

In-1's, some Russian thugs in the CP-I have participated and are mentioned by non-Russians. In-2, let's remember what happened in Russia in 1096.April 13, 1093 killed majestic Prince Vsevolod I of Kiev, the grandson of Saint Vladimir.His son Vladimir, to avoid strife, gave the throne of his own cousin Sviatopolk Izyaslavich, and, as it turns out, to no avail. The fact that the learning of the death of Vsevolod Kuman sent to Kiev ambassadors type poreshat that everything will be as before. Mu … ak Sviatopolk without consulting with a team, he put him in prison ambassadors. Polovtsiev it somewhat

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Versailles from 1871 to Versailles in 1919. Part 2

Mir came in the 20th century with tremendous hope, indeed the progress of science and technology has promised much much. People believed that education and science will give them peace century, where there will be protracted and bloody wars, like several wars against France, which began in 1792 and lasted from small breaks until 1815. But they are very wrong. By the beginning of the century were accumulated serious contradictions that can be resolved only by the war.

France wanted a rematch, but one she did not have a chance against the German Empire. France had two centuries

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Versailles from 1871 to Versailles 1919

Difficult to understand the prerequisites of the First World War and following it the second world war, if there is no response to a number of fundamental issues. Preparing a large pan-European war? If prepared, by whom, and for what purpose? Why war was imminent? Many researchers have gone the easy way and dubbed as the circumstances of the war ambition of certain dynasties or "ill-advised rush to any people" (A. Debidur. "History of European diplomacy").

We can say that the first global war "started" at Versailles in 1871, when there Jan. 28 between the French and Prussians

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Island leapfrog

The island theme in geopolitics today prestigious. That China expresses protest against another trip to the ridge of the Japanese Diaoyu that in Tokyo incorrectly called Senkaku, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun in response utter something razlyubeznoe not the Chinese, South Korea will establish a monument on the Peninsula Dokdo (Takeshima also the name) and in response to Japan hint at the initiation of the proceedings before the International Court of Justice. In general, anyone who writes hieroglyphs are in a quarrel. As they say diplomats, among them "tensions".

In the middle of the three mentioned

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Peninsula rusty General

The tragedy of the Ka-60 "Killer Whale" — is a consequence of degradation of not only the military industrial complex, and the entire system

June 24 in Moscow fell military transport helicopter Ka-60 "Killer Whale". He fell during a test flight, during which had to withdraw a marketing video. The roller is said to some media reports, the developers of the Kamov bureau wanted to show prospective buyers own miracle machine. First, foreign.

In general, the disaster in the Russian aviation occur frequently, and another drop no surprise. But there is one detail that indicates why the Russian planes

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Watch out! Bio weapon!

The population of the land in throughout the history of its existence has led countless wars and were able to survive even more devastating epidemics. Therefore completely natural that they began to think about, like to cooperate first and second together. Virtually every military leader of the past had to admit that even the smallest epidemic will have another huge performance than no matter how well planned and executed military operation. Samples were adjusted to the needs of the military bacteria and viruses were made more than once, but only in the last century there was a definition of

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Stop the reckless war machine!

In the last days of terrorists in Damascus as a chain broke. Already it is day or goes by without a terrorist attack. Law enforcement agencies increase security, many of the streets in the town are covered, but not easy to resist the highly trained and prepared bandits. Some of the attacks lead to the real harm — as, for example, the explosion on October 22 in the metropolitan area of Tijara, where a car bomb exploded. On the same day, a suicide bomber tried to undermine the army checkpoint on arrival at the village Zheramana, but, fortunately, he just

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The identity within the corporation

As far as career growth is compatible with our notions of morality and ethics? And finally, how to keep themselves, remaining faithful ambitious employee of a huge corporation? Is this possible at all?

"Neither one man can not be even slightly long one for yourself and others — for the rest, and in the end do not get confused which true "- a statement of Nathaniel Horn did not apply to employees of large corporations, but it looks like it is most accurately and concisely reflects the problem. Is it possible to keep her identity from inside the corporation?

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Features of the operation of automobiles Japanese brands

Modern car has long been considered a finished utilitarian thing. Now he is not just a means of transportation, and the means of mobile comfort. Certainly, such epithets can boast far not every car, but, quite naturally, that the modern man is more inclined to comfort, than it was a couple of 10-s years ago.

But modern, comfortable car — It is also in some sort of severe pain in the head for the owner of his own, because he is in need of care and severe careful operation. High-quality Japanese cars do not accept the use of

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Features of the transport of military equipment

Military equipment is necessary, even in peacetime, as is often used in different exercises and conducting military profile. Besides military machinery is of particular importance for the creation of the citadel of arms of the country. The authorities of each country are trying to stock up the largest arsenal Military Equipment, And be prepared for sudden military action. Countries that do not have their own military industry, prefer to order military equipment from other countries, and the transportation of military equipment requests to the special criteria. The process of transportation of military equipment will be more labor-intensive than selling

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