The main directions of development of missile boats naval forces of foreign countries

South American conceptual approach to building together with its European allies in the NATO bloc and partners in the Asia-Pacific region, "a fleet of thousands of warships" implies, namely, the establishment of marine (ocean) theaters diverse musical groups of the coalition forces. This approach is justified in almost all of the coordination of plans for reform in the leading Western countries, the structure of government naval forces, content, direction and execution of shipbuilding programs, and the organization of training and combat operations at sea.

So, namely, the priority areas of the Navy of Germany, Italy, England, France, Spain and

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The main battle tanks of Western African States (Part 2) — Leopard 2

The main battle tank in Germany for many years has been "Leopard 2" and its different modifications. The development of this tank was one hundred percent completed by 1979, the same year the tank began to enter the army. Interestingly, during the development of the German engineers worked through two concepts — Leopard-2K with cannon armament and Leopard-2PK, armed with anti-tank missiles. In 1971, work on the creation of the tank missile was stopped, and the Leopard 2 has become the machine, which received the standard cannon armament. Since 1979, it produced about 3,500 tanks that are in service with

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Main Battle Tanks (Part 7) — Merkava, Israel

Israel began developing its own its own tank in 1972, in 1977 the press was presented the first pictures of prototypes of the tank 'Merkava'. The first public showing of the tank took place in 1979 in the Israeli independence day of the country. Specificity of Israel and the special design presentation led to a rather unusual main battle tank, owning a number of exciting features.

Features Israeli tank development

This may seem weird, but the main limitation on weight and dimensions of tanks stacked railway transport standards. Tank units to rapidly flip over great distances, MBT should not

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Atlantis — Myth or Reality?

About 10 000 years before Christ the whole of North Africa, Egypt and Europe, from Spain to northern Italy, were in the hands of the kingdom by the name of Atlantis (Atlantis), who ruled the continent to the west of the Pillars of Hercules.

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Atlanta descended from the god Poseidon, who produced the first citizens of the kingdom to earth woman named Cleito. Got its name from

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MBT Sweden — STRV-103

The main battle tank of Sweden under the symbol STRV-103, known also under the designation «S» is of particular interest because it is the first time in the history of the world tank design have been used quite notable designs, namely — installation 2-different types of engines — diesel and gas turbine, the lack of towers, motionless relative to the whole body of the tank with a cannon-fire at the target by turning the body in the horizontal and vertical planes, double booking — the basic principle for the relevant units and the crew and support for secondary devices. Swedish

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The main battle tank MBT-70

In the midst of yet another round of the arms race and confrontation when the USSR and the U.S. headed for a climax at the end of the 60-ies of the XX century, the political and military control of NATO began to concentrate their actions on manufacturing new models of armored vehicles. This zeal for the universalization battle equipment and weapons would be considered resolved the issue of providing and maintaining equipment and weapons across the North Atlantic bloc, with a centralized method. In this case, it would be possible to solve the main task — to increase the

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A tool that selects America

One of the most armed country in the world is the United States of America. And in this case, the question is not only about the good equipment of the armed forces: on the 315 million Yankees have almost 270 million barrels of firearms. So Makar, on its own strength and popularity of the instrument is far ahead of even the car, because it has almost 90 people out of 100.

Initially, it is worth noting the event that the instrument has always been one of the more fundamental parts of the American economy. This fact has once again

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Cannon victories — automatic PCA

In movies about the stateliness of our Red Russian war, usually, arm pistols, machine guns PCA and German fighter — without fail angular MP. In some measure it were true, given the fact that this type of automatic weapons designed for firing pistol ammunition as single shots and bursts, was one of the most popular. But there was something he was not at the end of II World War and 25 years before it started.

The first global war was a test for many European countries, and the real test of their weapons. In 1914, all the armies lacked

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Terrible secrets that keeps the Bermuda Triangle

As is known to all, in the famous Bermuda Triangle have been seen in the behavior of the magnetic distortion of the complex, it is due to its ancient mystery.

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Airline pilots claim that a compass needle in this place shows the wrong direction or begins to rapidly rotate around its axis. Airmen and sailors

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The cannon of the last generation against unarmed

Weapons, which will be discussed, it would seem, is the place in some kind of sci-fi thrillers, and not on the streets of our cities. In its development of the United States, of course, belongs to the leading position. Devices using microwave energy in order to in your head sounded "trumpet", blinding laser beams, special chemical reagents and acoustic cannon — things that are the last generation to quell civilian unrest.

The Pentagon is an instrument qualifies as a "non-lethal" or "temporary defeat." It is designed for use against unarmed: crackdown suppression of individual or individuals raging border protection.

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